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Introducing the WINNER of our YZ250F Giveaway!

By K. Hogge // October 28th, 2016 

As many of you know, we recently announced via Facebook the winner of our YZ250F giveaway in partnership with our race team, Rock River Yamaha, and Roost Motocross Graphics! The sweepstakes ran for eight months (January to August of this year), and out of nearly 25,000 entrants, Kyle Ross of Stillwater, Oklahoma was selected as the winner. Kyle won a 2016 Yamaha YZ250F Motocross Motorcycle and two VIP access tickets to the 2016 Monster Energy Cup, a prize package valued at approximately $15,000.

Early this month, Kyle was presented with his tickets to this year’s Monster Energy Cup, a motocross race in Las Vegas, NV on October 15th. 

As an active servicemember in the U.S. Army, however, Kyle could not attend the race, but decided to surprise his parents with the two tickets as an anniversary gift. Having grown up a motocross-loving family, the Ross’ were thrilled to take advantage of this experience.

Rock River Yamaha shipped the YZ250F to the Ross’ local airport, where Kyle’s father picked up the bike. “We can’t wait to get it home,” said Mr. Ross. Kyle's parents will be keeping the unit at home for Kyle until he completes his current service assignment.

We are incredibly excited that our giveaway winner turned out to be such a deserving individual, especially given his committed service to our country. His generous gesture to gift the tickets to his parents made this story all the more incredible to tell, and we’re definitely looking forward with enthusiasm to more giveaways like this in the future - stay tuned, folks!
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Moto Aloha: Motorcycle Touring on Oahu

Natural beauty and mechanized majesty along the Oahu coastline.

An original article from Rider Magazine
By Tim Kessel         October 10, 2016

Map of the route taken, by Bill Tipton/ recent years, life has afforded me more opportunities to travel outside of the logistical scope of my motorcycle. While my bike can’t fly with me, my love of riding always does. To satiate that desire to experience new places properly—that is, from the seat of a motorcycle—I have taken to renting a bike in any distant place I go.
My son’s Oahu, Hawaii, wedding trip was no exception. Since the love of motorcycles was passed directly to my male progeny, it was only logical that we share the experience. Obviously, a very cool place requires very cool motorcycles. 
Two special edition Triumph Bonnevilles fit the bill perfectly. I rented the striking Cranberry Red Newchurch Edition and the Caspian Blue T214 Land Speed Limited Edition. The T214, which is one of only 1,000 produced, may be one of the most visually striking Triumphs I have ever seen. The beautiful Bonnies seemed tailor-made for a ride on the island.
Round Top Drive offers a panoramic view of Honolulu that’s made even sweeter with a couple of stunning Triumphs in the foreground. (Photos by the author)
Mauka—To the Mountains
After securing the Triumphs, our immediate goal was to escape the traffic of Waikiki and venture into the mountains. Our first jaunt was the eastward ascent to the famed Nu’uanu Pali Lookout. The nicely winding road to the lookout was a great way for us to become acclimated to our retro-chic mounts, and the panoramic view to the windward side of the island was simply mind-blowing (no pun intended).
Our next leg was a result of Internet searches and island rider recommendations. Any motorcyclist diligently seeking the most winding and view-filled road on the island will ultimately end up on the amazing Round Top Drive. The road is a serpentine route through tropical splendor that repeatedly opens up, revealing staggering views of the Pacific beyond the Honolulu skyline and Diamond Head. The hairpin-rich road dates back to the early 1900s and is recognized on the National Register of Historic Places. Round Top Drive is now on my short list of favorite motorcycle roads.
Lua pele—In Volcanic Shadows
After our stint in the mountains, we returned through the bustle of Honolulu toward the southern tip of the island. As we left the heaviest of the traffic behind, the deep blue water off the southern tip of Oahu sparkled on the horizon and we rode in the shadow of Diamond Head. The dramatic volcanic cone is the signature landform in southern Oahu.
We headed east on the Kalanianaole Highway, which skirts the ocean and is carved into the jagged volcanic rocks that define this portion of the island. The surf pounds, sprays and sculpts the rugged coastline in a dynamic display of nature’s power. The deep blue Pacific contrasted with the blackened, long-cooled magma is almost visual overload.
The author’s son gets his first look at the windward side of the island.

As we continued toward the windward side of the island on the Kalanianaole Highway, the volcanic cliffs began to give way to white sand beaches. The southern tip of Oahu is a beautiful departure from the lush tropical overgrowth of much of the rest of the island and the road is a pleasant mix of long, sweeping corners.

The ride along the rocky southern tip of the island leaves no doubt of the power of the Pacific.

Wahine—Joining the Women
We found the road on the southeastern edge of the island to be a smooth and fun series of sweeping turns flanking the Pacific. We made the short northward ride to Kailua to pick up my son’s wife of three days and my wife of more than three decades. We would ride two-up for the rest of the tour. The torquey Triumphs handled the additional passengers nicely and the overall aesthetics of the Bonnevilles was greatly enhanced by our pillion partners.
The grand Tetsuo Harano Tunnel cuts through the island’s defining mountain range.
I generally make every effort to avoid major highways anytime I am on two wheels. However, Oahu boasts one of the most beautiful highways I have ever seen. Interstate H-3, which is the island’s major east/west thoroughfare, is like something straight out of Jurassic Park. On the ride west on H-3 we rolled beneath towering tropical trees and rugged mountain slopes. A highlight of the ride was motoring through the impressive Tetsuo Harano Tunnel, which carves through the Ko‘olau Range for nearly a mile. The weather change from the eastern mouth of the tunnel to what we experienced emerging to the west was truly amazing. We entered the tunnel to wind and clouds and exited to a clear blue sky and calm air. The locals say this extreme change is the rule rather than the exception. The mountain range is both a geographical and an environmental transition zone.

Military history is everywhere on the island, with the most powerful display resting at Pearl Harbor.

After the short, beautiful ride on H-3, we made our way to Pearl Harbor. My father was a WWII veteran who served in the Navy in the South Pacific, and I found the memorial to be a deeply touching experience. It was certainly worth the fight through the north Honolulu traffic. After the visit, we continued north on Interstate H-2, passing by military installations and cutting through several agricultural regions. This part of the ride was notably less tropical than what we had just experienced on H-3. When H-2 became the Kamehameha Highway (State Route 99), we found the impressive Dole Plantation offered up pineapple-centric family fun.
It’s virtually impossible to resist multiple photo stops along the route.

Kai pi‘i—Big Waves of the North Shore
As we rolled toward the famed Oahu North Shore, we sensed the power and unpredictability of the region. The waves were bigger, the wind was stiffer and the weather was a true mixed bag. A stop at Mokuleia Beach Park afforded us a close-up look at the huge, breaking surf. It was an impressive and intimidating display. Back on the Triumphs after the park visit, the weather turned. We were stung with a misty rain that soaked us to the core. However, as abruptly as it started, the rain ceased and the sun emerged. That cycle of wet and dry would be the rule of the road for the remainder of our North Shore ride. At this point, we were also coming to terms with the fact that the wind always blows on the island and naked Bonnevilles offer no modicum of protection from the blast. To our delight, our ride past the famous Turtle Bay and later the Polynesian Cultural Center was backlit by the warming rays of the sun.
After our miles of intermittent rain and sun it was time for a rest and a little sustenance. We stopped at North Shore Tacos in Hau’ula to sample the local fish and discuss the plan for the last leg of our Oahu tour. The fish tacos were tasty and the map indicated that our final stretch of the tour would trace the coast for miles.
The author’s wife, son, and his son’s new bride look out over the North Shore surf.
Ko’olau—Return to the Windward Side
Leaving the North Shore spelled the last of the rain. This final leg of our ride embodied the universal perception of the 50th state. The sweeping coastal road skirted the blue waters of the Pacific to our clutch hand and tropical foliage in all hues of green to our throttle hand. Traffic was notably lighter on the east coast of Oahu than in and around Honolulu, and the ride was relaxing and spectacular. Like everywhere on the island, it’s important to watch for animals (chickens and other fowl roam wild) as well as side-road traffic.
Back in Kailua, we walked the pristine white-sand beaches and commented on how sedate and welcoming the ocean was compared to the massive North Shore breakers. Later we hiked the hills to the fortified WWII military “pill boxes” that dot the coastal slopes. The historical concrete gunnery boxes overlook some of the most beautiful views in the world. Like any great tour, the off-bike activities add even more texture to the visit.
A tour of Oahu reveals the island’s rich history and culturally diverse society. The natural beauty is unparalleled, and in my humble opinion, best seen from the saddle of a motorcycle. Of course, Hawaii affords year-round riding; however the quickly changing weather necessitates some careful gear planning.
Careful research is vital when deciding on a motorcycle rental company. Well-maintained, modern motorcycles make for a trouble-free tour, and online reviews are a great starting point in locating a reputable rental source. Chase Hawaii Rentals in Waikiki lived up to the positive reputation the company has garnered. The Triumphs we rented were spotless and well tuned, and the staff has a wealth of information on motorcycle riding  on the island. Visit
Visit Rider Magazine for more touring information, bike and gear reviews, industry news, and more!
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Cycle Trader’s Challenge for the Kids launched throughout the month of September, and encouraged riders to get out on the road and log their traveled miles in Rever, a newly launched app that brings motorcycle enthusiasts together like never before. Similar to other map-based mobile apps that track an individual's covered distances, Rever lets riders plan, record and share their trips with other riders. The platform also partnered with Ride for Kidsa nonprofit organization sponsoring motorcycle rally events all over the country to raise money for pediatric brain tumor research.

The challenge ran throughout the month of September, with the goal of reaching 250,000 total miles logged by motorcyclists in the app by the end of the month. Enthusiasts surpassed the goal by September 19th, and continued to ride and log their miles throughout the month. In the end, the program achieved over 380,000 miles and 4,695 rides by the 30th of September. 

As a result, Cycle Trader will provide funding for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation to award scholarships to three childhood brain tumor survivors.

“The PBTF is honored to be a recipient of this generous challenge,” said Tiffany Armstrong, VP of Campaign Development for Ride for Kids.  “Cycle Trader has been a wonderful partner in promoting our Ride for Kids program, the longest running charity motorcycle event in the country, and their further investment in our scholarship program is deeply appreciated.”

Justin Bradshaw, Co-Founder of Rever, was just as enthusiastic. "We were very excited about working with Cycle Trader and Ride for Kids on this challenge," said Rever Co-Founder, Justin Bradshaw. "This was an incredible opportunity to engage with the motorcycle riding community and focus on a common cause that has a huge impact on kids' lives."
"That's a powerful thing, and something we are proud to be a part of." Justin Bradshaw, Rever Co-Founder
With millions of riders on our site each month, we encouraged our Cycle Trader fans to join the challenge and really help make a difference in the lives of these children. The Rever app is an incredible tool for keeping track of rides and logging miles - and, with it, we were able to bring people together to support a noble cause. For everyone participating, no matter where you are or what you ride, it was a win-win. 

From all of us at Cycle Trader, as well as the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and Ride for Kids, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for using your passion to help us create such a wonderful charity program! We can't wait to see the results that similar challenges like this bring us in the future. We knew we would do well, but the cycle community blew the challenge out of the water. We are so glad that we are now able to donate these college scholarships to such deserving children, all because of motorcyclists getting on their bikes and logging their miles.

Thank you to all the riders who participated nationwide in the challenge, and we encourage everyone to continue to get out and ride!

The Rever app is available for download on both iTunes and Google Play.
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Five Hot 50/50 Adventure Tires of 2016


Picking the best dual sport tires for your bike requires the ability to anticipate where most of your riding will take place while respecting the limitations of the tire. Adventure bikes are versatile machines that are designed to be capable on most surfaces. While a skilled rider can take a bike almost anywhere with nearly any tire, for most novices, tires are generally the deciding factor that determine where a bike can go.
There's a trade-off with dual sport tires. What we gain in off road traction, we loose in tarmac performance, and vice versa. Manufacturers normally rate dual sports tires for both road and off-road use, and the ones that perform equally as good on road as they do off are called 50/50 tires. 
2016 saw even more offerings in this rising tire category. As such, knowing which dual sport tire meets your personal riding style can take some testing. Proven models like Continental’s popular TKC80 will fit most riders' needs, but many other brands compare well and can be more budget-friendly.  The following is a list of Five Hot 50/50s for 2016 with their unique features and advantages.  
This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all 50/50 tires and we welcome input on your favorite tire(s) in the comments section. Read the full article on ADVMoto today!
MotoZ's Tractionators are among the newer DOT-approved dual sports models, and in some ways these are the direct rivals of Continental’s well-regarded TKC80s. Users report that these tires are great for off-road use.
tractionatorThe Tractionators come in a range sizes that fit 21/18 wheels. They are built with either bias-ply or bias-belt carcasses, depending on the size. The aggressive tread is designed for good off-road performance, with blocky patterns that grip nicely on dirt and rocky ground. To make this configuration ride as well on roads, the tires have all-natural rubber construction with a rounded profile for good cornering on asphalt. This design rolls quietly and smoothly on every kind of hard surface and as well as confidently on the trail. Users are getting about 5,000 miles out of their rear tires.
With MotoZ’s designers focused on off-road performance. While the Tractionators excel off road, you won’t be compromising much with these if you’ll be racking most of your miles on roads. Motorcyclists who live far from their stomping grounds can easily justify the general performance of these tires.
PROS                                     CONS

 Durable natural-rubber compound. Best on hard and dry surfaces.
 Composite deep treads optimized for cornering.▼ Lacks sidewall marks for DIY mounting and balancing.
 Great traction on all surfaces.▼ Wears bares in around 5,000 miles or so.
▲ Quiet and smooth on pavement
The Michelin Anakee Wild is one of the best handling 50/50 tires around. It is a tire that performs best on dirt but also rolls and corners as well as a street tire. Much of its design advantage is found in its radial construction and offset curved block pattern. The Anakee Wild can roll as smoothly as most street models and remain as long lasting, yet hit the trails with a surefootedness second to none.
anakeeThe alternating knob patterns act to make the tire more rigid while teeth channels work to pass fluids and debris picked up from the ground. Large center blocks create a contact patch that results in stability, especially when carving down inclines. The front tire tracks through sand efficiently and its grooved rubber gains better traction in the wet, on dirt or mud.
Anakee Wilds are radials that come in a short range of sizes that fit 19/17 wheels. Their quality is shown in the carcass construction and block reinforcements, details that attest to the level of engineering involved.
It is not uncommon for owners to report 5,000 miles off their rears on loaded bikes. The Anakee Wilds have slightly better traction on uneven terrain at lower speeds and are acquiring a considerable reputation as great sports adventure tires. They are the current favorite of many, and the likely pick of those who spend a considerable amount of time off the asphalt.
Check out ADVMoto's full review of the Michelin Anakee Wild!



 Alternating knob pattern has great grip. Lots of road noise.
 Muddy and gravelly water shed through teeth channels.▼ Slightly less on-road traction at lower speeds.
 Block ridges on outer knobs work for stable cornering.
  Radial durability and wear resistance, tubeless available.
Where to Buy:
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There is no tire that’s can work perfectly in every condition, but the hybrid radial/bias-ply Mitas E-10 scores high marks for both on and off road traction as well as tread life. The well-balanced profile justifies its 50/50 dual-sport labeling and then some.

On trails, the aggressive tread and soft compound work to grip loose dirt, inspiring confidence. In most trail conditions, The E-10 shows off its design advantages through traction and agility, offering great maneuverability when navigating through loose and rocky terrain. The tough sidewall of the upgraded Dakar model further protects the rim from the occasional pinch flat in the event of hard-edged side impacts.

Coming in a range of 17”, 18”, 19”, and 21-inch sizes, the E-10 outclasses most dual sport models optimized for the street. In wet situations, its limitations are reached quickly, but it generally performs well on both dry pavement and dirt. The Mitas E-10 is the best overall choice for bikers who want a 50/50 tire and travel long distances on asphalt.



 Big block thread is optimized for all surfaces. Does not quite match knobbier tires in off-road performance.
 Durable radial/bias-ply hybrid wears well on roads.▼ On wet roads the narrower patterns reach their limits.
 Dakar-model sidewall offers more puncture-resistance, tubeless available ▼ Somewhat noisier on-road than chunky competitors.
 Where to Buy:
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shinkoShinko’s tread pattern follows a strategy similar to the Continental TKC80’s. The knobs of these DOT-approved models feature blocky protrusions for better grip on off-road surfaces, yet the profile is low enough for good performance on the highway. 
The bias-ply sidewall construction works for better cornering by increasing rigidity, making the tire stable while cornering and giving the rider ample feedback.
Through mud and sand the Shinkos act like paddles. While excelling off road, the 804/805's deliver great road mileage. These tires are best for bikers who like to cruise sweeping roads on the way to the trails.

The Shinko 804/805's feature higher load and speed ratings with a tube-less option, making them an excellent choice for bigger adventure bikes like BMW's R1200GSShinko offers sizes that fit 17”, 18”, 19”, and 21-inch rims, and are the budget pick as they offer good value for the money.



 Aggressive treads with self-cleaning design. Optimized more for road mileage than performance.
 Street-focused design for stable cornering.▼ Can have tight front fender clearance with some bikes.
 Handles smoothly on pavement.
  Inexpensive 50/50 performance, tube-less available.
Where to Buy:
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veerubberThe Vee Rubber VRM-401 tires are light compared to their rivals due to their Kevlar-belt construction, which is good for heavier loads and bigger engines. Large spacing between knobs help these tires shed mud and water easily. The front’s round crown helps for better cornering on and off road and the rear does not sway or chase pavement cracks at speed.

With its aggressive tread composed of multifaceted blocks, the front hooks up nicely with gravelly and sandy surfaces, although it’s still a knobby tire that requires bikers to be cautious while riding on wet asphalt.

The VRM-401s are designed for larger bikes and come in 17”, 18”, 19”, and 21-inch sizes to match. Like the Mitas, the 401s are good all-around tires with a slight emphasis on off-road handling. These should be a confident pick for bikers on long and even transcontinental tours.
Check out ADVMoto's full review of the Vee Rubber VRM401!



 Alternate block facets produce good traction. Low mileage with heavy use.
 Stronger and stiffer sidewall.▼ Larger sizes can be hard to seat on rims.
 Quiet on the road.
Chunky tires for go-anywhere bikes

The fact is that picking a dual sport tire depends as much on your personal preferences as on the situations you normally find yourself in. Some bikers believe that knobbier tires generally tend to less traction and cornering ability on slick roads than regular tires, but these 50/50s mostly prove the exception. You should always ride according to your own limits, whatever you choose.

With a growing variety of options available, you can find a pair of dual sports that best meets your budget and handles well on the types of terrain you encounter the most.

Author Biography

Lucas Knight has spent the last 10 years developing his riding skills and working with motorcycles and enthusiasts alike. He's built up an incredible passion for travelling by motorbike and wishes show his devotion by contributing to the motorcyclist community. 
Lucas's turns his knowledge and experience into useful and interesting information for the motorcycle lover.
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Motorcycle Safety Insight from Russ Brown Blog: Think Before You Drink

October 07, 2016 // By Kari Kempka - ABATE of Wisconsin Public Relations Director
Original Article from Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys

Motorcyclists have many factors to keep in mind while riding, balance, environment, road conditions, other drivers, animals running out on the road and so much more. Riding takes skill, concentration and focus. When a rider adds alcohol to the mix, the results can be deadly.
The Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles reported that alcohol and/or speed were the primary contributing factors in 56% of fatal single unit motorcycle crashes in 2012 and in 31% of all single motorcycle crashes. In 2013, 527 people were killed in all vehicle crashed with 35% in alcohol related crashes, 30% in speed related crashes and 15% in crashes that involved both speed and alcohol.
ABATE of Wisconsin Inc. wants all riders to “Think Before You Drink” when riders are out enjoying the beautiful summer weather and they share that responsibility with all motorist in Wisconsin. ABATE of Wisconsin’s larger events have motels nearby with shuttle service or offer free camping. They also promote peer to peer discussion if someone is under the influence allowing a clearer head to make the decision to stay off the road. All motorcycle enthusiasts need to be aware of the role alcohol plays in their riding ability. Many deaths could have been avoided if only the rider thought before they had too many drinks. No one’s life is worth a temporary buzz.
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Report from Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys: Majority of Veterans Motorcycle Clubs Denied Access to Public Accommodations

September 27th, 2016
By David "Double D." Devereaux for Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys

Bobby Colella served in the infantry for 21 years and spent much of that time overseas helping protect citizens of other countries from threats of brutal dictators. He fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 05-06, in Ramadi and Fallujah, and Baqubah in 07-08. Bobby says, 

"I know I was forfeiting my personal freedoms as an American to protect and serve our civil liberties and freedoms on the home front - and like many of you, it was a sacrifice I was willing to make for the greater good of our nation."

Upon leaving the Army in November 2010, Bobby found himself trying to find his place in society. He met and joined the Bikers for Christ Motorcycle Ministry, where the paster was a Vietnam veteran that Bobby easily connected with. Soon after becoming a member, Bobby and his pastor were denied entrance to a motorcycle event because they were wearing motorcycle colors. Bobby was shocked, describing 'a moment of enlightenment' that came in the form of a simple 'No Colors' sign...

I was denied access to an event simply for what I was wearing. It turns out that the freedom I thought I was fighting for was a myth, especially when it came to the First Amendment and freedom to express yourself...This wasn't the America I fought for, and it certainly wasn't the America our brothers, fathers, uncles and friends fought and died for either.

Unfortunately, Bobby's experience is not unique among returning veterans. In fact, a majority of Veteran motorcycle club members have been denied access to public accommodations in this way at home after devoting themselves to fighting for the freedom of expression and association. According to the NMPS, there are an estimated 934,000 members of Veterans motorcycle clubs, and almost every motorcycle clubs has veterans - even if they are not a military club.

According to the National Motorcycle Profiling Survey 2015-16, a majority of members of military Veteran motorcycle clubs have been denied access to public accommodations, both private and publicly owned. Veteran clubs have also been the victim of massive police surveillance at public events, many being harassed. Some events involving Veterans have even been completely shut down.

The statistics are shocking.

Click here to read all about this epidemic on the Russ Brown blog!

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