Friday, November 17, 2017

Why I Ride

We are part of an exclusive and elite group. A tight-knit community of strangers - connected by a passion as natural to us as breathing - riding.

Outsiders choose to stay away - potentially scared of the perceived danger, rebellious stereotypes, or just because they prefer to drive a Prius - but they’ll never know what they’re missing.

There’s nothing quite like the rush we get from the ride - and the pleasure we get from the hum of our engine. That rush is the same in good weather and in bad. Of course - in bad weather, the ride comes with complimentary pelts of rain that feel like small bullets - but it’s worth it. You feel alive and you know you can’t slow down. Sure - drivers passing by look at us like we’re crazy - but that’s what riding does to us. Drives us crazy, while keeping us sane. And - let’s be honest - that rush is our solution for anything.

Bad day at work? Take a ride.
Kids being a pain? Take a ride.
Feeling sick? Take a ride.

It’s always guaranteed to make you feel better.

So this Thanksgiving - take some time to be thankful. Thankful for the person who got you into riding, thankful that you come home safely each time, and thankful that riding will be a permanent part of your existence.

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Bannyrst 13 said...

My name is Dawn Johnson I've been riding since I was knee-high to a grasshopper I had two older brothers 2 older sisters and me the younger one by 10 and 11 years difference and my older brothers taught me how to twerk on Mopars4+4 and motorcycles that We snuck in the house to my brother's bedroom to work on the engines without mom or dad finding out and to sneak motorcycle engines in their bedrooms and help them wrench on their motorcycle parts and in the engine and without mom or dad know. Then putting it back together and taking me for a ride . I remember one time my brother pulled up when he was totally cover look like an abominable snowman his mustache was froze his beard was frozen big icicles hanging from it and all around his engine block was nothing but one big ice cube except for his pipes melted or unmelted holes around in between the snow that had been frozen. He had just made it from the Teton Mountains through them and Idaho Falls through all that nasty weather and I asked him how the heck did you did do that and he said I just hung on and went for a ride. I said aren't you cold. He said I'm numb I'm past cold I'm good though I felt good it was the best ride I've ever had. I said I want to do that someday he said I don't know you might like it he send. I said I know I would I said that it sounds like fun. Since then I've always wanted to go for a ride in the snow well I'm 45 years old now but 22 years ago in 1993 I said I'm getting my own Harley Davidson. my brothers owned the four by four and the Mopar Cuda. I had to have and be the first one to have a Harley-Davidson and get myself one. I was looking at CycleTrader I said my friend next to me . so I give myself one year and I'm going to have me a Harley Davidson from this date I'm giving myself one year. now he looked at me and smiled. Okay dawn whatever you say you said I said no really I'm really going to give myself one year from the date well 3 months later I own myself a brand new 1972 xlch Sportster 1200 Kickstart only the date was November 22nd 1993 and it was snowing as I went across the Vancouver Bridge to the Portland I had xyooj snowflakes flying in my face and I was so stoked I could not hardly stand it I went to Viewpoint foot off my bike walked inside and said could you please get these gloves off me I can hardly move my fingers I'm frozen and I thought about my brother that day. And from that day on I decided I wasn't going to be a fair-weather Rider that I was going to end or anything cold hot whatever it threw at me so I rode my bike for 8 years straight and then I ended up getting pregnant and fortunately I could not ride being 64 in around so I had to take a time off for way from my bike and I've put it back together the last two years we stored it and I've only got to ride around the block a couple of times and I'm really going crazy my birthday was on Halloween and that was my birthday wish to ride well there's a few things that still need to be touched up on and I'm trying to figure them out myself I'm too stubborn to take it into a shop I want to learn it myself I can't do it myself I shouldn't be riding earned it myself a wrench on that myself and I kick start it and write it myself there is nothing like having when the face face in the wind and enjoying life on your Harley all my boyfriend's get so jealous I color my beautiful b**** beautiful to look at and she's a b**** to get to know anyways soon I'll be writing I painted your hot pink with the coffin tank and snakeskin she's pretty cool looking I'll send a picture if I can anyways thanks CycleTrader because if it weren't for you I wouldn't have found my beautiful so here's looking at you 22 almost 23 years later keep the rubber side down keep it real keep it safe and have a good time you want sincerely your sister
Dawn Johnson
Portland Oregon

Unknown said...

Thats awesome girl im glad you shared this niss you!

Anonymous said...

I like your story, I feel like it is very similar to my life in a way..tell me what your options were and what you did to make it all turn out the way you wanted ... I have really been in need of guidance like your brother have you... I was the oldest so I didn't get that in my life... but it's never to late for guidance I this m right ? Thank you . Jesse olmsted Portland oregon

Unknown said...

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Bannyrst 13 said...

Well I should have spelled check this sorry.Thanks for the feedback and ya all I need now is tags.!!
Wish I could post a picture not sure how to do it.
Dawn Johnson

Bannyrst 13 said...

Yes Rick Dudley my ex boyfriend gets all the credit for teaching me how to work on Harley Davidson he went to school for it and was very good teacher teacher.Thanks Rick (brat)!!

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