Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Insane MX Tricks You've Got to See to Believe...

They say seeing is believing,
and these trial tricks through the Red Bull factory have us doing double takes... 
Check it out! Can you believe this?

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Meet the Winner of Russ Brown's 2016 Indian Chief Bike Giveaway!

Special Report from Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys:
May 22, 2017              By Erika Brown

If you've been following Russ Brown for any amount of time, you'll be familiar with our penchant for giving away bikes. Several times throughout the year, we give new BAM members the opportunity to win a new ride, just for signing up for our roadside assistance program. Earlier this fall, we had a new winner "first." 
When Chuck Koro pulled Diana Reyes' name to be the winner of a spankin' new 2016 Indian Chief, we discovered that she would be our third lucky female rider, but the first ever winner from California!

When we initially crossed paths with Diana and her all-female club, The Lost Girls, it was at the Hollister Independence Rally last summer. Started in 2005 under the impetus to “empower and encourage female riders,” every year The Lost Girls ride to raise money for their local hospital to help pay for mammograms and breast cancer care needs for the uninsured.


Months later we were able to present Diana with her new bike onstage at the Dave Mann Chopperfest in Ventura. 
If you ask Diana, she’ll say “It was the Best Day ever and I will be telling this story forever. Thank you Russ Brown...

Currently, we are giving away a 2017 Victory Octane, so to be our next winner sign up for BAM or if you’re already a BAM member, email to update your information and you will be entered to win! Sign up today!

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Monday, May 08, 2017

10 of This Year's Must-Have Moto Accessories

10 of This Year's Must-Have Moto Accessories

No matter your age, gender, or what type of motorcycle you ride, there’s one thing you can be sure of - accessories are sometimes what makes or breaks the riding experience. We’ve compiled our list of the top ten accessories to keep your eyes on this year, covering the features that make them unique, and just why they are so worthy of high ratings and popularity.


This lightweight helmet from Bell is not only seek and straightforward, but also comes with an adjustable flow ventilation system. The wind collar is padded for comfort, and the shield has a commendable ability to resist UV rays and scratching. Also providing anti-fog features, this specific helmet model has been recommended for years, and for good reason- it works.
         Image source: Revzilla

amazon sunglasses.PNGIt seems far too often that motorcyclists buy eyewear for riding, but jip themselves by settling for low-quality shades. It’s important to remember that with a good, quality pair of sunglasses, you won’t have to be repurchasing new ones every couple of months- they’ll be good for years.

These Torege glasses block 100% of UVA/UVB rays and are not only light resistant, but also scratch and water resistant, all the while remaining noticeably lightweight. A bonus? They come in countless different colors and designs, making them fitting for any rider’s style.

  1. Navigation Systems: Garmin Zumo 590LM

garmin zumo.jpgOftentimes, riders seem to think they’ll be able to get away with simply using an app on their phones to navigate and utilize maps. However, nav systems that fit properly into a your console are both safer and much more efficient when it comes to bringing you what you truly want and need: a system that provides both the best travel routes and tips to better your riding experience (i.e., finding the most enjoyable, twisting roads).

This particular Garmin system is completely sunlight readable and one of the most durable we’ve seen, with a water rating of IPX7. Click here to view our recent post on the top 3 rated motorcycle navigation systems for 2017.

No matter what time of year it is, you can never go wrong having a go-to, classic jacket on hand. This Joe Rocket Classic 92’ is exactly that, too -- a classic. The collar is neoprene-lined, and the cuffs are fully adjustable. The design comes with six pockets for storage in total, as well as a zip-in liner that you can easily apply during the colder months.

icon pursuit stealth gloves.jpg

Made of full sheepskin leather and with protective ‘knuckle armor,’ these gloves are touchscreen reactive, enabling you to access and utilize your nav systems without the extra hassle of removing their gloves. Expandable with a number of closures to provide personalized comfort and tightness, perforations in the fingertips allow for heightened airflow, keeping your hands remain cool and comfortable.

tourmaster boots.jpgThese durable, sleek boots truly live up to their ‘epic’ name, manufactured with everything a rider could want in a boot and more. Tested to support high densities, resist oil and petrol, and fight water damage with breathable fabrics, the leather these kicks are made with is incredibly abrasion-resistant. Even available in wide-sizing, we highly recommend you at least give these a try, no matter what your shoe size or go-to style.

  1. Tires:
While a number of different types of tires should be considered when shopping for your bike, we found two sets in particular that we thought incredibly important to note when it comes to continued praiseworthiness. We’ve separated them by front and rear tires:

sportec.jpgThis Sportec tire provides the ultimate ride for sportbike riders. Thriving in all temperatures and weather conditions, this tire’s longitudinal grooves make for not only enhanced stability on varied terrain, but also increase acceleration thrust. No matter what environment you’re trying to ride through, these tires enable them to truly feel the road, no matter what the surface conditions- all in all maintaining the utmost balance and control.                  

Intended for the utmost superbike lovers, these tires were designed with the Pirelli technology used in the World Superbike Championship, these tires provide full grip on mid-lean angles. The footprint area is substantial, garnering the ultimate experience in balance. If you’re looking for tires that merge full power experiences with heightened control, it shouldn’t take much to show you that these are the tires you need to stock up on.

pack talk.pngThis bluetooth system provides the ultimate experience for rider group communication- or, as they call it, ‘Pack Talk.’ Up to 15 riders can connect and communicate at a range of up to 5 miles, and the uits are able to connect to phones, MP3, FM radio, and more. Due to this gadget’s brilliant capabilities, it’s sure to be one of your next must-haves.

  1. Graphics Kits: Cycle Trader Rock River Yamaha Pro Team Graphics Kits

roost.jpgIf you’re into dirt biking (or are even just a big CTRRY team fan), then these packs could transform your ride. The kits cover everything from rear fenders to fork guards, and are completely personalizable to your liking as a rider.

  1. motochic.jpg
We couldn’t forget our female riders! MotoChic, a company that makes a number of products for female bikers, has designed a functional, attractive carrying bag for women to wear and take with them when they ride. This bag in particular, called “The Lauren,” can be worn as a backpack or a tote, and comes with a number of organizational pockets. Reflective panels on the item provide visibility on dark rides, and weather resistant materials make this bag marketable to any woman, no matter what your style is.

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