Monday, July 06, 2015

Save Your Paint With The Koda Key

The KodaKey is a new product that was inspired by key scratches around the ignition and tank. Why not wrap your motorcycle keys in leather to prevent them from scratching? That is exactly what the makers of the KodaKey have done and based on the following review, the results are amazing. Visit to buy yours today.

"I had a big problem, but after a friend recommended the KodaKey, my motorcycle life has been so much better.

The solution to the problem caused adverse effects as sometimes I would get locked out of my house, or even lose my motorcycle key from time to time. For years I have wished I could keep my other keys on my motorcycle key ring but I haven't found anything until I used the KodaKey.

The KodaKey allows me to have multiple keys on my key ring without scratching around the ignition. The way it is designed keeps the keys snug inside the leather and doesn't allow any movement from side to side around the ignition. Not only that, but also I haven't noticed any key rattle while on the road.
Other things I like about the KodaKey:
  • Stylish (100% genuine leather)
  • Easy to open magnetic snap
  • Holds up to six keys
I don't know why other companies didn't think of this first, but for the past 20 years, the KodaKey is exactly what I have been looking for.

After buying my first motorcycle 20 years ago, I soon saw that my other keys rattled and scratched around the ignition of my cruiser. Not wanting to devalue my motorcycle, I immediately took off my other keys and kept riding."
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