Thursday, January 29, 2015

$17.7 Billion Spent on Mobile Advertising in 2014

What You Need to Know

The amount of advertising dollars 
that are spent on mobile advertising is growing!

Consumers turn to mobile before any other information source and ensuring your inventory has gone mobile is key to continuing to grow your budget!

Go mobile now!

The Future of Mobile Advertising
  • 10% of 2014's advertising budget was spent on mobile
  • This is the first time mobile advertising spend has surpassed newspapers, TV, & radio
  • $17.7 billion spent on mobile advertising in 2014
    • Up from $7 billion (2013)
  • Mobile advertising will top $42 billion in 2018!
    • 43% growth rate since 2013

The (Growing) Importance of Mobile

The average amount of time people spend on mobile increased in 2014:
  • Two Hours & 51 Minutes/Day (up 32 minutes over 2013)
  • 60% of digital media is consumed on a mobile device (51% on mobile apps)
Advertisers realize the growing importance of mobile and are adjusting their advertising budgets to include a larger focus on mobile advertising!

Mobile Moments
  • Video is the fastest-growing mobile ad format
    • Video ads are gaining in popularity as ad products improve, less people use desktop, and more people rely on mobile
  • Search on mobile is one of the largest sources of US mobile revenue
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