Monday, December 23, 2013

SoCal: Mountains to the Sea

Start off at Santa Rosa Plateau on Clinton Keith Road, just north of the junction between Interstates 5 and 15. Follow Clinton Keith until you reach a T-junction, turn right to stay on Tenaja Road which becomes Vía Volcan. Turn left onto Avocado Mesa Road which turns into Los Gatos Road after you bear right around the bend.  

Then you will descend very steep grade to Carancho Rd, where you will make a left and then a right onto Camaron Road. Hang a left when you get to De Anza Road, then turn right on Sandia Creek Drive, turn right again to stay on Sandia Creek and it will take you into Fallbrook where it joins De Luz Road. Enjoy the view of ranches and orchards along the way.

Turn right at Mission Rd and continue through the outskirts of Fallbrook until you reach Olive Hill Road which becomes Burma Road after a right bend. Turn left on Sleeping Indian Road and follow it to the T-stop at North River Rd. Turn right onto North River Road, left onto Vandegrift/River and then left again at College Boulevard. The ride may get windy in some spots around there.

Take College Blvd up through the low hills to Carlsbad Village Drive where you take a right to head down to the Pacific Coast Highway. When you get to Carlsbad Boulevard, take a left and simply cruise south along the coast down to Pacific Beach through La Jolla via South Coast Highway 101.

While the start of the ride takes you through forest, wilderness, and grassy hills, the latter half takes you past quirky cafés, beach shacks, restaurants, bike shops, and some of the top classic Southern Californian seaside towns.
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Unknown said...

That is quite a lot to remember. Got to write it down first. Thanks for sharing though. This trip will surely be fun. :)

Alva Russel said...

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