Thursday, February 23, 2017

News Alert: Motorcycle News Reports on Honda's V4 Superbike 2019 Unveiling

Recently, Motorcycle News reported on initial information about Honda's 2019 edition of the V4 Superbike, and its subsequent estimated unveiling and presentation. Apparently, engineers are already hard at work on the newest V4, and are aiming for its release to occur within the next 2 years.

Image credit: Motorcycle News

Motorcycle News described the new model incomparably well:

Scheduled to coincide with Honda's 70th anniversary, the new bike is planned to be a true V4 homologation special in the vein of the legendary RC30 and RC45.

With a semi-monocoque, cast-aluminum chassis (noted by MCN to mirror Ducati's Panigale) expected to cost much less than its hand-formed beam frame, the bike is still estimated to meet the 40,000 euro price cap it was originally projected to total.


Read the rest of MCN's article here and keep up-to-date with the latest on the 2019 V4, 
as well as countless other highly anticipated launches for the upcoming years!

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