Friday, October 11, 2019

Halloween Helmets Are a Thing… And You Need to Get One

We’re all about safety out on the road, but who says you can’t have a little fun with it? Check out some of our favorite Halloween-inspired motorcycle helmets that will be sure to earn you a few double takes. Whether you’re into spooky or subtle, we’ve got plenty of options for the season. Check out a few of our favorites below.

Image: Revzilla

HJC RPHA 11 Pro Venom 2 Helmet - If you’re ready to turn some heads this Halloween, check out the HJC RPHA 11 Pro Venom 2 Helmet. Huge rows of sharp teeth line the aerodynamically refined shell, and a wild tongue wraps around the back of the lid. Get ready to make this Marvel character come to life out on the road.

Image: Revzilla

JC CS-R3 Spiderman Helmet - Speaking of Marvel characters, check out the JC CS-R3 Spiderman Helmet. If you’re looking to be a villain, the Venom Helmet might be more your style, but if you’re feeling like a good guy this Halloween, this Spiderman lid is the perfect fit. This helmet is incredibly affordable, costing just $127.99, and lightweight - throw on a red outfit for Halloween, and you’re good to go.

                                                                                             Image: Reezer Custom Etsy

Skull Glow in the Dark Custom Motorcycle Helmet - This helmet would be ideal for any night riders out there. The designer of this helmet uses a HJC TR-1 Helmet as a base, then fully airbrushes the outer shell to look like a skull. The skull looks epic in the daylight, but when night arrives, the entire helmet glows in the dark. Get ready to creep out your friends and fellow passerbys.

Image: Predator Helmet Etsy

Custom Airbrushed Skull Painted Full Face Motorcycle Helmet - Skulls and motorcycles have gone together for decades, and Halloween is just another excuse to take that pairing to new levels. This custom, full-face helmet is made to order and fully airbrushed to look like you’ve stepped out of a horror movie.

Image: Dallas Airbrush

Zombie Motorcycle Helmet - If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, or anything zombie-related - this is the Halloween helmet of your dreams...or nightmares. Dallas Airbrush created this creepy, bloody, downright ghoulish lid and we think it’s perfectly spooky for the season.

Image: Amazon

Black Cat Helmet - If you’re looking for a subtle Halloween helmet, look no further. Black cats have been known to cause superstition, and you definitely don’t want them crossing your path - but no one said anything about dressing up as one. We think you’re good to go on that front.

Image: Cycle Gear

LS2 Rapid Happy Dream Glow In The Dark Helmet - It’s no secret that clowns creep out pretty much everyone, but when you bring a zombie clown into the mix - we're out of here. We think it’s pretty ironic that this helmet is called “Happy Dream” because we think it might cause a few nightmares. As an added bonus, this helmet glows in the dark to up the creepy factor.

If you want to get in the Halloween spirit, but already have a helmet you love - check out these affordable helmet covers that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Image: Moto Loot

Evil Pumpkin Motorcycle Helmet Cover* - If you’re craving some attention out on the road, you’re in luck with this helmet cover. Fellow riders and drivers won’t be able to miss you while wearing this bright orange pumpkin cover. You might get a few points and stares, but it’s all in good fun.

Image: Moto Loot

Evil Rabbit Motorcycle Helmet Cover* - This rabbit is definitely creepy, but we’re not so sure about evil. Either way, you’re going to turn some heads in this bad boy.

Would you ever don one of these crazy Halloween helmets? Have you ever seen any on the road? Let us know in the comments below and have a Happy Halloween.

*It is your responsibility to comply with the laws in your state.
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Awesome blog and cool holiday post. An original and wonderful idea for such helmets. If you do not have enough attention on the road, then with such covers and helmets it is provided to you.

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