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Cold Weather Riding Gear

Temperatures have already started to drop for most of us across the country and for some, this means riding season is coming to an end; but for others, riding in the colder months is just a way of life. If you’re one of the few who braves the crisp air in the winter months, we have a list of the latest and greatest cold-weather motorcycle gear and accessories that you’ll want to add to your lineup.

Thermal Gear - To keep warm while riding, you’ll want to start with a solid base layer of thermal protection. Check out a few of our favorite thermal options that will keep the heat in during those chilly rides.

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  • Alpinestars Ride Tech Winter Top - This thermal top is specifically designed for cold-weather riding and has a honeycomb design to offer maximum heat and moisture exchange for optimal cold-weather comfort. The compression fit of this top also reduces muscle fatigue as an added bonus.
Rider Review: “I bought the top to wear under clothes in the Arctic Circle (-10 to -35C). Worked perfectly. Keeps the body warm and wicks away the sweat.” - Danny

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  • Dainese D-Core Thermo Pants - These thermal pants will keep you warm during the coldest months of the year and The D-Core Thermo technology is designed to retain body heat without added weight or bulk.
Rider Review: “Very warm and quality is second to none! If you want to be warm when riding in the cold you will need these.” - Esco 


Mid-Layer Protection: Mid-layer protection is exactly what it sounds like - a layer between your base and external shell. This layer is important to really lock in heat and provide additional warmth to the body. Check out a few of our favorite mid-layer clothing options
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  • Alpinestars Tech Jacket - This stylish option is great on the bike or off. The thermal layer fits nicely under winter motorcycle jackets while still being lightweight. It’s made of polyester fleece and windstopper fabric to stop the cold in its tracks.
Rider Review: “This midlayer lets me ride deeper into the winter comfortably. Windblocking, water repellent, keeps body heat in and is not restrictive especially in the arms. As I said, it does everything well and looks good while doing it.” - Reginald 

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  • REV'IT! Core Jacket- This jacket offers great cold-weather protection and we love that it can be used as a mid-layer option or a stand-alone jacket depending on the weather. As an added bonus, this jacket stores super easily when folded.

Rider Review: “I wore this jacket underneath a summer jacket, a REV'IT! Vertex Air, in 40-degree weather with wind speeds exceeding 20 mph and not once did I feel chilly or cold.” - Andrew


Outer Jackets - To top it all off (literally), you’ll need an outer jacket that provides full protection, but also provides warmth. Check out a few of our favorites below.

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  • Sedici Avventura Waterproof Jacket - This jacket has it all, including waterproof technology because let’s face it, as much as we plan, we never know what the weather is going to do. This jacket comes with a variety of inner layers including a removable quilted liner for added warmth. This jacket is extremely versatile and we appreciate the fact that it can be used in multiple seasons.
Rider Review: “Bought this Jacket a week ago. Already had it out in weather at 45. Only had a tee shirt and a long sleeve tee shirt. Was nothing but warm with the three layers of protection and insulation! Zero wind got through this jacket! Bought the 2018 version of this and would recommend this to anyone braving the cold to enjoy your ride!” - AC 

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  • Scorpion Yosemite Hi-Viz Jacket - This jacket by Scorpion also offers three separate layers of protection and is great for multiple seasons. This jacket is also windproof and offers a high-visibility color so other drivers and riders can see you easily on the road. We recommend sizing up as this jacket runs on the smaller side.
Rider Review: “I was looking for a jacket that could do it all...and this jacket does. Rather than spend a bunch of money and have multiple different jackets for different seasons I wanted to buy a jacket that could be used from summer all the way through the winter. I can say this jacket 100% fits what I was looking for.” -Buddy

Gloves - It’s crucial to keep your extremities protected and warm while riding and we’ve got a few glove options that will do both. Check out our favorites below.

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  • Alpinestars Apex Drystar Gloves - We love these gloves because they are waterproof and they offer thermal protection. They are a fan favorite for cold weather riding while still being breathable.
Rider Review: “Awesome gloves, great for the colder days, down to 40 degrees and my hands are still almost sweating.” - Kody 

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  • Gerbing G3 Heated Motorcycle Gloves - Heated gloves - say no more. You really can’t get warmer than this. Gerbing’s Heated Motorcycle Gloves take comfort to new heights and can be powered off your on-board 12 volt DC or with an optional 12 volt battery.
Rider Review: “Even with handle grip warmers, my hands would still get cold on really cold days. No more, these heated gloves keep your hands toasty warm. They really make riding in the cold a lot more tolerable.” - Tom 

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  • Firstgear 12V Heated Glove Liners - Have a pair of gloves you like, but need added warmth? These glove liners will do the trick. Firstgear liners are thin and flexible, fitting under most gloves.


Our Additional Faves- These are nice to have extras that will take your warmth to the next level this winter. 

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  • Symtec Heat Demon Seat Warmer Pad - Make your motorcycle a little more luxurious this winter with a heating pad designed to fit under your seat cover. This pad is thin, easy to install, and made from a durable, long-lasting carbon fiber cloth-like element.
Rider Review: “Installed easily on a BMW R1200R and rode for 6 hours in 35-42 degrees weather.” - Thomas 

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  • Alpinestars Touring Winter Balaclava - Heat can easily escape through your neck while riding, but not with this head and neck cover. Alpinestars Touring Winter Balaclava seals in heat to keep you warm and is made from a wicking breathable material so you don’t overheat.
Rider Review: “I'm riding in cold winter of Pennsylvania. Full face helmet didn't do too much to protect the cold air come right to your face so this product is perfect to protect your face from the cold and it goes covers your neck too. It's warm and comfy.” - Bam

Are you a cold-weather rider? If so, we’d love to hear your tips, hacks, and favorite gear. Drop us a line in the comments below and stay warm out there.
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