Saturday, December 23, 2017

Chic Clothes

Let’s just say it - shopping for women’s clothes can be hard, even if you are one. Even though the holidays just passed, we want to help you out with some suggestions for that motorcycle-riding lady in your life - whether you need them now, or in the future. And since we know you’re likely already out of your comfort zone - we’ve picked items from stores you might not frequent all the time. 

Let’s start with the all important jacket. A motorcycle jacket has to be multi-functional - and we think all of these options meet that mark. You could easily ride in them and then head out to a nice dinner afterwards. While we know black leather is a favorite, we threw in some varying color and texture options, just in case.

Clean lines. Super chic.

An alternative to the traditional leather options.

We like that this grey isn’t pushy - nice and subtle.

Now onto the boot options. We wanted to give you a tall, medium, and small option - so you’re covered no matter what type of booth the recipient might already have. Again - all three of these choices give off a high-fashion flare that could go from bike to night out seamlessly.

The braided detail on these.

A little heel hight never hurt anyone.

The grommets give these regular boots just a little more.

Since riding around pantless isn’t encouraged - we’ve included some options in that department for you. Some that are very simple, some that have a little more flare - but all that would be comfortable for riding, but again and fit our theme of being easily worn out and about.

The ribbed detail mixed with the leather will be a crowd pleaser.

Simple, but comfortable.

We love the lace detail in the rips.

And last - but not least - accessories because it’s winter time and staying warm is important in extending the riding season. Bundle up with these and head out.

Mixing textures for the win.

Not too restrictive for the ride.

Finger wiggle room to work the gears.

There you have it - a full outfit. Now, we wish you the best of luck - we know the struggle can be real.

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