Thursday, June 11, 2015

PWC Race Series Kicks Off Third Season

P1 AquaX USA, the organization behind the fastest growing PWC race series in the U.S., kicked off its 3rd season this past April in Daytona Beach, Fla., with 91 racers showing up to race. The series is designed to provide another platform for the PWC enthusiasts to enjoy their watercraft, and since the watercraft are only allowed minor handling modifications it is also affordable.
AquaX racers endure three grueling 30-minute races in various types of water conditions including surf, river and lake races. Courses are large enough to be safe but also challenging enough to attract racers from all over the world.  Even though over a third of the 91 racers at the first round in Daytona were new to racing, the series is competitive enough to pique the interest of professional racers such as SeaDoo BRP X-Team racers, Kawasaki Factory racer Craig Warner and the Yamaha Factory Team. The series is made up of three classes, each class has certain watercraft designated to it and is based on horsepower such as 300, 250 and 200 classes.
Chad Saxon of Florida is a first time racer and had this say about his experience: “My brother and I were out riding and had heard about this series from other riders. We decided to check it out. I entered the 200 class in Daytona and managed to pull off a fifth place in my race. I had a blast but my ski was underpowered, so I went out and bought a brand new Yamaha VXR to race the next round.  The event staff we great and the other racers were very helpful and friendly. My brother and I had a blast!”
Chris Saxon currently holds the points lead in the RIVA Racing Rookie Championship Cup for AquaX USA with David Gorie and Hector Toledo rounding out the top three.
Round 2 will be held on the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Fla., June 6 and 7. The series is televised and can be viewed locally on Florida FOX SunSports, Florida FOX Sports and MAVTv, as well as on International networks such as SKY TV and FOX International.  The series is sponsored by Lycamobile, SeaDoo BRP, Yamaha Motors, Kawasaki Motors, Hydro-Turf, GoPro, Fly Racing, RIVA Racing, Australian Gold
AquaX USA races in conjunction with the P1 Panther powerboats making each event a full weekend of on water racing. P1 AquaX races are sanctioned but the IJSBA.  In addition, P1 announced that they will be promoting the IJSBA Closed Course National Championship round in Cocoa Beach Sept 19th and 20th2015.  For more information please visit and


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