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Interested in PWCs? Here are 5 Sites You Need to be Following

We know that once you have one powersports unit, it’s hard not to have a few. And in the warmer months, getting out on the water seems like the obvious choice.

Over the course of the last few months, we’ve noticed quite a few online resources go viral online when it comes to go-to articles, reviews, and more for personal watercraft enthusiasts, and we realized something. While there may only be one ‘on-the-water’ motorcycle in existence so far (check out that unbelievable thing here), you should definitely check out these five websites if you’re interested in on-the-water powersports, especially personal watercraft riding (aka, jet skiing).

Watercraft Journal

Image: Watercraft Journal

Curated by Kevin Shaw, a family man and lifelong lover of personal watercraft, The Watercraft Journal is often thought of as“America’s most popular PWC magazine.” You will find Shaw’s website filled to the brim with event coverage, helpful articles, and tons of inspiring photos and videos. Ensuring you always have your water fix, this site publishes new content every single weekday, so you can rest assured you’ll always find something new. That’s exactly why Watercraft Journal is one of PWC Trader’s go-to partners, featured frequently on the site’s resource page (click here to check it out).

ProRider Watercraft Magazine

Known for having stories and news updates “from the core” of the PWC world, this online and print magazine prides itself on providing readers with a “pro rider” perspective. They’re all about bringing riders the most honest, detailed information, and it’s a great place for those new to PWC riding to get started. Have a look at their website — you might just uncover a passion you never knew you had.

Sea-Doo OnBoard

We all know how loyal we can be to our favorite brands. Well, PWC riders aren’t much different. One of the most helpful brand blogs we’ve come across is Sea-Doo’s, which is cleverly called “OnBoard.” Bursting at the seams with countless reviews, test rides, and new unit announcements specific to Sea-Doo, this is one website you definitely want to follow if you’re a fan of BRP’s brands. Take a look at their Instagram, and if you like what you see, click on over to their blog and check them out.

Kawasaki JetSki Research Page

While we’re on the topic of brand-specific sites, we’d be amiss if we went without mentioning Kawasaki’s resource page. What most people don’t know about the term “jet ski” is that it actually comes from Kawasaki’s original model unit, JetSki. So, even though there are tons of brands available when it comes to personal watercraft, the original “JetSki” was made by Kawasaki. Because of this, they’ve become known as one of the leading resources for personal watercraft riders, and many find the resource page of their website particularly helpful. Whether you’re looking to estimate payments, read reviews, or are trying to find a tool to compare units, this resource seems to have it all. They even have an entire section dedicated to new riders, which you can check out here. - Personal Watercraft Section

As a motorcyclist, if you’re just interested in getting a feel for the watercraft world but aren’t super familiar with it yet, we highly recommend, especially their PWC section. They produce some of the best reviews, information, and advice that can be found on the web, all in simple enough terms for newbies to understand. All in all, BoatingMag - as well as the previous four resources we mentioned - can provide you with some great tools and tips when it comes to diving into the world of PWCs.

Interested in buying a PWC? We know exactly where you can start. Check out the listings on PWC Trader. A sister site to Cycle Trader, PWC Trader has a similar design. Take a look!
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Rider Magazine Releases Review of 2018 Indian Scout Bobber

Rider Magazine’s keen motorcycle feature writer Greg Drevenstedt has done it again. Bringing you an in-depth review of Indian’s newest Bobber version of the Scout, Rider Mag also links a number of reviews for past and similar models, just in case you’re interested in comparing new updates and features.

“Inspired by motorcycles stripped-down and hot-rodded by young veterans after World War II, the Scout Bobber takes a dark, less-is-more approach to styling,” Drevenstedt explains. “To set it apart from the standard Scout and give it an appropriately urban vibe, the Bobber’s exhaust, frame, handlebars, mirrors, cast aluminum wheels, primary and clutch covers, headlight nacelle and single-gauge instrument are all blacked out, the chunky tires have a semi-knobby tread pattern and the rear end has been cleaned up with a pair of LED stop/turn/tail lights and a side-mount license plate.”

Ready to read the entire review? Click on over to Rider Magazine’s 2018 Indian Scout Bobber review to get the full story behind Indian's newest spin on one of their legendary models.
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These 5 Female Rider Instagram Accounts Are Blowing Up Instagram

While there are countless inspiring women in the motorcycle world today, these five Instagram profiles show off exactly why women who ride are so awesome. Check out the pics and profiles below to read about and see exactly what we mean. 

This woman’s biggest passions are riding and traveling - plus, she’s got big dreams to fully customize her own one-of-a-kind motorcycle. Originally hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Laura is the publisher of a sustainable building magazine, but has gone viral online due to her travels through Asia, including Vietnam. Click here to learn more about her incredible story and HILO project.

Founded by three women who just love red lipstick and riding, this Australian coastal trio has gained countless followers over the past year. Touring the coastlines and enjoying being out on the road in the great outdoors, Maria, Nina, and Erica started their journey for one important reason:
“To relish the thrilling symphony of engines and sisterhood.”

Womens Moto Exhibit - @womensmotoexhibit 

This account is actually exactly what it sounds like - a huge compilation of professional photographs of the modern biking woman. An international group, Women’s Moto Exhibit photos are submitted by riders all over the world, and their profile reps a culture of daring, adventurous girls who ride. 

Based out of the Pacific Northwest, this is the Instagram account of a company that runs motorcycle adventure camps and trips. Exclusively for women, the biking group heads out on their ‘dream roll’ once a year. Not only does the feed consist of ladies who ride, they’re also always up for adventure, taking their participants on a number of “live on the edge” activities, including whitewater rafting and skate ramp parks. 

A four time mountain bike world champion and three time BMX world champion, this Australian Olympian is as inspiring as someone can get. Her pics are full of action, adventure, and travel, with some of the most colorful ‘ridescapes’ we’ve ever seen.

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The Thirteen Strangest Motorcycles You’ve Probably Ever Seen

When you spend your days looking at the thousands of bikes for sale on Cycle Trader - you can bet we’ve seen just about every bike out there. We’ve come across the good, the bad, the beautiful, and (what some people would call) the ugly… and quite a few seriously weird rides as well. 

But none seem to compare to these strange bikes we found floating around the internet -— you’ve honestly got to see them to believe them, so we’ve rounded up the weirdest ones we’ve ever seen. 

Check ‘em out!

Image: Buzzfeed

World’s longest motorcycle? Uh, possibly, yes.

Image: Roadog on Wikipedia

Wait… just kidding. The Anaconda might have the most “seating,” but this guy (Wild Bill Gelbke) actually did make the longest and heaviest motorcycle in history (it weighs over 3,000 pounds).

Image: Buzzfeed

… We’re honestly not sure what’s going on here.

Image: Reality Pod

This one might honestly rewrite the definition of a “Superbike.”

We’re not positive, but he may need - you know - one or two more headlights.

Image: Ben Gulak

Still trying to understand how this works. In any event, ladies and gentleman, meet the Uno Dycicle.

Image: Sooth Brush

If you’ve seen a bike more American than this, feel free to let us know.

If we’ve got any Red Bull fans out there, here you go.

Sure, Dodge’s Tomahawk might be unbelievably fast...but also kind of looks like you’re riding a radiator with wheels.


Yes, this thing actually runs.

Oh, you’re looking for a Vespa with a huge recoilless rifle on top? Here ya go.

Yup - you’re looking at 48 cylinders. Why? Couldn’t tell you.

Last, but certainly not least… the Jaguar motorcycle. We’ll leave you to decide whether you’re a fan or not.

What’s the strangest motorcycle you’ve ever seen? Comment and let us know, or tag us in your pics on Facebook and Instagram for the chance to get them featured.
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Monday, July 10, 2017

Born Free 9: A Russ Brown Guest Feature

By Staci Wilt

If you haven’t been, you’ve probably at the very least heard of the motorcycle mecca that is the Born Free Motorcycle Show, held annually in Southern California’s Santiago Canyon. The event started out as a small chopper gathering in the streets of LA, catering to a few hundred spectators, and has grown into a weekend long event with over 30,000 attendees and counting. With Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys as Title Sponsor in BF’s ninth year, it’s clear that the event is no longer a grass-roots-driven chopper-only event, but a bucket list destination for any motorcycle enthusiast who appreciates the DIY idealism behind building a custom motorcycle, but also the community that keeps this custom culture alive.

A weekend at the Born Free show grounds can be described a number of ways. With no cell service and the chic moto fashion abundant, it’s almost like a step back in time to the chopper days of the 70’s. Despite the 100+ degree heat over the weekend, vendors and spectators made sure to make the best of it. Water guns were hidden in most of the vendor booths, choppers made their way into kiddie pools to create temporary exhaust-driven swamp coolers, dozens tried out the dunk tank, and the famous Loser Machine boob kegs poured PBR’s for hours on end. Dumptruck and crew could be found in their speedos, assaulting the eyes of those who braved to stare at their attire for the day. If there’s a simple way to put it: Born Free is a giant motorcycle party with you and thousands of the closest friends you didn’t know you had. This isn’t your typical motorcycle gathering and/or “rally.”

As if people-watching isn’t enough entertainment, the Born Free team organizes plenty of events throughout the day to ensure there’s never a dull moment. Although the Wall of Death wasn’t set up this year, the Vans crew built a two-story half pipe and invited dozens of pro skaters, including legends like Steve Caballero, to entertain the crowds. Between bands playing on two stages, bike giveaways, and the shopping spree that is the wild array of vendor booths, there’s plenty to see and do over the two days at the show.

The ninth year brought in not only a plethora of hand built choppers, but also dozens of modern customized machines, thanks to the San Diego Customs FXR & Dyna Shows over the weekend. Performance built is the new period correct, and the show was proof of that. Blood, sweat, and cases of beers were probably destroyed in the making of these bikes. Whether you approve of the integration of the modern moto-builds or not, there’s one thing everyone can agree on: there wasn’t a shortage in creativity in this year’s showgrounds.

If you haven’t been to the “motorcycle mecca” yet, now’s the time to add it to your calendar for 2018. Get your water guns and speedos/camera ready, because the 10th annual Born Free Show is guaranteed to be one for the books.

Photo’s Provided by: Dean Mason & Russ Brown's BAM Team
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