Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Basic Dirt Bike Maintenance

Written By: Dennis Kirk

Taking proper care of your dirt bike is the best way to ensure that it continues to run smoothly so you can spend more time riding and less time in the repair shop.

One often overlooked aspect of maintaining your dirt bike is keeping it clean. Always make sure to clean your bike after a race or trail ride. If your bike is covered in dirt you can’t see loose screws or leaks. Leaving your bike covered in mud, dirt, and water can also lead to corrosion.

Once you are done cleaning your bike you should lubricate your chain to prevent rusting. Put your bike on a stand and spray the chain with lubricant while spinning the rear tire. While you are doing this check the tension of your chain to make sure it is not too loose or too tight.

Cleaning your air filter regularly is another important aspect of maintaining your dirt bike. Use a filter cleaner to clean the air filter between uses. If you don’t, your filter will become too dirty and allow dirt to get into your engine. It will also help your bike perform better. You might want to keep a spare air filter to use while the other is drying if you ride frequently.

Other important aspects you should check between uses:

Tires: Check the pressure and make sure there are no punctures. You can fix small punctures using a tire repair kit.

Fluids: Make sure oil and coolants are at the proper levels.

Brake pads: Check your brake pads for signs of wear. If they are getting thin you should change them.

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Unknown said...

We have a dirt bike at home and I am the one taking care of it when my brother is away. It is a nice looking machine with so many interesting parts. Thanks a lot for the information. Now I have something to do with it.

Unknown said...

Indeed, keeping the bike clean is very important to maintain good functioning. The name itself suggests that it often gets dirty because it can be used for difficult terrain. Dirt can enter and stay at areas that are hard to clean that is why you need a pressurized water to remove those dirt. :)

Tom Fischer said...

The article is good.
Due to maximum exposure to the dirt and wet conditions major parts gets rusted. So oiling the bike parts will help in prevent rusting. Checking the brakes is also an important part of checking. The brakes should be checked according to our personal usage and practice.

Unknown said...

Indeed, dirt bikes can easily become dirty because of its use in muddy and slippery terrain. It is not designed to be used on roads but on difficult terrain for trailing. Thus, it needs to be cleaned properly and regularly.

Unknown said...

I think dirt bikes need more maintenance and cleaning than any other type of bike because they easily get dirty. It is a type of bike that travels in any terrain so it can't be helped that there are dirt sticking everywhere. Cleaning it is therefore very important.

Unknown said...

Indeed, the air filter is the one that really needs maintenance when it comes to dirt bikes because it can easily be filled with dirt. The machine cannot tolerate dirt coming in that is why it needs a good air filter to prevent dirt from entering.

Richard Majece said...

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