Thursday, September 29, 2016

Yes, your dealership needs to go mobile - now. Expert explains and simplifies the role of mobile advertising in the powersports industry

This week, PowerSports Business published an incredibly valuable article for powersports and motorcycle dealers by mobile industry expert Ron Cariker. Pointing out the obvious overwhelm that can be pushed onto dealerships when they're told that they'll fail without a digitized mobile presence, Cariker decided it was time to take a step back.

"Of course you advertise and market your dealership. But you'd be surprised how little some dealers invest in promotions. But it's not the quantity that matters as much as the quality."

It was quickly acknowledged that of course traditional advertising and marketing strategies work, and they work well - and they've done so for years. But consider this about consumers before you continue reading....

86% of consumers in this industry research extensively online before they visit a dealership.

And now, with more than 92% of Americans own a cell phone, mobile platforms offer an on-the-go, additional way for these consumers to search and browse units online.

Given these statistics from the past couple years, and minding the fact that these projections are only expected to grow within the next few years, Cariker's article proves one incredibly valuable to dealers from all locations, of all sizes, and with all customer demographics.

The biggest thing right now = applying strong, classic advertising practices to the mobile sphere. In the article, you'll find a simplified explanation and rundown of some of the best tips on how to integrate these success-driving strategies to mobile audiences. Check it out- a great read, and great advice from a prominent mobile industry professional!

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