Wednesday, November 13, 2019

13 Tips for Avoiding Scams When Buying Online

As the leading online marketplace for buying and selling motorcycles, Cycle Trader understands just how useful the Internet can be in finding your next ride. However, it is essential that online shoppers always be on the lookout for scams. Spikes in scams occur around the holidays in retail, but they can happen all year round. Because we always want our customers to be safe, we’ve put together a list of 13 tips for avoiding scams when buying online.

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Friday, November 08, 2019

Cold Weather Riding Gear

Temperatures have already started to drop for most of us across the country and for some, this means riding season is coming to an end; but for others, riding in the colder months is just a way of life. If you’re one of the few who braves the crisp air in the winter months, we have a list of the latest and greatest cold-weather motorcycle gear and accessories that you’ll want to add to your lineup.

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Your November Motorcycle News Fix is Here

If you like the latest updates on new models, you’ve come to the right place. In this edition of “Your Motorcycle News Fix,” we’ve got updates from Honda, Yamaha, Indian, and even Aston Martin. So pull up a chair and stay awhile - the latest motorcycle headlines are here.

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Infographic: Motorcycle Superstitions Explained

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Friday, October 11, 2019

Motorcycle Jack O’ Lanterns That Are Surprisingly Epic

It’s that time of year again. Time to grab your pumpkins, candles, and carving materials to get ready for Halloween. People have been carving pumpkins for hundreds of years and lighting a candle in a pumpkin is a tradition created to ward off evil spirits - but most of us just do it for fun. We’ve seen a lot of creative carvings in our day, and this Oct. 31st, why not combine your love of riding and Halloween? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite motorcycle-themed Jack O’ Lanterns that will give you some serious carving inspiration for the upcoming holiday. Check them out below.

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Your October Motorcycle News Fix Has Arrived

We’re early into October, but motorcycle news doesn’t slow down. As always, we’re here to fill you in on the latest moto headlines. Enough small talk - let’s get into the latest news.

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Halloween Helmets Are a Thing… And You Need to Get One

We’re all about safety out on the road, but who says you can’t have a little fun with it? Check out some of our favorite Halloween-inspired motorcycle helmets that will be sure to earn you a few double takes. Whether you’re into spooky or subtle, we’ve got plenty of options for the season. Check out a few of our favorites below.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Bad Motorcycle Habits You Need to Break

We all have habits we need to break, but bad habits while riding can have dire consequences. These habits are often picked up over time, so if you’re new to riding, it’s good to know the no-nos you should avoid right off the bat. We’ll cover a few common occurrences we see all the time on the road, and we’ll give you a few tips on how to correct them.

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Your September Motorcycle News Fix is Here

We are back with the latest and greatest industry news you absolutely cannot miss. If you like to stay in the know when it comes to all things motorcycle, you’re in the right place. We’ve got a lot of new models to fill you in on - so sit back and enjoy. Check out the top motorcycle headlines below.

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Are You Ready for Vegas BikeFest?

Does a week full of bikes, live music, awesome food, cold beverages, and motorcycle vendors (150 to be exact) sound like paradise to you? Then you better plan your ride out to Vegas on October 3-6 to experience it all at the 19th Annual Vegas BikeFest.

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Friday, August 09, 2019

Your Motorcycle News Fix

We’re coming in hot with the latest motorcycle news you need to know this month. A lot has happened in the industry and we’re here to fill you in on all things moto. From new models to custom paint sets - you don’t want to miss this. Check out the headlines below.
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Riding With Your Dog

For most of us, our pets are considered family. So, have you ever felt guilty leaving your furry friend at home when you’re taking a ride? Nowadays, you don’t have to leave them whining at the door. Dogs already love the wind in their hair, so taking Fido with you on your next ride could be a match made in heaven. Check out our tips for motorcycling with your dog and don’t forget, safety should always be your #1 priority.

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Friday, July 12, 2019

Motorcycle Museums Worth Making a Pit Stop For

We love motorcycles - shocker, huh? But really - every bike has a story and taking a look back at how motorcycles have evolved over the years can bring out the warm fuzzies of even the toughest rider. Lucky for us history buffs, there are a ton of museums around the United States that will gladly transport you back in time and show you just how far we’ve come in the motorcycle industry. If you’re riding through or around any of the areas we mention below, you’re going to want to make a pit stop. Check out our list of the top five motorcycle museums you need to visit below.

Image: Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum 

Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, Alabama - This museum is really a motorcyclist’s dream and you need to add it to your bucket list ASAP. Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum is located in Birmingham, AL and is considered the world’s largest motorcycle museum. The museum’s founder, George H. Barber, had a love for racing and restoring cars and thought about opening a car museum but soon shifted gears when he noticed that’s already been done before. Barber set his sights on creating something new - the world’s best motorcycle museum, and he did just that. Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum has more than 1,400 bikes on display, with new ones arriving frequently, including a 1920s Harley-Davidson thought to be one of only eight in the world. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to stretch your legs considering the museum is 144,000 square feet and the exhibit space spans five floors. The bikes on display showcase over 100 years of production, and with 200 different manufacturers represented from over 20 countries, you are sure to see a few of your favorites.

Image: Romantic Asheville

Wheels Through Time, North Carolina - Another motorcycle museum that we recommend visiting is Wheels Through Time located in Maggie Valley, NC - just 5 miles off the Blue Ridge Parkway. This 38,000 square foot museum houses 300+ rare motorcycles and various exhibits, photos, and memorabilia. Wheels Through Time features one of the world’s premier collections of Vintage American Transportation. This facility opened its doors on July 4th, 2012 and has a mission of guiding visitors through the evolution of American motorcycling and automotive history. There are bikes here that you won’t see anywhere else like a 1941 Harley Davidson Shaft-Driven Knucklehead Servi-Car, one of only 19 in the world. One of the coolest parts of Wheels Through Time is that their entire collection is actually operable and they’ll even gas up some of the bikes from time to time. Wheels Through Time is a true walk through nostalgia and when you’re there, you’ll feel like you’re checking out your buddy’s garage - ok, your buddy’s really really awesome garage.

Image: National Motorcycle Museum

National Motorcycle Museum, Iowa - The National Motorcycle Museum was founded in 1989 by people who live and breathe all things motorcycle (we know the feeling). You’ll find this museum a bit off the beaten path, tucked away, surrounded by cornfields - but it’s worth the trip. This facility is a non-profit museum located in Anamosa, Iowa and has a mission of maintaining the experience of bikes from past and present. The National Motorcycle Museum houses motorcycle memorabilia, documents, and vintage bikes from as far back as 1903. When you visit this museum, you’ll take a two-wheeled trip through history starting from some of the first-ever bikes on the market to present-day favorites. The facility is home to more than 450 motorcycles and many of them are on loan from private collectors from around the world. Their newest and permanent exhibit, “Barn Find” shows off motorcycles, agricultural and automotive iron you might find in an old American barn. There are a variety of manufacturers on display including American, Japanese, British, and other European motorcycles.

Image: Visit Milwaukee 

Harley-Davidson Museum, Wisconsin - Harley-Davidson is one of the most iconic motorcycle manufacturers in the world so, of course, they have their own museum. You can visit the Harley-Davidson Museum for yourself in Milwaukee, WI and if you have a Harley or just appreciate the brand, you won’t want to miss this museum. The Harley-Davidson Museum is open 363 days a year and is fun for the whole family. The 130,000-square-foot facility encompasses a three-building complex that takes up 20 acres of land and is located along the scenic Menomonee Riverbank. If you’re hungry during your visit, the Harley museum even has its own restaurant you can try (we recommend the brisket nachos). The museum has over 450 Harley-Davidson motorcycles and hundreds of thousands of artifacts and memorabilia spanning the lifetime of the iconic brand we know and love today. The exhibits in the Harley museum are vast and include a motorcycle gallery where a procession of motorcycles are lined up on the upper level running down the length of the building. They also have exhibits featuring Harley’s history, culture, design and more. Fun fact: the oldest known Harley-Davidson motorcycle in existence is housed here. Stamped inside the engine casing of this motorcycle is the number one. If you’re ready to geek out about all things Harley-Davidson, this is the place to do it.

Image: Motorcycle Hall of Fame

AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, Ohio - Last but not least is the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame located in Pickerington, OH. This museum has it all - from an Evil Knievel display to the Terminator police bike to stories of early riders - a must-see for any motorcycle enthusiast. Although this particular museum is on the smaller side, especially compared to the 20,000 acres for the Harley-Davidson Museum, it is packed with history and one-of-a-kind bikes. The tours are self-guided at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame so you can take as much time as you’d like taking in each display and uncovering the history of motorcycle’s past.

It’s important to take a look back to appreciate how far we’ve come in the motorcycle industry. Seeing the progress we have made over the years makes us proud to be riders and we encourage you to visit and support these museums because they are preserving an important part of our nation’s history. Have you been to any of the motorcycle museums we mentioned above? Let us know your favorite in the comments below.
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The Most Famous Motorcycle Rides in the World

If you’re creating a riding bucket list, you’ll need to add these roads/routes to yours ASAP. There are destinations all over the world that have epic riding and we want you to experience them. Sorry in advance because this post is going to give you some serious wanderlust. Check out our list of some of the most famous motorcycle rides in the world and get ready to buy a plane ticket to check them out for yourself.


The Great Ocean Road, Australia - We’re taking you down under for this first bucket list ride. The Great Ocean Road is one of the greatest motorcycling roads in the world that’s full of hillside roads, twisty turns, and epic bends. This ride is just under 130 miles and many bikers can complete the route in one day. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or more of a rookie, there’s something for every rider on the Great Ocean Road. The majority of the ride is located along the coast so get ready for insane coastal views and refreshing sea breezes. There are also many Australian landmarks along the route such as Great Otway National Park - we suggest making a pit stop there if time permits. We also reccomend checking out Twelve Apostles, a collection of eight limestone formations created by erosion over millions of years - they are truly a sight to behold. The Twelve Apostles Attracts over 1.2 million visitors annually and the lookout locations are open year-round.

Image: Motorbike Roads

Los Caracoles Pass, Chile - Alright new riders, you might need to steer clear of Los Caracoles until you consider yourself an expert. Los Caracoles translates to “the snails”, which is due to the vehicles crawling like snails pace along this 50-mile stretch of road, considered to be one of the top 10 most most dangerous roads in the world. It includes switchbacks, 29 sharp hairpin turns, and steep inclines. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, this ride is for you. There are no guard rails on the road and snow covers the route most months of the year. This will not be the fastest you will ever ride, so why ride here? Well, it might be dangerous, but Los Caracoles is considered to be one of the most beautiful roads in the world with magnificent views. It is also great for anyone perfecting the rolling of the throttle through corners. See the photos for yourself. Bring your passport, as this ride crosses the border into Argentina.

Image: Roadtripper

Tail of the Dragon, Deal's Gap, North Carolina - The Tail of the Dragon is a well known “ride” in North Carolina that we couldn’t leave off our list. This top motorcycle destination is a quick 11 mile stretch on US 129 following the southwest border of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park at the Tennessee/North Carolina line, and is home to a whopping 318 tight curves. It might not be a long ride, but there are no intersecting roads or drives to interfere with your ride, so it’s sure to leave your heart pumping. If 11 miles is not nearly enough, nearby the Cherohala Skyway and Indian Lakes Scenic Byway offer more curves. At the start in Deal’s Gap is a favorite motorcyclist hangout, Deal’s Gap Motorcycle Resort and their Tree of Shame, a shrine that showcases those who have been bitten by the Dragon”. Are you ready to tame the beast?

Image: Visit Norway

Trollstigen, Norway - This 66-mile route is tucked away in the mountains of the western coast of Norway and is one of the most popular attractions in the country. The dangerous ride is known for its 11 hairpin turns that are sure to take your breath away and might tighten your grip. This one-lane road is narrow and twists and turns throughout mountainous terrain - new riders, sit this one out. Trollstigen (“Troll’s Ladder”) is closed during late fall and winter and is typically up and running between mid-May to October due to weather conditions. Along the route, you’ll be surrounded by mountains as far as the eye can see and there are many opportunities to pull over to snap photos or feel the mist of the ride’s nearby waterfall, Stigfossen.

Image: Visit Abu Dhabi

Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road, Abu Dhabi - Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road is located 90 minutes from the heart of Abu Dhabi and is a 7.3-mile stretch of racetrack quality asphalt. This road is every motorcyclists playground and includes 60 sharp corners and a 4,000 ft. climb that offers riders an epic view of the city. This road is considered one of the best drives in the entire UAE and on your way, you’ll likely see a variety of wildlife, including some of the country’s vast bird population, which includes 119 species. While on the ride, keep an eye out for fine sand as it accumilates on windy days. At the top of the ride, there is a cafe you can take a pit stop at to grab a quick refreshment.

Image: Travel Channel

Pacific Coast Highway, California - We have all heard the hype about taking a Pacific Coast cruise, and we are here to tell you the hype is real. The terrain is unlike anything you’ve seen before with miles of coastline, tons of curves, and unreal views along the entire highway. No matter where you start or end your ride you’ll be in for a treat. If you ride the length of Pacific Coast Highway, you’ll see lighthouses, redwoods, mountains, lush valleys, and a variety of wildlife. The highway is a whopping 655-miles long, so whether you choose to ride for just a portion of the highway, or the entire length, there will be an ideal option for you. Just make sure to check the traffic advisories for any road closures while planning your trip as landslides can take out portions of the road for quite some time.

Image: Acampora Travel

Amalfi Drive, Italy - There’s no doubt that southern Italy is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, so the Almafi Coast had to make our list. This ride will give you an up-close and personal look at Itay’s most amazing, quaint seaside towns. The ride hugs rugged coastline and there are plenty of twists and turns along the way - take your time. The roads in this area were built by the Romans so the road is quite literally carved into the rock face. There can be narrow areas of the route but the majority of the ride consists of two lanes. Enjoy the sea breezes along the way and make sure to stop for Spaghetti alle Vongole - pasta with clams - or Cuppitello di Pesce - a cone of fresh fried fisha.


Hana Highway, Maui - If you want to feel like you’ve been transported into another world, take a ride on the Hana Highway in Maui, HI. This 60-mile stretch of road runs across the northern half of Maui and offers riders stunning views of the coastline and lush greenery for miles. Hana Highway is famous for many reasons including its 600+ curves, dozens of single-lane bridges, and stunning scenic overlooks. Be sure to keep an eye out for drivers who are busy focused on the scenery and not on the road as this is a tourist’s delight with shrines - there are plenty of places to pull over if you want to take in the views. Stop by the Halfway to Hana Stand at Mile Marker 17 for the best banana bread around and bring you bathing suit to take a plunge into the Seven Sacred Pools of Hana or ‘Ohe’o Gulch at Mile Marker 42. 

In our opinion, there’s no better way to see the world than on a motorcycle. Buy a ticket, rent or bring your bike, and enjoy the ride. Have you ridden along any of these famous routes? Let us know some of your tips, tricks, and favorite pit stops in the comments below.

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Your Motorcycle News Fix

Hope everyone got to ride over the holiday weekend - we can’t think of a better way to celebrate our freedom than hitting the road. If you need a break from the hotdogs and burgers, relax and stay awhile - we’ll catch you up on all the motorcycle headlines you need to know. Check out the latest moto news below.

Image: Indian Motorcycle

Indian Launches FTR 1200 Artist Series Tank Covers - Indian recently announced its FTR 1200 Artist Series. This series is a collaboration with five well-known artists on a limited-edition line of tank covers for Indian’s all-new FTR 1200. The five artists in the series are: Steve Caballero, D*Face, Adam Turman, ThankYouX, and RISK. These popular artists each have extremely distinct styles and will appeal to a wide variety of consumers.“Art and motorcycles share a common thread of self-expression, and for motorcycles, customization is where self-expression truly comes to life,” said Reid Wilson, Senior Director of Marketing and Product for Indian Motorcycle. Only 100 tank covers of each design will be produced and will be available to select Indian dealers for $699. Meet the Artists.

Image: Husqvarna

Husqvarna Launches its First Electric Motorcycle, the EE 5 Electric Dirt Bike - Husqvarna just announced plans to launch their first electric motorcycle model, the EE 5 electric dirt bike. This dirt bike is designed for younger, beginner riders and will feature a 5 kW peak mid-drive electric motor. The new bike also includes six different ride modes to allow riders to select the proper setting for their skill level. The EE 5 will allow up to two hours of run time, but can also charge very quickly (around 70 minutes) from a high-powered off-board charger. This bike also “grows” with the rider, meaning the height can adjust to match the rider as they get taller. The manufacturer is joining a crowded field of electric dirt bikes and we are eager to see how this model stacks up against the competition. Read More.

Image: Lego

Lego’s New Mini Harley-Davidson Brings Out the Kid in Us All- Here’s your dose of nostalgia. Lego’s Creator Line offers a variety of life-like automotive recreations and now they are breaking into the motorcycle space with their newest edition, a Harley-Davidson Fatboy. The 1,023 piece set is $99 dollars and when you’re done putting together those plastic bricks, you’ll find a 7 inches high, 7 inches wide and 12 inches long Fatboy in front of you. The set includes a Milwaukee-Eight two-cylinder engine with moving pistons, a handlebar that turns the front wheel, and a functional kickstand. We don’t care how old you are - legos are always fun and we love this collaboration. Buy Here.

Image: Electrek

Yamaha to Launch Electric Scooter in Taiwan with Gogoro Partnership - Yamaha announced they will launch the EC-05 electric scooter in Taiwan on August 1. The manufacturer’s goal is to reduce CO₂ emissions from its products by 50% by 2050 compared to 2010 levels, and are promoting the electrically-powered products as one method for tackling this issue. This new model is the fifth electric motorcycle launched by Yamaha Motor, and they plan to launch additional models in the near future. Read More. 

You are officially caught up on all the latest and greatest motorcycle headlines. Hear of an interesting story we didn’t cover? Share it with us in the comments below and stay tuned for the next edition of “Your Motorcycle News Fix” coming this August.
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Friday, June 14, 2019

Top Apps For Riders

A lot of us ride to get away from it all, including our phones - but there are great apps out there that can be incredibly beneficial for riders. Check out 5 apps every biker should download below.

EatSleepRIDE (Free) -
One of our favorite apps is EatSleepRIDE because it truly has it all. This app was designed specifically for motorcycle enthusiasts and allows you to track unlimited rides, explore the best motorcycle routes, create rider groups, and share rides. Plus, if you’re looking to build a rider community, this app is for you. You can keep track of your friend’s rides and discover new rides with the help of other bikers.

Gas Buddy (Free) - Gas Buddy is helpful no matter what you drive because it helps you find the cheapest gas in your area - making pit stops quick and painless. You can even refine your search by price, location, brand, and other amenities like restaurants and restrooms - super helpful after a long ride. This app loves, and rewards, user participation by encouraging you to report prices and leave reviews for the chance to win giveaways. You can even pay for your gas within the app and receive additional discounts.

Dark Sky ($3.99) - While we hope your riding weather is always perfect, storms do play a role in deciding if you should hit the road or wait it out. Dark Sky is one of our favorite weather apps because it gives you up-to-the-minute weather data and is considered the most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information. With this app, you’ll know the latest forecasts so you can be prepared for anything while out on the road. While there are other great weather apps out there, in our opinion, Dark Sky surpasses them all and is worth the $3.99 investment. It’s rare to find an app that lets users report on the latest weather, but Dark Sky does just that. No one likes getting stuck in the rain, and with this app, you won’t have to.

Cycle Trader (Free) - Alright, this might seem like a shameless plug, but our recently updated Cycle Trader app really is the best tool out there to help you find your next bike or sell your current one. Whether you’re actively searching or just browsing for fun, our app has over 200,000+ bikes for you to look through. In the app, you have the option to filter your listing search by type, location, year, make, price, mileage, and so much more - taking the hassle out of finding your new ride. You can also easily save your searches and can quickly calculate payments for the bike of your dreams. If you’re looking to sell your bike, our app also gives you easy access to post a listing on our site.

Waze (free) - Waze is a GPS navigation app that suggests you the multiples routes, provides turn-by-turn directions, route details, and travel times. But this isn’t your average GPS app. It takes navigation to the next level by letting other motorists share information on traffic, police presence, and potential hazards along your route - and as a user, you can share that same information with others along the way.

There’s always room in your smartphone for new apps. Why not make them useful for your motorcycle lifestyle? Check out these apps in the iTunes App Store or on Google Play, today. Do you have any apps you swear by? Share a few of your favorites in the comments below.
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Your Motorcycle News Fix

Keeping you in the know about the latest motorcycle headlines is important to us. We’ve scoured the news and are here to fill you in on the newest models and a few other top headlines from this past month. Check out them out below.

Image: Cycle News

BMW Motorrad Reveals Concept R18 Cruiser - BMW Motorrad recently drew back the curtain on their Concept R18 at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Italy at the end of May. They’ve taken a historical motorcycle design and have given it more of a custom and modern flare. This new bike is still instantly recognizable as a BMW with its boxer engine, cradle frame, and exposed universal shaft. “This concept bike appeals to something deep down – you just want to just get on it and ride off. But when you get off it again, you don’t just put it in the garage and walk away – you turn around again and give it a final parting glance”, said Edgar Heinrich, head of BMW Motorrad Design. Check out this new bike for yourself. Read More.

Image: Motocross Action Magazine

KTM Launches 2020 Off-Road, Dual Sport Models - KTM just launches their 2020 lineup, including the new KTM 150 XC-W TPI, KTM 250 XC-W TPI and KTM 300 XC-W TPI 2-strokes, and the new offroad-only KTM 350 XCF-W and KTM 500 XCF-W 4-strokes. They didn’t forget about dual sports, adding the KTM 350 EXC-F and KTM 500 EXC-F to their lineup as well. Each new model boasts the latest in innovation, featuring high-performance engines, a new chassis including WP XPLOR suspension, updated handling, new bodywork, new air filter box, new cooling system, and new exhaust systems. Is that enough new for you? These bikes will be coming to North American dealers this summer so stay tuned. Read More. 

Image: Roanoke Star

Motorcycle Group Announces Charity Ride to the Arctic Circle - The journey has begun. On May, 25th, the Moto.Men, a group of motorcycle enthusiasts based out of/from all over the country, set off on an adventure that covers the entire United States. The trip, called Project’19, will take roughly 35-40 days and will take the Moto.Men riding along the East and West coasts, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Arctic Ocean. During the course of their trip, Project’19 plans to ride 16,000 miles and will make stops for those in need and will raise funds for various organizations supporting disabled veterans, military service dogs, and cancer victims. During their stops, they will deliver four individual endowments to cancer survivors and disabled veterans totaling over $10,000. We are excited to follow their journey and wish them the best of luck during their ride. Read More.

Image: Powersports Business

Honda Unveils 4-Seat Talon Side-by-Sides - This story is for all of you side-by-side lovers out there. During the start of Power Lab 2019, a Honda dealer event, the manufacturer revealed two new four-seat sport side-by-side models - the Talon 1000X-4 and the Talon 1000X-4 FOX Live Valve. These new four-seater models give riders the opportunity to share the offroading experience with additional family and friends. Honda has other Talon two-seater models, but their riders were requesting the ability to fit more passengers and Honda is making the request a reality. The new Talons are packed with features and come in at a variety of price points that you’ll want to see for yourself. Read More. 

Motocross Legend Carey Hart Creates Custom Indian Motorcycle - Motocross legend Carey Hart has some serious custom bike building skills and he’s put them to good use. Hart recently brought together a team of friends and professionals to “reimagine a modern Indian motorcycle back to its original race track roots.” The bike they’ve created was built for the One Moto Show in Portland, Oregon and the team took home the Red, White & Blue award for “Best American Build.” Check out their award winning bike. Read More.

You’re officially all caught up on the latest motorcycle news. Feels good to be in the know, right? Stay tuned for next month’s motorcycle news roundup and let us know your favorite stories in the comments below.
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Top Motorcycle Tech

Motorcycle tech is what really takes riding to the next level - and across the board, what’s available in the motorcycle space is only getting more advanced. We’ll breakdown the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos that will help make your ride even better this summer. Check out a few of our favorites below.

Image: Javish

Tech-Savvy Helmet - There are tons of great helmets on the market, but none quite like the Jarvish X-AR. This helmet has all the basics you’d expect, including carbon fiber shell, cooling vents, and an excellent safety rating, but the over-the-top technology included is what makes it stands out. It includes an integrated Heads Up display, Alexa compatibility, and 360-degree cameras (front and rear). It also includes an advanced Augmented Reality feature that displays your speed, weather, direction, navigation, and a number of other stats and figures. All of these stats are included on The Heads Up display, located directly on the helmet’s face shield so you won’t have to look elsewhere while riding. The helmet is due to be released in September and we can’t wait for the big debut.

Promising Review: “It is not a Helmet! JARVISH is a new way to understand motorcycle riding.” - JOSE MARIA PUJOL Smart Solutions Business Unit Director at IDNEO Technologies, SLU, Barcelona (Spain) 

Image: Revzilla

Phone Mount - We’ll say it time and time again - we do NOT recommend using your phone while operating your bike, but there is one exception. Navigation is important while riding, especially if you’re crossing into new territory - you need to know where to go, plain and simple. Today, smartphones are often used as GPS systems, but holding your phone while riding is unrealistic and extremely dangerous. Check out the RAM Mounts X-Grip Fork Stem Kit ($61.99). This kit allows you to attach your phone to your bike securely without scratching it. This kit can fit a variety of phone models (15+ to be exact), including the latest iPhoneX. While your phone is in the mount, you won’t have to worry about it dropping or falling off your bike.

Promising Review: “Love my RAM mount. Extremely easy to install and finished product on bike looks sleek and simple all while being extremely useful. (iPhoneX) - Travis M.

Image: Amazon

Bluetooth System - A Bluetooth headset is a must while riding. It allows you to make calls hands-free, listen to music or GPS instructions, and have intercom conversations with a passenger or fellow riders. We’re all about the latest hands-free technology and we recommend the Sena SMH-10 Bluetooth Headset ($140.88) as a top option. This model gives you 12 hours of talk time and is designed specifically for motorcycle riders. The sound quality on the Sena is pristine and it includes a 4-way conference intercom so if there’s a detour or pothole ahead, you can warn fellow riders in your group.

Promising Review: “You can't go wrong with the SMH-10 if you are getting into the Bluetooth helmet game. It was extremely easy to install & paired up with my phone. I recommend it to any new or even experienced riders that want a great unit that is easy to use and set up.” - Andres

Image: Amazon

Mountable Camera - We’re willing to bet you go on some pretty epic rides, and it can be hard to capture all the scenery you take in along the way when you’re leaning into that curve. That’s where the GoPro Hero 7 Black ($329.00) can help. GoPro has long been a go-to for adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies - just like you, and their new action camera is perfect for riders. One of our favorite features of the new model is its hyper smooth video stabilization. The camera can predict your movements, minimize camera shake, and delivers insanely smooth video footage. The Hero 7 Black is rugged and waterproof, so no need to worry if you get caught in a sudden rainstorm, and also has voice control allowing you to take photos and videos hands-free during your ride.

Promising Review: “Outstanding. Everything that has been advertised met my expectations by far. Image stabilization is amazing, and live features are great. Best GoPro yet!” - Antonio

Image: Amazon

Mobile Tire Inflator - We’ve all had a flat or a tire that’s looking a bit low on air while out on the road. For that very reason, it’s important to have a mobile tire inflator with you if you don’t have access to a compressor. We suggest the Slime Power Sport Tire Inflator ($41.32), which has been coined as the “world’s most versatile compact air compressor.” This air compressor is truly compact - measuring in at 3.875” W x 4.75” H - and will easily fit in just about any saddlebag. The model is capable of airing up a standard car tire in just 10-minutes and includes a convenient carrying case as well as interchangeable connectors that can adapt to any 12-volt power source.

Promising Review: “Very compact and easily fits in my saddlebag. I have used this many times on trips to keep my tires properly inflated. My Fatboy's tires like to slowly lose air sometimes. Have used it to top off tires as well as refill other peoples flat tires to get them back on the road. I also keep one on my Yamaha Grizzly 700 and it has been a lifesaver more than once.” - J. Hines

We’re lucky to live in a time where technology is all around us and we are always stoked when new motorcycle tech comes out. What are some of your favorite motorcycle-specific gadgets? Let us know some of your top picks in the comments below.
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Friday, May 10, 2019

Slow your roll - just because you’ve bought a motorcycle, doesn’t mean you’re a true biker yet. All of us have to go through the various motorcycle rites of passage before you can be considered an experienced rider. Some of them are fun, some are not so fun. But if you ride - you’ll know what we’re talking about. Check out a few of the good, bad, and ugly “rides” of passage that all bikers go through.

Buying Your First Bike - This is the ultimate rite of passage. Once you’ve taken your courses and received your motorcycle license, there’s nothing like buying your first bike. It doesn’t matter if it’s new or used, cruising away on your first ride on your own bike is an exhilarating feeling. If you’re unsure of what type of bike to get, check out our tips on buying your first motorcycle.

Eating a bug/having a bug splatter on your helmet -
You’re taking a long ride, the wind is blowing in your face, and you’re feeling free - then splat. One of the not so glamorous aspects of riding is the bugs we deal with on the road. Just laugh (or curse), wipe it off, and keep riding. There’s nothing else to do. Plus if you are on the latest Paleo or Keto diet, bugs are high protein and on your diet.

Getting stuck in the rain at least once - You can check the weather all you want, but rain can come out of nowhere. If you get stuck in the rain, know that we’ve all been there before. Check out a few of our tips, like stashing some rain gear or finding a dry line, on what to do when the rain hits.

Dropping Your Bike - Whether you care to admit it or not, just about every rider has dropped their bike at least once - these things are heavy. When it happens to you, just pick your bike back up (if it’s too heavy, you’ll need to ask for help), assess the damage, start your bike, and continue your ride. Scuffs and scrapes are going to happen to every bike - it’s a bummer, but you’ve got to move on.

Acknowledging others on the road - Waving to fellow riders is a motorcycle tradition and proper etiquette among bikers. There’s nothing like giving and receiving your first wave to a fellow rider - it feels like you’re finally part of the club. You’ll get so used to it that you might even attempt to throw up the peace sign to a biker when you’re driving a car.

Running out of gas - Alright, this one is kind of embarrassing, but it happens a lot in the early stages of riding because most bikes don’t have fuel gauges. Make sure to know your fuel range before heading out for a ride, and bring your fully-charged phone in case you need to call for roadside help. There are also awesome companies out there that will come fill up your tank for a fee should you run out of gas while riding. Check out Filld or Try Booster.

Going on a long distance ride - We’re all about hitting the open road any chance we get, but there’s really nothing like going on your first long distance ride. Whether you’re riding solo or with a group, the freedom and confidence you feel on a long ride is unexplainable.

Riding with someone on the back - After you feel extremely comfortable on your bike, taking another person for a ride for the first time is the ultimate confidence booster. You feel in control and sharing your newfound passion is always a huge bonus.

The 6th Sense - Once you’ve been riding for a while, you’ll start to get a 6th sense about what other cars will do on the road. It’s an odd feeling to know what a car is about to do before they do it - but if you ride, you’ll start to know. It’s not just being an attentive rider (though you should be), we’re talking about a gut feeling here. This developed gift is golden while riding - always listen to your gut.

Making biker friends - Being a part of the biker community itself is one of the best parts of riding. Making biker friends is one of our favorite rites of passage because we’re all about building the riding community and welcoming other people into the motorcycle lifestyle.

Have you completed any of these rites of passage? Did you have any of your own when you started riding? If you’re looking to complete a few of these rites of passage and buy a motorcycle or upgrade your current model, check out Cycle Trader. With thousands of bikes on our site, you’ll be sure to find one that checks off all your boxes.
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Is Group Riding For You?

Group riding can either be a great bonding experience or a nightmare depending on the group you’re with and how you like to ride. Many people enjoy riding solo, but there are other riders who like to experience the open road with a crew. When done right, riding in a group can be awesome. To help you unlock the thrill of a group ride, here are a few tips to make sure the next ride with your old buddies or new friends is smooth sailing.

Get Ready to Roll - Before you set out for any ride, we recommend giving your bike a thorough once over - especially before a group trip; because let’s be honest, you don’t want to be the one that breaks down in front of the entire group. Use the TCLOCS method to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Double check that your bike is fueled up and don’t forget to pack sunscreen, rain gear, water to stay hydrated, or anything else you might need during the length of your ride.

Have a Quick Meeting
- Having a meeting before you start riding ensures a smoother ride. We suggest you go over your planned route, the length of the ride, and determine any designated stopping points along the way. Make sure you are aligned on any basic hand signals so everyone is aware of them during the ride.

Select a Leader - During your initial meeting, it’s a good idea to select a leader for the group. This biker should be one of the most experienced and confident riders in the pack. They should know the route like the back of their hand and should know how to respond to other drivers and be able to guide the group safely to the end destination.

Set Some Ground Rules - There are a lot of do’s and don’ts to group riding so make sure to go over specific rules with your group. Here are a few rules we recommend the following:
  • Staggered Formation is Key - When riding on straight roads in a group, get your riders familiar with staggard formation. This is when the leader of the group drives on the left side of the lane and the second rider drives on the right side of the lane, two or more seconds behind the leader. The third rider would drive on the left side of the lane and so forth - don’t forget to leave enough distance between you and the other bikers. This ensures that you are not riding alongside each other, but still staying together as a unit.
  • No Passing in the Group - Avoid passing each other inside the group. If you need to pass by a car legally (as a group), be sure to pass one motorcycle at a time.
  • Don’t Fixate on the Bike in Front of You - You need to stay alert and focused while riding, making sure you can see what’s ahead of you. If you’re focused on the rider in front of you, you might forget to look well through the turns. Keep your eyes ahead while riding.
  • Newer Riders to the Middle - Obviously a newer rider won’t be your group leader, but they shouldn’t be alone in the back either. Make sure they are placed towards the front-middle of your lineup.
Riding with friends and family can be a great experience if you follow the rules above. What are your thoughts on group riding? Love it? Hate it? We’ve come to learn it’s all about personal preference. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Want to impress your friends with a new bike on your next group ride? Check out some of our newest listings on Cycle Trader.
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Your Motorcycle News Fix

As always, we’re here to hit you with the motorcycle news you need to know for the month of May. A lot has happened in the industry this month, from new models to rare motorcycle collections - so keep reading for our list of the top motorcycle headlines.

  Image: The Drive

Fuell Releases an All-Electric Motorcycle and Bicycle - Legendary biker Erik Buell has launched a new electric motorcycle and bicycle company called Fuell. Buell and his partners’ main goal is to create a stylish path to urban mobility. The company’s first product is an all-electric bicycle called Fluid that’s powered by a 980kW battery pack. The other product Fuell has created is an electric motorcycle very similar to Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire, called Flow. This motorcycle has a 125-mile range and can use either use a 10kW or 35kW battery pack allowing the bike to connect to a fast charger that takes just 30-minutes to gain full range. The main selling point of this model is that it’s roughly $20,000 cheaper than Harley’s electric model - yeah you read that right. The Flow comes in at just $10,995 - which is why we have a feeling that this new model might give Harley’s LiveWire a run for its money. Read More.

Image: Powersports Business

Rare Motorcycle Collection Discovery Includes 1938 Vincent Series A - A rare collection of Vincent and Grigg motorcycles was recently discovered after the passing of their original owner. The collection had been hidden away for decades and includes six Vincent Motorcycles, a one-of-a-kind Grigg Motorcycle, and a lifetime collection of rare parts. The most exciting find was a 1938 Vincent HRD Series A Twin - known to many as one of the rarest and most collectible motorcycles in the world. These bikes are currently in the possession of Liquid Asset Partners - but they are accepting offers. Time to empty out that piggy bank. Read More. 

Image: Powersports Business

Zac Brown Collaborates With Indian Motorcycle to Create Custom Bike - Love motorcycles and country music? Well, then this story is for you. Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band recently collaborated with Indian Motorcycles to create a completely custom Indian Chieftain Dark Horse. The motorcycle boasts many one-of-a-kind modifications including a custom paint job incorporating charcoal flake and 24kt gold leaf. The bike will be raffled with all proceeds benefiting Camp Southern Ground, Zac Brown’s non-profit organization that was created in support of our veterans and military families. Read More.

Image: Powersports Business

Triumph reveals limited edition Rocket 3 TFC -
This motorcycle has been much anticipated and includes a new 2,500cc engine, increased technology, stunning features and the highest level of premium specification equipment. This model is extremely exclusive, with North American production limited to just 225 units and there will be a total of 750 bikes worldwide. This is the most powerful Triumph to date with a peak power of more than 168 HP and a peak torque of more than 163 LB-FT. Orders are already being taken for the motorcycle, priced at $29,000, and it will be available in December of 2019. We can’t wait to see this bike out on the road. Read More.

You’re officially all caught up on the motorcycle news you need to know this month. We know the stories will still come rolling in so be sure to stay tuned for our June news recap. Which story sparked your interest this month? Have you heard any headlines you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.
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