Thursday, February 23, 2017

How one dog on a motorcycle turned a businessman's day around completely

*This post is reported based on content and information learned from a news report posted by Tristate Homepage. You can access and read the entirety of the article here, where the news about this heartwarming story was originally reported.*
Todd Veeck, a volunteer firefighter from Indiana, responded to a garage fire last Friday morning. It started out as a typical fire event- but once the smoke was controlled, and the firefighters safely recovered the homeowner's pets, they noticed something...
One of the dogs was not actually accounted for, and had remained in the burning garage. "After we realized the animal was in there I kind of thought, 'what if that was my dog? I couldn't imagine what [they were] going through," Veeck told reporter Jordan Vanderberge. 
The firefighter noted to news sources that he had seen a lot after years in the military, medical, and fire rescue arenas. But this particular event hit him pretty hard.
Later that day, however, as Veeck and his wife were driving home, his wife excitedly pointed something out to him. A small dog, sitting strapped to his owner's back on the rear of a motorcycle, was having the absolute time of his life.
Apparently, the dog - who goes by Finnegan - was even wearing goggles as he enjoyed his trip down the road with his human.
"It just made me laugh and kind of forget what I was thinking about earlier," Veeck told reporters.
He was so touched by the hilarious moment that he quickly posted to Facebook, offering the canine-human motorcycle duo a $50 gift card to get in touch with him. 
It didn't take long for the post to go viral. 
The owner- Michael Smith- eventually saw the post, and commented: 
"That is indeed my Finnegan. He loves to ride!! I will accept and match your [gift card] offer if you will allow me to donate it to It Takes A Village no kill shelter...Tell them Finnegan sent you!"
Without hesitation, Veeck accepted the terms of the agreement.
According to the article on Tristate Homepage, 5% of the profits from Veeck's business for the remainder of the month will be donated to the shelter.
As Vanderberge put it, "That's not too bad for what was once a bad day."

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