Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Tips for Taking Great Listing Photos

The buying process for nearly everything has changed over the past few decades. With the consistent growth and evolution of technology, online research has become increasingly important to buyers when they make a purchase - large or small. Having top-notch photos is crucial to get more eyes on your listings. Check out these 8 easy tips that will make sure your photos paint a clear picture for potential buyers.

1. Make it Shine - Make sure the bike you're selling is clean. Buyers want to see their potential bike in tip-top condition, so make sure you give the unit a detailed wash before taking photos. Sponges and brushes are great for the intricate details of a bike, and they remove dirt and grime with ease.

2. Use the Right Camera - Are you using a camera that produces high-quality photos? If not, you’ll want to make sure your camera is fairly recent so your photos are clear and not grainy. Most smartphones have amazing cameras, which is a great option that won’t require you to purchase a new camera, but if you’re wanting to take your photos to the next level, consider investing in a new point and shoot model. Most newer point and shoots are very easy to use and take crystal clear photos.

3. Shoot at the Right Time of Day - Lighting is important when it comes to taking photos, so you’ll want to keep in mind the time of day you choose to shoot. Avoid taking listing photos midday when the lighting is harsh, and instead, opt to take photos in the morning or late afternoon where the lighting is “warmer” and less likely to wash out your photos. Cloudy days can also be great photoshoot days, but make sure it’s not too dark and avoid taking photos at night where flash would be required.

4. Keep in Mind Positioning and Location - When taking listing photos, you’ll want to keep in mind where you’re positioning the bike. It’s important that the bike you are trying to sell is the focal point of your shot.

5. Take a Few Test Photos - It’s important to take your time while shooting your listing photos, as they are a crucial part of your entire listing. Take a few test photos of your unit to make sure the lighting is right, the camera is clear, and that you are satisfied with the outcome. If you aren’t pleased with the photos you can take a step back and see what might need to change to enhance your photo (positioning, lighting, etc.).

6. Have a Variety of Photos - We cannot stress this enough - take a lot of photos. Buyers want to see every angle of the bike before walking into the dealership so they can visually picture themselves on a new ride. Take a few full shots (showing the whole bike) as well as detailed, close-up shots. We suggest having a full bike shot as your main listing photo to grab the buyer's attention right off the bat, then they can explore more photo options as desired.

7. Be Honest and Authentic - Don’t hide the imperfections of the bike you are trying to sell. If the unit has a few dings or scratches,  your potential buyer deserves to know - they really don’t want to be surprised when they come to view the unit in-person. As for new units, it’s also a good idea to stay away from using stock photos - authenticity is key.

8. Highlight Special Features - Does the bike you’re selling have any special features? Make sure you are highlighting them in both your listing photos AND descriptions.

We hope that these 8 tips have helped you realize taking listing photos doesn’t have to be difficult. Getting the right photo takes some practice, but it will be worth it in the end - trust us.

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