Thursday, January 19, 2012

When to Buy Dirt Bike Tires

Written By: Dennis Kirk 

Unlike street bikes where worn out tires are characterized by the wearing of the tread or bald spots, determining when you might need new tires for your Trail or Dirt Bike isn’t so straight forward.

Typically, riding off road, dirt tracks or trails, doesn’t wear your tires down like pavement riding does, so careful examination of your tires is required to decide if you need to replace them or not. Obvious things to look for are missing knobs that may have popped off while riding rugged terrain.

The most common wear sign though, is the rounding of the corners on the squared knobs. The more rounded these knobs become, the less grippy the tires will be. MX riders generally switch their tires out after each race, knowing that any slight rounding of these knobs will reduce grip to the track and slow them down.

For maximum control, it’s generally a good idea to switch out both tires at the same time vs. replacing just one. Whether you are looking for race, trail or street riding, Dennis Kirk has all the tires you could possibly wish for. Thousands of tires in stock and ready to ship today. All the top brands. Search now with the nifty Tire Finder from Dennis Kirk.

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motorcycle helmets said...

yeah i love your tips about dirt tires.I also think about that replacement of both tires at a time instead of only one.

Unknown said...

Good if you have lots of money then you can switch out new tires after every ride. Otherwise, just purchase quality tires then that are sure to last long despite having several rides unless it is already quite risky to ride in it.