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3 Tips to Optimize Your Motorcycle Dealership SEO and SEM

Whether you're a first time owner of a motorcycle dealership or an experienced leader of a regional chain, good search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) can boost your bottom line; however, the algorithms used by Google and other major search engines are constantly changing, and that means today's SEO playbook has little in common with the SEO habits of earlier years.
Here's what you need to know about how to make an impact and sell motorcycles online.

1. Understand Your Market

Your market is your most important guide when crafting your SEO. For motorcycle dealerships, the most important question is whether you're a purely local establishment or a regional presence. If the customers who typically buy a bike from your store are all in-town, there's no sense wasting effort trying to market to other areas (unless you want to expand), but if your customer base is regional, you should make sure to factor that into your keyword and content choices.
Make sure keywords related to your market's towns and notable locations are mentioned on your site.

2. Don't "Keyword Stuff," But Choose Strong Content

In the early days of internet search engines, keywords were the only way to increase your search rankings. In response, webmasters began overusing keywords, even going so far as to include streams of invisible keyword text at the bottom of every page. Since then, search engines have implemented a variety of means for detecting and punishing pages that exhibit "keyword stuffing."
To avoid getting flagged as a keywordstuffer, never go out of your way to pepper your site with keywords. The best way to get your page noticed is to provide compelling content that encourages visitors to read it and share it with their friends and family. If your site is about motorcycles and written by and for motorcycle fans, then the search engines will notice, no stuffing required.
If you think your motorcycle listings and other product information can't meet this need by themselves, don't hesitate to start a store blog. A blog that's written by somebody with expert knowledge of motorcycles--and is noticed and shared by your customers because of it--can be a great way to drive high quality traffic to your site, and your search rankings will improve accordingly.

3. Connect With Customers and Highlight Customer-Generated Content

The current name of the game in SEO is high value links, and search engine algorithms put the highest value on direct grass roots referrals. For your purposes, that means social media and word-of-mouth engagement with your customers. A visitor who navigated to your site by clicking on a direct link from their social media feed is the current gold standard for search rankings.
You should also use your customer's content whenever possible to meet your SEO needs. Reviews are a great example, especially if you highlight your favorites on the product page. That text is now considered an integral part of the page by search engines, and since it's written by a real person expressing real opinions, the search engine algorithm is likely to consider it high value content.

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BMW reaches record sales numbers in 2015

BMW Motorrad once again sold significantly more motorcycles and maxi scooters in 2015 than in the previous year. This means that the motorcycle segment of the BMW Group has achieved a new all-time sales high for the fifth time in succession. With a total of 136,963 vehicles sold (prev. yr.: 123,495 units), the most successful premium manufacturer of motorcycles and maxi scooters supplied 10.9 percent more vehicles last year than in 2014. In the month of December, too, sales increased by 6.6 percent to a new record figure of 7,497 units (previous year: 7,032 units).
BMW Motorrad experienced growth in all markets worldwide and was the market leader in 26 countries in the premium segment of motorcycles over 500 cc. The markets of North America and Europe made the biggest contribution to the increase in sales.
The blue-and-white brand's biggest single market in 2015 was once again Germany. 23,823 vehicles remained in the home market, in other words some 17.4 percent of total sales. With a share of more than 25 percent, BMW Motorrad was once again the market leader. The USA followed in second place with 16,501 vehicles sold. The largest single markets follow in the order of France (12,550 units), Italy (11,150 units), UK (8.200 units) and Spain (7,976 units).
Stephan Schaller, President BMW Motorrad: "We are able to look back on an exceptionally successful year. For the first time in the history of our company we supplied more than 135,000 BMW motorcycles and maxi scooters. I should like to thank our customers most sincerely for the enormous trust they have placed in BMW Motorrad."
With this repeated sales success, BMW Motorrad has moved considerably closer to achieving its 2020 sales target. As Schaller says: "Our aim for 2020 is to supply 200,000 vehicles to customers. The 2015 sales figure shows that our motorcycle strategy is taking effect. And based on this strategy we have a lot planned for the years to come. We will continue to consistently pursue our current model offensive in the premium segment over 500 cc, and we will be entering the capacity class under 500 cc with a genuine BMW machine this year - the G 310 R. In the medium term we shall be offering further innovative products in the area of urban mobility and electromobility. While continuing to extend our sales activities in existing markets, we shall also be penetrating new markets. Asia and South America are very much at the top of our list here. Our worldwide dealer network will grow significantly from the current figure of some 1,100 dealerships to a total of 1,500."
Stephan Schaller continues: "Our product and market offensive will be backed up by a repositioning of the BMW Motorrad brand. Under the brand claim "Make Life A Ride," we will be developing BMW Motorrad further to make it an emotional power brand — though without giving up our traditional qualities of innovation, safety and quality."
Water-cooled R 1200 GS is the most successful BMW motorcycle.
The largest contribution to the 2015 sales figure was made by the BMW R series with the hallmark boxer engine, accounting for a share of 73,357 vehicles or 53.6 percent. As has traditionally been the case, the most successful BMW motorcycle, the R 1200 GS (23,681 units) is followed by the other volume models, the R 1200 GS Adventure (18,011 units) and the R 1200 RT (10,955 units). Meanwhile the BMW R nineT has become a true cult bike, finishing fifth in the BMW ranking list in its second year of sales with 9,545 units sold. The roadster R 1200 R (6,951 units) and the new touring sports bike BMW R 1200 RS (4,208 units) are likewise demonstrating a pleasing development.
In the sporty BMW S-Series (S-Series total: 21,110 units), the supersports bike S 1000 RR has become the fourth most popular BMW motorcycle with 9,576 units sold. Together with the power roadster S 1000 R (6,473 units) and the adventure bike S 1000 XR (5,061 units) only launched in mid-2015, it has become a powerful pillar of the BMW model range.
The 2-cylinder mid-range models F 800 GS/GS Adventure (6,603 units / 4,129 units) and F 700 GS (6,282 units), as well as the F 800 R (5,971 units) and F 800 GT (2,631 units) likewise continue to enjoy a high level of popularity (F-Series total: 25,616 units). The sales figure for the innovative and luxurious travel motorcycles K 1600 GT, GTL and GTL Exclusive fitted with the BMW in-line 6-cylinder engine was 4,866.
In addition, the maxi scooters C 650 GT and C 600 Sport attracted a good response: 4,530 units were sold in the last year before their model change. Sales of the electrically powered scooter BMW C evolution remained on track with 957 units. This good acceptance among customers shows that BMW Motorrad chose the right approach by taking this first step in the direction of electromobility. 
A look ahead to 2016 for BMW Motorrad
Stephan Schaller: "From spring to summer 2015 we launched no less than five new models - the F 800 R, the S 1000 RR, the R 1200 R and RS and also the S 1000 XR. These made a crucial contribution to the sales success of BMW Motorrad." In the 2016 season, too, innovative and emotional vehicles will be added to the BMW Motorrad portfolio. Since the New Year got underway, the thoroughly revised C 650 maxi scooters have already become available on the market. In the second half of the year, these will be followed by the second model of the BMW Heritage world of experience, the new BMW R nineT Scrambler, as well as the first model of the capacity class under 500 cc, the new BMW G 310 R.
Stephan Schaller: "The signals we are getting from the markets are making us confident and optimistic. Motorcycles are clearly on an upward trend once again. There is a positive mood in the motorcycle markets of Europe and America. And we are intensifying our efforts in Asia, too — especially in China.
BMW Motorrad remains on course for growth. Our aim this year is to achieve a new all-time sales high once again so as to move even closer to our target of 200,000.
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Ducati debuts all-new XDiavel draXter concept bike at Motor Bike Expo

At the Motor Bike Expo of Verona (22-24 January) Ducati is exhibiting a further addition to its XDiavel cruiser world, the all-new draXter. This “concept bike” interprets the XDiavel world from a Drag-racing viewpoint. The project was developed by the Ducati Design Center's Advanced Design area, a section dedicated to exploring the future style and design concepts of Ducati motorcycles.
ducati2Their ideas and sketches have allowed the Ducati prototype department to come up with the draXter, starting from a standard production XDiavel. The beating heart of the draXter is that of an extreme dragster with premium racing componentry. The suspension and brakes are taken directly from the Panigale Superbike. This styling exercise has accentuated the lines and proportions of the XDiavel making them more extreme than ever and turning the draXter into a unique, breath-taking "racer".

The number 90 on the side of the Ducati draXter recalls the racing world, yet also pays homage to Ducati's 90th anniversary, being celebrated this year.
The draXter, like all the new XDiavel cruiser bikes, will be at the Motor Bike Expo, on the Ducati stand (Hall 4 Stand 23 C), until Sunday 24 January. In addition to the unprecedented concept bike and XDiavel and XDiavel S factory bikes, visitors will also be able to take a look at the brand's new Cruiser range of accessories and apparel.

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Take Good Care Of Your Heated Gear


Heated gear can give weeks—even months—of comfortable riding. At Eagle Leather, we think it’s worth every penny. But it isn’t cheap. And that means it’s worth your time to get the most benefit from your heated gear.
Your gear might include a jacket liner or vest, pants liners, heated insoles or socks, or heated gloves or glove liners. Old-fashioned heated gear relied on copper wires, which heat up due to resistance when electricity passes through them. Newer gear uses more sophisticated technology, such as Gerbing’s Microwire®. It’s lighter, more reliable, and more evenly distributes the heat.

Heated liners are meant to be worn under windproof top layers so the heat is retained and not blown away in the wind. What might not be so obvious is that you also need a layer of clothing between the heated gear and your skin. This layer doesn’t have to be thick. It serves two purposes: It can keep you from being burned if there’s a hot spot in your gear and it keeps the dirt and oils of your body off your heated gear.

Sandwiched as it is between the wind-proof outer layer and the inner layer, your gear will stay clean and daisy-fresh. Some riders can actually go years between washings. When you do wash your gear, keep it out of the washer and the dryer. Instead, wash it in cold water in the sink or in a tub using gentle hands and a mild soap like Woolite®, rinse it twice in clear, cold water, and then air dry.

Your gear is designed to put out a lot of heat—more than you’ll need most days. The gear is always on maximum output and can easily put out enough heat to make you really uncomfortable. So, get a heat controller, which controls the gear’s on and off switch. When you need just a warm-up, set the controller at its lowest setting and it will cycle every few seconds, keeping the gear off more than it’s on. Set the heat controller for higher temperatures and it will change the timing within the cycles so the gear is left on (heating) longer.

Unlike other gear, heated gloves are meant to be stand-alone, worn next to the skin without an outer layer. Such gloves have their own insulated layer, something thin and flexible such as Thinsulate™. Your heated jacket liner has clips at the cuff that connect to and power your gloves. If you don’t have a heated jacket or liner, you can get a Y-harness that will hang in your sleeves and carry power to the gloves.

Any heated gear must have the right fit. Your gear should be snug but not tight, leaving room under it for an extra layer (or at least a layer of air) between your skin and the gear. Your gear should be lightweight and limber, so you can stay agile on your motorcycle.

With the minimum of care, your investment in heated gear will last for years, giving you many weeks and many hundreds of miles of comfortable riding. Our well-trained staff at Eagle Leather can help you find the heated gear that’s right for you—with the right fit.
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