Friday, May 11, 2018

Packing Tips for Long Rides

Are you planning on setting out on a longer road trip this riding season? Since most of us have been cooped up in the cold, anxiously waiting to get back on our bikes, we’re thinking your answer is probably yes. But before you head out for a longer ride, we want to help you prepare when it comes to packing. Check out a few of our tips on how to pack for long distance travel.
  • Only Pack the Necessities - We realize necessities might look different for each rider depending on the type of trip you’re taking, but one thing you’ve got to understand - less is more on a motorcycle. When prepping for your trip, lay out all of the items you plan on packing and make a point to eliminate any non-essentials from there. You don’t want to have items weighing your bike down that you aren’t going to use. Wearing the same clothes more than once is going to be your reality on certain trips - and that’s okay - there’s bound to be a laundromat somewhere along your route if you really need it. 
  • Check the Weather - We know checking the weather seems obvious, but when you’re going on longer trips the weather can change fast. Check the upcoming forecast for each day of your trip and keep weather updates on your phone. Knowing the temperature of where you’re headed each day can help you tremendously when packing. Leave room in your bags should the weather change and you need to load up your jacket, rain gear, etc. It’s also a good idea to have trash bags handy if your bags aren’t waterproof. Trust us, rain can hit out of nowhere. 
  • Pick the Right Bags for Your Trip - The length of your trip, the quantity of items, and whether or not you have a passenger on board should all go into picking the right bag for your ride. There are tons of great options on motorcycle bags from saddlebags to tank bags to backpacks (we actually checked out some awesome motorcycle backpacks here, if you’re interested). If you pack light and stay organized you might be able to fit everything in one or two of those options, but if you need more space you do have the option of adding a motorcycle luggage rack. Safety is a top priority, so make sure everything is strapped on tight and that no luggage items/bags are blocking the airflow to the engine.
  • Take a Test Drive - Before setting out on your ride it’s a good idea to take a quick test drive with all of your packed items on board to see how they feel on your bike. Are you feeling too weighed down? You might need to take a look at your “essentials” and make a change, eliminate items, or make a few tweaks in bag positioning. You want to make sure everything feels perfect on your test drive so you can sit back and enjoy the open road. 
There you have it - the packing tips you need to know for taking those longer rides. We are excited to get out on the road and hope these tips have helped you realize less is more when it comes to packing on a motorcycle. What are some of your tricks for packing for long distance travel on your bike? Do you have any longer trips coming up? Let us know in the comments below.
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Thursday, May 10, 2018

In Case You Missed It: May Moto News

There’s always something new to catch you up on in the motorcycle industry. This month, we’ve picked 5 stories you don’t want to miss. Check out the latest May headlines below.
  • Harley Announces Plan to Hire Interns to Ride Across America - Harley-Davidson recently announced their plan to hire a few lucky interns to ride across America as a part of their #FindYourFreedom internship. Harley will teach each intern how to ride a motorcycle with their H-D Riding Academy course. The chosen few will then collaborate with Harley’s marketing team to create unique social media content while they are out on the road to help Harley with their goal of growing and raising awareness for motorcycling. And get this - each intern gets to keep the Harley they’ve been riding for FREE (yeah, you read that right). Read More
  • Indian and Carey Hart to Celebrate Armed Forces Day With Troops - Indian Motorcycle and freestyle motocross rider, Carey Hart have teamed up to take Hart’s “Good Ride” fundraising platform overseas to soldiers based out of U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Stuttgart in Germany. “Good Ride Salutes USAG Stuttgart” will honor U.S. military soldiers with an Armed Forces Day ride and barbeque celebration on May 20th. To support the ride, Indian Motorcycle will donate up to $30,000 to the Infinite Hero Foundation from test rides completed at Indian Motorcycle dealerships during the month of May. It’s always awesome when the motorcycle industry gives back. Read More
  • Ducati Scrambler 1100 Hosts Open House Events at Select Dealers - Select Ducati dealers recently hosted events across the U.S. and Canada to celebrate and introduce the new Scrambler 1100 to the public. Consumers had the opportunity to test the new model which is available in three distinct variants, the standard Scrambler Icon, the Scrambler 1100 Special, and the Sport version. We are excited to see these bad boys out on the road. Read More. 
  • Harley Debuts New Retro-Inspired Helmets - In other Harley news, the manufacturer recently released a line of helmets that have old-school style and modern protection in a continuing effort to attract new riders. There are three helmets in the line, each complete with modern functionality and a retro look. These helmets are available at over 750 authorized Harley-Davidson Riding Gear & Apparel retailers across the U.S. Time will tell if these helmets will help the effort to gain new riders, but we’re feeling their look. Read More
  • And for all your powersports folks out there… Polaris Celebrates 20th Anniversary of the RANGER - For the past 20 years, Polaris’ RANGER has been one of the top selling utility side-by-sides, and the company plans on celebrating this milestone. Polaris is calling upon RANGER owners to share their stories about their unit for the chance to win one of three ultimate RANGER experiences. The winner will pick from an all-expense paid ultimate rodeo, fishing, or hunting adventure hosted by professionals for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Read More
Which stories interested you this month? Let us know your opinions and thoughts in the comments below. 
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Top Motorcycle Podcasts You Need to Listen To

We are into podcasts and we are REALLY into motorcycles (if you haven’t noticed). So if you’re looking to add to your playlist, you’re in luck - we’ve got five motorcycle-related podcasts to share with you. Check out our favorites below.
  • Motorcycles & Misfits - Motorcycles & Misfits is presented by Re-Cycle Garage in Santa Cruz whose mission is to get old motorcycles back on the road and teach people how to fix them. Their podcast has been on the airwaves since 2013 and has a rotating cast of characters sharing stories, knowledge, and experiences all related to motorcycles. 
  • Moterrific - Moterrific is a podcast run by two women who’ve been riding for years. They thought the motorcycle podcast world lacked a certain opinion - women’s. The first and only all-female motorcycle podcast covers everything from daily riding to racing to adventure riding, news, current events, and more. 
  • Adventure Rider Radio - The Adventure Rider Radio is a podcast dedicated to telling interesting motorcycle stories, providing helpful tips on travel, tech, and more. Guests frequent the show and the podcast is the most popular adventure motorcycle podcast in the world. It’ll definitely encourage you to get out there. 
  • Law Abiding Biker - The Law Abiding Biker podcast is the no. 1 listened to motorcycle podcast in the world and is a one-stop shop for all things motorcycling. You’ll hear motorcycle news, reviews, information on motorcycle clubs, laws, ride reviews, and tons more. 
  • Throttled - Throttled is a podcast that will keep you up-to-date on the latest motorcycle news you need to know and you’ll hear advice as well as ride updates from each of the hosts. Throttled frequently brings on guests to share stories and opinions. This podcast is an overall winner for all things motorcycling. 
So if for some reason you can’t take your bike out today, or you just want something new to listen to, check out these podcasts and let us know what you think. Do you have any favorites we should know about? Share in the comments below.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Harley Offers Up Free Bikes - But You Have to Work for Them

Remember your first internship? Most consisted of making coffee runs and copies, but Harley-Davidson has something a bit different in mind. The manufacturer recently announced their plan to hire interns to ride across America this summer as a part of their #FindYourFreedom internship - does it get any better than that?

Why yes, yes it does. 

The lucky interns will not only get paid to discover motorcycle culture, but at the end of the 12-week internship they’ll be able to keep the bike they’ve been riding all summer at no cost. Yeah, you read that right - for FREE.

Considering one of the company’s goals is to attract a new generation riders - we think they are definitely on the right track with this program. To start the internship, Harley will teach each intern how to safely ride a motorcycle with their H-D Riding Academy course. The chosen few will then collaborate with Harley’s marketing team to create unique social media content while they are out on the road to help Harley with their goal of growing and raising awareness for motorcycling. The group of interns will also attend company events and represent Harley as brand enthusiasts.

To apply for a coveted internship spot, applicants are required to show Harley what freedom means to them through the creation of a video, essay, collage, or any other type of creative medium. To learn more and to apply click here.

Serious props to their creativity on this one, we can’t wait to see the content this batch of lucky interns comes up with.

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

So, You’ve Caught the Riding Bug - Now What?

You’ve taken the classes, received your motorcycle license, and you’re ready to commit to the riding lifestyle - well it’s about time. Jokes aside, we’re pumped you’ve finally joined us, and now it’s time for the fun part - finding the perfect ride. It’s not always easy picking out your first bike, but we’ve got your back. Check out our advice on steps to take and what to look for when choosing your first motorcycle.

1. Ask yourself what kind of riding will you be doing? It’s important to take some time to consider the type of rides you want to take on your new bike. Are you planning on taking long distance trips? Are you looking for speed? Are you riding as your daily commute? There are tons of different bikes out there, so it’s crucial to know upfront what you want from your new bike. Trust us, it’ll make the process of choosing a bike type a lot easier.

2. Consider motorcycle type - After you decide what types of rides you’ll be taking, it’s time to consider what type of bike you want. Remember you’re a new rider, so it might not be the best decision to get an insanely expensive bike right off the bat, but at the same time you do want a bike you can grow into and ride for years to come. Let’s break down a few of the more common motorcycle options and what they are typically used for:

  • Cruisers - When most people think of cruisers, they think of Harley Davidson, and rightfully so. But Harley isn’t the only brand embracing this style, other major manufacturers have cruisers in their lineups as well. Cruisers are designed for laid-back, relaxed riding. They have low seats, often in a reclined position with feet forward riding. 
  • Adventure/Touring Dual Sports - Adventure/touring bikes usually have large fuel tanks that can provide plenty of range on a long distance ride. These bikes are super comfortable with their upright posture and comfortable seats. They have both on-road and off-road capabilities as well as long suspension travel. 
  • Choppers - Some common characteristics of choppers are extended forks, low reclined seats, and longer front ends. Choppers stand out from the crowd and usually look different from typical factory models. These bikes favor personality over comfort and are usually chromed out and customized. 
  • Scooters - Scooters are like small motorcycles with a step-through frame. Drivers can sit with their legs together and their feet on a floorboard. Vespa is one of the most common and widely known scooter brands. Scooters are an economical option for riders and have engines that range from 50 to 250 cc. 
  • Sport Bikes - Sport Bikes are less focused on comfort - they’re made for speed, acceleration, and thrill. These high-performance motorcycles have higher foot pegs and seating that pushes the rider forward, over the tank. 
  • Standard - Standard motorcycles or “naked motorcycles” are known for their upright riding position. Their handlebars and foot pegs are positioned so riders can be comfortable without having to reach too far forward. These bikes have a retro feel and mid-ranged engine sizes - a great option for new riders. 
  • Touring Bikes - A touring bike is for - you guessed it - touring. These bikes are designed for long-distance rides with their big fuel tanks and comfortable seats and backrests. They usually come with built-in windshields and navigation systems. 

3. New or Used? Another factor to consider when buying your first bike is whether you want a brand spanking new bike, or if you would consider a used option. First off, you’ll need to empty out that piggy bank and see the type of budget you’re working with. If you are on a fixed budget, buying used might be the way to go, and believe us when we say there are some awesome used bikes out there. Before buying used, you’ll want to make sure you get all the information on the bike’s current condition, any maintenance required, and a full report of the bike’s service records. And on the other hand, if you’re working with a more flexible budget, there’s nothing like riding off the lot with a brand new ride - plus, these typically come with warranties and maybe even some service perks built in to the purchase price. New or used - there are tons of killer options out there.

4. Take a look online - Once you’ve figured out the type of bike you want, do your research and scope out bikes that are for sale near you. And here’s a not so shameless plug - has more bikes for sale than any other site, so that’s definitely a good place to start - and we’re not just saying that because we work here. On the site, you’ll have the option to search by make, model, type, new or used - with thousands of bikes for sale, you’ll find the right bike for you. If you like to take your time when searching for your new ride, you have the option to star your favorite bikes and get similar listings sent to you.

5. Take a test drive - As a new rider, taking a test drive before buying is extremely important. Before you shell out the cash you want to make sure the ride is perfect for you and your needs. By actually going for a ride, you can determine if you like the bike’s control, style, comfort, weight, etc. Make sure to take it slow on your first ride - this is your opportunity to really feel out the bike. While you’re at the dealership it’s also a good idea to take a walk around of the unit to make sure the bike is in the exact condition you expected.

It might take some time, but once you find the perfect bike for you, you’re going to love the new sense of freedom riding gives you - there’s really nothing like it. So, welcome to the club - we’ll see you out there.
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In Case You Missed It: April Moto News

As you know, the moto industry is always changing so there’s always something new to report. This month, we’ve selected 5 motorcycle-related stories we think are too interesting to miss. Check out the latest April headlines below. 

Honda Reveals New Two New 2019 Units - Honda recently revealed two new units to the U.S market. These units will be an addition to their lineup of small-displacement, user-friendly models. The entry-level CB300R Neo Cafe motorcycle will be available in July and boasts increased performance and embodies motorcycle culture and urban fun - aiming to appeal to a younger generation of riders. The PCX150 scooter, with a revised engine and a premium look, will also be available in July. We can’t wait to see these new models out on the road. Read More.

Image: Powersports Business

BMW's Top Designer Joins Indian Motorcycles - Ola Stenegärd, BMW’s former Head of Vehicle Design, has joined the Polaris owned, Indian Motorcycles. Stenegärd plans on developing Indian’s range of cruisers and flat-trackers in his new role as Director of Product Design. Despite having a strong background in sport bikes, his real passion is American muscle. We’re excited to see how he plans to shake up Indian’s current lineup. Read More.

Image: Motorcycle News

22 Year Old Set to Ride Around the World - Henry Crew of the UK has set off on an epic motorcycle ride across the world. During his trip, he’ll ride 35,000 miles that will span 6 continents and 35 countries over the next year. Crew is riding for the Movember Foundation, which focuses on men’s health issues. He’s hoping to fundraise for each mile he rides and we are all for it. Good luck, Henry. Read More 

Image: Ride Apart

Polaris Recalls Model Year 2015-2018 Slingshot Models - If you’re a Slingshot rider listen up. Polaris released a statement saying a small number of Slingshot vehicles may have been manufactured with improper seat base frame welds, that could increase injury in a crash along with other concerns. This recall affects Slingshot S, SL, SLR, and Grand Touring models. Be sure to check and see if your model was included and stay safe out there. Read More.

Image: Slingshot

AGV Releases First Full Carbon Fiber Modular Helmet - AGV is a household name in the world of motorcycle racing. Their helmets have been used for decades, but they haven’t slowed down one bit. AGV recently unveiled a new helmet, the AGV SPORTMODULAR. This new helmet combines their top-notch racing model features with an everyday modular lid just under 3 pounds. This helmet is for riders who want a sporty design with comfort, and safety. We think it’s going to be a popular choice. Read More.

Image: Ride Apart

There you have it -  five April motorcycle stories you needed. Let us know your opinions and thoughts on these stories in the comments below. 

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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

East Coast Rides You Don't Want to Miss

Are you ready to get your bike out of storage and get back on the road? We definitely are. Lucky for both of us, there are tons of great rides to take as the weather gets nicer and we’ve done the dirty work for you. Check out our list of East Coast rides that will get you amped to get back on your bike after this never-ending cold season.

Coastal Route One (Maine) - Let’s start from the top (literally). If you’re ready to get the full-on New England experience - this ride’s for you. The smell and taste of saltwater will hit you right off the bat, considering most of this highway is bordered by coastline. You should take the Brunswick to Machias route which is a two-lane, 167-mile ride full of seaside towns, lighthouses, and beaches galore - you couldn't be bored if you tried. You’ll want to bring a jacket because the ocean breeze can be cool, even in spring and summer months. Don’t forget to grab a lobster roll at one of the many shacks along the way - trust us - they’re worth stopping for.

Image: Conde Nast Traveler

Route 6 (Pennsylvania) - Northern Pennsylvania has a lot to offer riders, including Route 6. This route will make you feel like you have gone back in time - as you pass small towns, local diners, and coal mines. The trip also offers great scenery and includes long rolling hills and sweeping turns - ideal for riders. One of the major highlights of the trip is The Pine Creek Gorge, also known as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. The Gorge is 50 miles long and over 1,000 feet deep with awesome views you can see while riding the rim of the canyon. Keep in mind, this is a longer ride that might require a few days depending how many stops you plan on making.

Image: Penn Live

Blue Ridge Parkway (Virginia & North Carolina) - The Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the top riding areas in the country, with thousands of riders visiting each year. The parkway is home to 469 miles of winding roads surrounded by the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains. You’ll experience tight curves and steep hills on this exciting ride and to top it off, killer views. You can’t be too much of a speed demon on this road considering the speed limit doesn’t exceed 45 mph - but trust us, with all the twists and turns you’ll feel like you’re flying the whole ride. This is another ride that can take a few days, but will give you tons of time to really soak in the sights.

Image: Travel Channel

Tail of the Dragon, Deal's Gap (North Carolina) - The Tail of the Dragon is a well known “ride” in North Carolina that we couldn’t leave off our list. This top motorcycle destination is a quick 11 mile stretch on US 129 at the Tennessee/North Carolina line, and is home to a whopping 318 tight curves. It might not be a long ride, but it’s sure to leave your heart pumping. Are you ready to tame the beast?


The Florida Keys Scenic Highway (Florida) - The Florida Keys Scenic Highway is a 110 mile stretch of road that has that summertime vibe and weather all year round. The ride starts at Mile Marker 110, down to Mile Marker 0 in Old Town Key West. During this ride you’ll be surrounded by palm trees and the blue waters of the keys, not to mention awesome beach bars and restaurants on nearly every block. The highway finishes with a 5 mile stretch of road where you’ll see nothing but clear water on each side of the highway. You can’t beat a warm weather ride, and to top it off you’ll beat your buddies to that summer base tan in no time.

Image: Orbitz

So, pack up your saddle bags and check out one, two, or even all five of these awesome East Coast rides. What are some of your “can’t miss” rides to take this upcoming riding season?
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Friday, March 30, 2018

How to Cut the Hassle From Buying Your New Bike

Written by 

With an aging baby boomer population, a new crowd of millennial riders and an economy still on the mend, many riders are looking for more affordable bikes. Despite new models that cater to the younger crowd, many riders are turning their search to the used bike market.

Buying the right used motorcycle can take some legwork, though. Between researching sellers and bike history, to figuring out financing and how to actually get your bike - finding a new ride takes time (something most of us are already short on). But with the right resources, you can save time and energy and still be satisfied that you’re getting the best bike for your needs.

Follow these quick steps to bypass the back-and-forth of bike buying and get straight to enjoying your new ride.

Streamline your motorcycle research
Checking your bike’s history is crucial if you want to spend your dollars wisely. Save yourself valuable time and a whole lot of energy by using a service like Cyclechex, which gives you a vehicle history report in a fast, affordable way.

Make safe, smooth payments
Let’s face it, there are some people who just want to take would-be buyers for a ride. Paying thousands of dollars over the internet in good faith can be dicey, but it goes both ways. Sellers are also crossing their fingers that payment will come through as promised, without chargebacks due to fraud. Using a sound payment system can give everyone that peace of mind that high-dollar transactions demand. Check out these payment services:
  • PayPal provides a smooth transaction process that protects buyer and seller from fraudulent transactions. From requiring signatures upon delivery to recommending sellers request the buyer’s driver’s license for identity and address verification, using PayPal can help all parties know they’re making a legitimate, safe transaction. 
  • holds your payment until everyone is satisfied with the sale. Here’s how it works: Your payment goes into escrow, triggering the seller to ship the bike. Once you, the buyer, inspect the bike and are satisfied, your money is released to the seller. 
Streamline the registration process Always request a copy of the title from the seller before you make the purchase. Make sure they send you both the front and back of the title. Different states will have different requirements, so check out your area’s vehicle registration requirements beforehand. You can find your state’s government agency by doing a web search for “Motor Vehicle Registration [your state].”

Shop nationwide for the best selection of bikes Broadening your search range can improve your chances of making a great purchase. Technology makes it simple to research and purchase your new bike, and Motorcycle Shippers removes the headache of getting it to your door. Motorcycle Shippers makes getting the bike you want simple, no matter the distance. Here’s how it works: 
  • Book your order online
  • Motorcycle Shippers contacts the seller to arrange transportation 
  • You track your shipment right to your door 
In today’s tech age, your new bike is as close as your computer. Follow the steps above to keep the process simple, streamlined and secure. Then, let Motorcycle Shippers take it from there—and ship your bike safely right to your door.
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Motorcycle Ride-Sharing - Could the Idea Actually Work?

Car ride-sharing is popular in larger cities, but is this trend ready to make moves to our space?

Motorcycle ride-sharing is already in full force in many Asian countries where owning a motorcycle isn’t just a luxury or a hobby - it’s the norm. Grab Bike is based in Southeast Asia and is essentially the Uber for motorcycles. To operate GrabBike, a user downloads the app, puts in a location and jumps on. So, if it’s this easy in Southeast Asia - why aren’t other countries instantly adopting this idea? Safety is one issue to figure out and another is that transportation is so different all over the world - especially in the U.S. We have less urban areas as compared to a lot of Asian cities, and our bikes are usually larger in size.

BMW did announce they are working on a few ideas to get this motorcycle-sharing idea off the ground in Europe. They’d also like to start offering up the backseats of their motorcycles and scooters to help decongest their most crowded cities. The only roadblock so far - helmets. Sizing has to be just right on a helmet and sharing them in the summer heat isn’t ideal. We hope they can figure out a solution quick since we all know less traffic is a win-win for everyone.

While BMW is working out the kinks of their motorcycle ride-sharing idea, they are planning to roll-out a new program in May where people can rent motorcycles from a dealer on a day-by-day basis in Germany, France, and Austria. Users would be able to access this program through an app and BMW is hoping that this idea will help broaden their customer base and attract new riders - we are all for that and could see that idea working pretty well in the US.

Looks like motorcycle ride-sharing could be a part of our future sooner rather than later. Would you be willing to share your ride?
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Check Out New Footage of Yamaha’s 2019 NIKEN Leaning Multi-Wheel Motorcycle

Yamaha first debuted their new NIKEN leaning multi-wheel bike at the EICMA motorcycle show in late 2017, and ever since we’ve been ready to see more. Well, the time has come - Yamaha recently released three new videos showing some kick-ass footage of this technology in action. Yes, there are other three-wheeled rides out there - but the NIKEN is unlike anything we’ve seen before. We were instantly impressed with how it can carve corners with precision and ease. The control the NIKEN gives riders is truly mind-blowing - with its two front tires leaning in parallel unison, this bike provides riders with double the grip (and looks pretty dang cool while doing it).

The videos highlight the bike’s ability to lean deep into angles (an incredible max of 45 degrees to be exact - you read that right) and gives off a more sporty riding experience. The footage also gives you an in-depth look at the technology behind the bike - including the revolutionary leaning multi-wheel chassis, their radical styling, the powerful inline-triple motor, and advanced rider aids.

If you are ready to take on the thrill, the NIKEN will be available in the second half of 2018 - we can’t wait to see this bad boy out on the road. So, the wait is officially on, but in the meantime, check out the all of the videos, photos, and more details here.
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Friday, February 23, 2018

Augmented Reality

Does it have a place in our industry? We think so.

Technology is always evolving and constantly changing -- and the motorcycle industry is no exception. Between innovative safety gear, cutting-edge electric bikes, new navigation systems, and more -- it’s no surprise tech for our bikes is on the rise. As riders, we’re always on the hunt for practical gear -- but let’s be honest -- the coolest new technology and gadgets really get us pumped.

Recently, virtual reality has been all the rage, but taking that tech on the road can be impractical. Augmented reality, on the other hand, is proving to be useful because it isn’t taking you to a completely different place, but rather is enhancing where you already are. So what does that mean for us and our ride?

Many companies are racing to get the first augmented reality motorcycle helmet to market. LiveMap seems to be leading the pack and is already in the prototype stage. When complete, their helmet will be able to project directions, maps, and notifications onto a helmet without blocking the vision of the rider. Imagine never having to pull over to look up directions again.

Though awesome, augmented reality doesn't have to just be used while riding -- what if you could shop for a bike using this technology? Imagine scrolling through your phone on the hunt for your next ride -- but instead of just seeing the bike on your phone, you see the bike parked in your driveway. When buying online, scoping out photos and descriptions are crucial, but augmented reality will essentially take the guesswork and imagination out of how your new bike will look right in front of you. This technology has the ability to completely change and enhance how we buy motorcycles -- plain and simple.

Our guess is that augmented reality will definitely have a place in the motorcycle industry - and we’re ready to see what’s coming.
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Polaris on the Rise

Despite closing Victory in 2017, Polaris had an impressive year full of growth

We’ve all heard the rumblings - the motorcycle industry isn’t growing like it used to. Well, that wasn’t the story for Polaris, the parent company for Indian and Slingshot, in 2017. Even though they ditched Victory early in the year - it didn’t phase their other two brands, both of which saw growth, and fully embraced a persona that was a perfect mix of badass and inclusive.

Indian, in particular, had a stellar year and built momentum with the roll-out of their popular Scout and Chieftain models. Indian’s entire lineup offers riders a diverse range of bikes at competitive prices -- which we think gives them a huge leg up. Their rollout ad for the Bobber gives a well deserved nod to the Chieftain and ends with the tagline “Strip It Down” -beautifully mixing their classic rides with their more slimmed down options, while showing the spectrum of riders in the Indian family. It’s ads like this that allow them to reach a younger generation of riders - while still keeping their loyalists happy. Indian is keeping the competition on their toes - and our guess is as long as they continue to make cutting-edge, high-performing bikes, they’re a force to be reckoned within the industry.

But Indian wasn't the only Polaris brand that had an impressive year - Slingshot has continued to gain popularity and brings a new and unique feel to the industry. Slingshot is consistently exciting their riders by adding to their lineup and recently announced a new premium limited-edition model that’s sure to turn some heads. Their marketing campaigns also give you that “hell yeah” feeling - making you immediately want to go for a ride or just do something generally awesome. Everyone likes a good dare - particularly when it comes to buying bikes.

If these brands keep it up in 2018 -- which we fully expect they will -- we could see some major shake-ups in the moto space in terms of loyalty.
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New to Riding?

Harley’s got you covered with their new rider courses.

We all remember our first ride -- but all the work that it took to get to that point might not be such a fond memory. There’s a lot to learn when you’re a new rider - and knowing where to start can be a lot. But fear not -- Harley’s new rider classes will get you ready in no time. The motorcycle giant is on a mission to help new riders feel confident and safe on two wheels through their New Rider Academy Courses.

These courses are available at select Harley dealerships and are led by the cream of the crop -- Harley’s certified coaches. The course is a combo of classroom and practice range time where riders learn the ins and outs of the bike, basic safety skills, and how to actually ride a motorcycle -- and trust us, there’s no better feeling than that. After required exams are completed (and passed) riders receive a completion card that could potentially wave their DVM riding exam. And anything you can do to avoid the DMV is always a positive.

So why did Harley start these courses? Because training is crucial and they are stepping up to the plate to attract and prepare a new generation of riders. By taking a course through Harley and learning to ride on a Harley, they hope that these new riders will one day -- you get it -- buy a Harley.

Now the question is -- will other manufacturers follow suit on providing courses specific to new riders? We hope so. Our riding community embraces both new and seasoned riders and we are always eager to add more to our crew. Click here to find a course to get you started and we’ll see you on the road.
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Friday, January 26, 2018

Top Tools for Every Rider

Looking to do some of your own maintenance so you’re not constantly running back to the dealership or to your buddy for help with your bike? We get it - it’s nice to be able to take care of some smaller maintenance issues on your own. If you’re just getting going with at-home maintenance, check out the board below for our recommendations and some other great resources on the topic. This should help you pick which tools you buy to outfit your garage. 

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A Compiled List of Motorcycle Basics

There’s a lot of information out there if you are just getting into riding and it can be hard to decide what to listen to. So, we’ve put together a list of our top resources to help get you started.

Step #1: Figure out what you want to ride

If you’ve never been on a bike before, it can be hard to decide what you want - so take your time and check out all your options. These three articles should give you a good place to start - and then once you have your license, you can actually go test ride some of these bad boys.

Step #2: Keep your noggin covered - and find other gear you’ll need

While some of this other gear might be optional - helmets definitely aren’t. They also aren’t cheap. So pick one you like and plan to be happy with for a while. Web Bike World’s reviews are thorough - but if you are looking for other gear - gloves, pants, etc. - you can’t go wrong with the article from Best Beginning Motorcycles.

Step #3: Get trained & learn the laws

Motorcycle laws are different in every state (and there are some strange ones that exist) - and you’ll want to be educated when you head out on the road. Study up and take a course to make sure you feel comfortable.

Step #4: Check out local clubs

Once you’re educated and outfitted - find other riders in your area. The dealership you purchased your ride from may have some groups, but if not - look for local meetups to help you get going in the community.

We hope this helps get you started - and cuts out some of the noise of the Internet. You can’t go wrong learning how to ride. It actually IS as fun as it’s cracked up to be.
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Top Notch Backpacks

It’s no shocker that bikes don’t have tons of storage - even if you’ve added some saddlebags on your ride - so having a backpack that is reliable and sturdy is crucial. But - let’s be honest - sometimes wearing a backpack makes you feel like you’re back in school. Well - not these backpacks. These are sleek and definitely worthy of a spot on your ride… or should we say back?

This bag comes in a variety of color options - although we’re fans of the dark grey. It’s got plenty of room inside to hold your gear - and two conveniently placed outer pockets for things you need to get to more easily. We like the security the outer flap provides - so you’re sure the the stuff in those outside pockets is going to stay put. 

Any bag that can hold all of our stuff and our helmet is an automatic win in our book. And this guy comes at a great price point. It’s got a sporty feel to it and plenty of room inside. Another perk - because this is made by a brand catering to the needs of bikers - this pack has reflective piping to help you stand out at night. 

This backpack is surprisingly large - bragging it can hold somewhere between three to five days worth of travel goods - and it has the ability to charge your phone. So if you like to take your bike out for several days at a time, this could be the one for you. It also says that it’s an “anti-theft” backpack - although we couldn’t tell exactly why - but our best guess is because of where the zipper is placed - if someone tried to get in there, you would definitely feel it. 

No matter your style - this backpack has you covered. Looking for something bright and bold? They’ve got it. Prefer to go with all black? They’ve got that too. These bags have a drawstring top and are plenty long - so you can shove stuff deep in there. Also - the flap that closes over the top has storage for things like your wallet and phone and allows you use that for additional outside storage - maybe even your helmet. 

This is the most fashionable and high-design backpack we included - but we like that it can go from “day-to-night” or “bike-to-business” pretty easily. So maybe you use this as your backpack during the week - and then switch to one of the other options during the weekend? Just a thought. This guy also still has plenty of storage - and offers a horizontal strap that gives you nice streamlined back support so it should be comfortable to have on your back while you ride.

So there you have it. These bags should give you a little extra storage while you ride - so you can easily take everything you need with you while you’re out and about.

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