Friday, September 30, 2016

ADV Moto Test Rides the 2016 Africa Twin

Yet again, ADV Moto has come out with an awesome new review on Honda's 2016 model of the Africa Twin. We've shared some of expert motorcycle journalist Scotty Breauxman's pros and cons about the bike and a taste of his thoughts on how it rides - but you've GOT to visit ADV Moto's page and read the whole article. Talk about on point. Not just helpful, but honest and super in-depth- which is what we all know we need when it comes to deciding what our next big bike purchase is going to be. 

Click here to visit ADV Moto's article on the Africa Twin for 2016!



 Sturdy suspension and wheels Good luck getting one this year
 Narrow profile feels more like a dirtbike Obnoxiously undersized footpegs
 Game changing DCT option

Let’s get straight to the point: The CRF 1000L “Africa Twin” has been so highly anticipated as the next standard of adventure that Big Red has no choice but to raise the bar for BMWKTM and the others. Honda has come with their A-game and the final verdict may be surprising to riders of all skill levels and taste: I’ll take the DCT (Automatic) Dual Clutch Transmission model as the “do-it-all” adventure steed. Before we tried it in the dirt, the DCT model was dismissed as the intro/beginner model for newbies. After switching back and forth between the 2 models, we found the DCT to be more manageable, safer and fun to operate than its manual sibling.

The DCT is actually a "net" higher performance machine whose transmission resembles a Porsche or Ferrari.  With its left-side finger and thumb controlled "paddle shifting", the rider can override the automatic mode with subtle push-button up and down gear changes.  Don't kid around, the standard model is a sturdy beast but the DCT is on another level.  It takes a little bit of getting used to and riders will find themselves reaching for foot and hand levers for the first few miles.  But after acclimating to the DCT system, the rider is relieved of using mind and motor skills on shifting and can focus more attention on line selection, throttle and braking.

Read ADV Moto's FULL REVIEW of Honda's new Africa Twin!

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First Ride Review from Rider Magazine: 2017 Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight Touring Bikes

By Greg Drevenstedt Rider Magazine            September 08, 2016

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Yes, your dealership needs to go mobile - now. Expert explains and simplifies the role of mobile advertising in the powersports industry

This week, PowerSports Business published an incredibly valuable article for powersports and motorcycle dealers by mobile industry expert Ron Cariker. Pointing out the obvious overwhelm that can be pushed onto dealerships when they're told that they'll fail without a digitized mobile presence, Cariker decided it was time to take a step back.

"Of course you advertise and market your dealership. But you'd be surprised how little some dealers invest in promotions. But it's not the quantity that matters as much as the quality."

It was quickly acknowledged that of course traditional advertising and marketing strategies work, and they work well - and they've done so for years. But consider this about consumers before you continue reading....

86% of consumers in this industry research extensively online before they visit a dealership.

And now, with more than 92% of Americans own a cell phone, mobile platforms offer an on-the-go, additional way for these consumers to search and browse units online.

Given these statistics from the past couple years, and minding the fact that these projections are only expected to grow within the next few years, Cariker's article proves one incredibly valuable to dealers from all locations, of all sizes, and with all customer demographics.

The biggest thing right now = applying strong, classic advertising practices to the mobile sphere. In the article, you'll find a simplified explanation and rundown of some of the best tips on how to integrate these success-driving strategies to mobile audiences. Check it out- a great read, and great advice from a prominent mobile industry professional!

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Motorcyclist Magazine announces 2016 Motorcycle of the Year award winners

2016 MOTY Awards

Motorcyclist Magazine, a publication produced for riders for over a century, recently announced the winners of their 2016 Motorcycle of the Year Awards. The distinction recognizes some of the best and most innovative new models, technologies, and individuals on the market. The selection of winners by the Motorcyclist staff requires careful attention to a number of vehicle and industry factors, including culture shifts, sport advancements, industry changes and fluctuations, and people, companies, and organizations who have contributed to the further development of motorcycling as a whole. This year's awards crowned the following titles to deserving winners, including Motorcycle of the Year, Best New Technology, Motorcyclist of the Year, and many, many more.

Below we've shared just a few of Motorcyclist's top picks for 2016- check out their website and see for yourself who won this year! 

Motorcycle of the Year - Triumph Street Twin

2016 Triumph Street Twin

Best Sportbike - Yamaha YZF-RI

2016 Yamaha YZF-R1

Best Touring Bike - Indian Roadmaster

2016 Indian Roadmaster

Best Bang for the Buck - Yamaha FZ07

2016 Yamaha FZ07

Best Dreambike - Honda RC213V-S

2016 Honda RC213V-S

Want the full list? Keep reading to find out who took this year's top picks. Congrats to this year's winning bikes, individuals and innovations from all of us here at Cycle Trader!

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