Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Featured Seminar from the ProfitX Conference

For the past three days, CycleTrader.com has been in Las Vegas attending the third annual ProfitX hosted by Powersports Business. The energetic Don Cooper (aka the Sales Heretic), woke up the sleepy 8 A.M. Vegas audience on Monday with his words of wisdom on price differentiation.

The #1 stat that he quoted from a study is that only 14% of consumers really purchased a product solely on price. That's right - 14%. The other 86% buys on other factors. So, this begs the question - why are you dropping your price when you can differentiate your dealership? What's unique about your dealership? Is this coming across in your unit and dealership descriptions? Sit down with your staff, grab a piece of paper and think about it. Are you different from your competitors because of your:
  • Service knowledge
  • Fun experiences like group rides or cookouts
  • Different product lines that other dealers don't carry
Once you have come up with a few gems, log back into your CycleTrader.com Inventory Management Tool and look at your dealer gallery page. Include these advantages in your dealer description. Don't drop your price as a knee-jerk reaction. Get a foothold on your pricing. 

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