Friday, June 14, 2019

Top Apps For Riders

A lot of us ride to get away from it all, including our phones - but there are great apps out there that can be incredibly beneficial for riders. Check out 5 apps every biker should download below.

EatSleepRIDE (Free) -
One of our favorite apps is EatSleepRIDE because it truly has it all. This app was designed specifically for motorcycle enthusiasts and allows you to track unlimited rides, explore the best motorcycle routes, create rider groups, and share rides. Plus, if you’re looking to build a rider community, this app is for you. You can keep track of your friend’s rides and discover new rides with the help of other bikers.

Gas Buddy (Free) - Gas Buddy is helpful no matter what you drive because it helps you find the cheapest gas in your area - making pit stops quick and painless. You can even refine your search by price, location, brand, and other amenities like restaurants and restrooms - super helpful after a long ride. This app loves, and rewards, user participation by encouraging you to report prices and leave reviews for the chance to win giveaways. You can even pay for your gas within the app and receive additional discounts.

Dark Sky ($3.99) - While we hope your riding weather is always perfect, storms do play a role in deciding if you should hit the road or wait it out. Dark Sky is one of our favorite weather apps because it gives you up-to-the-minute weather data and is considered the most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information. With this app, you’ll know the latest forecasts so you can be prepared for anything while out on the road. While there are other great weather apps out there, in our opinion, Dark Sky surpasses them all and is worth the $3.99 investment. It’s rare to find an app that lets users report on the latest weather, but Dark Sky does just that. No one likes getting stuck in the rain, and with this app, you won’t have to.

Cycle Trader (Free) - Alright, this might seem like a shameless plug, but our recently updated Cycle Trader app really is the best tool out there to help you find your next bike or sell your current one. Whether you’re actively searching or just browsing for fun, our app has over 200,000+ bikes for you to look through. In the app, you have the option to filter your listing search by type, location, year, make, price, mileage, and so much more - taking the hassle out of finding your new ride. You can also easily save your searches and can quickly calculate payments for the bike of your dreams. If you’re looking to sell your bike, our app also gives you easy access to post a listing on our site.

Waze (free) - Waze is a GPS navigation app that suggests you the multiples routes, provides turn-by-turn directions, route details, and travel times. But this isn’t your average GPS app. It takes navigation to the next level by letting other motorists share information on traffic, police presence, and potential hazards along your route - and as a user, you can share that same information with others along the way.

There’s always room in your smartphone for new apps. Why not make them useful for your motorcycle lifestyle? Check out these apps in the iTunes App Store or on Google Play, today. Do you have any apps you swear by? Share a few of your favorites in the comments below.
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Unknown said...

Car Home Ultra allows me to track my ride on Goggle maps and listen to tunes on a helmet integrated Bluetooth headset simultaneously. It's very easy to use. I can also receive phone calls with a microphone that plugs into the BT unit mounted on the left side of my helmet. I found the BT headset/microphone on eBay for $20.

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