Monday, October 17, 2016

Motorcycle Safety Insight from Russ Brown Blog: Think Before You Drink

October 07, 2016 // By Kari Kempka - ABATE of Wisconsin Public Relations Director
Original Article from Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys

Motorcyclists have many factors to keep in mind while riding, balance, environment, road conditions, other drivers, animals running out on the road and so much more. Riding takes skill, concentration and focus. When a rider adds alcohol to the mix, the results can be deadly.
The Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles reported that alcohol and/or speed were the primary contributing factors in 56% of fatal single unit motorcycle crashes in 2012 and in 31% of all single motorcycle crashes. In 2013, 527 people were killed in all vehicle crashed with 35% in alcohol related crashes, 30% in speed related crashes and 15% in crashes that involved both speed and alcohol.
ABATE of Wisconsin Inc. wants all riders to “Think Before You Drink” when riders are out enjoying the beautiful summer weather and they share that responsibility with all motorist in Wisconsin. ABATE of Wisconsin’s larger events have motels nearby with shuttle service or offer free camping. They also promote peer to peer discussion if someone is under the influence allowing a clearer head to make the decision to stay off the road. All motorcycle enthusiasts need to be aware of the role alcohol plays in their riding ability. Many deaths could have been avoided if only the rider thought before they had too many drinks. No one’s life is worth a temporary buzz.
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liv said...

Most of human history has been built upon alcoholism. The fact that we know go flying around in lethal weapon under the influence is just going to get worse. We need a better transportation system, and motorcycles should come builtin with breathalyzer ignition disablers, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Safety is extremely important for all of us. You are right. Also, check this page.