Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Featured Seminar from the ProfitX Conference

For the past three days, CycleTrader.com has been in Las Vegas attending the third annual ProfitX hosted by Powersports Business. The energetic Don Cooper (aka the Sales Heretic), woke up the sleepy 8 A.M. Vegas audience on Monday with his words of wisdom on price differentiation.

The #1 stat that he quoted from a study is that only 14% of consumers really purchased a product solely on price. That's right - 14%. The other 86% buys on other factors. So, this begs the question - why are you dropping your price when you can differentiate your dealership? What's unique about your dealership? Is this coming across in your unit and dealership descriptions? Sit down with your staff, grab a piece of paper and think about it. Are you different from your competitors because of your:
  • Service knowledge
  • Fun experiences like group rides or cookouts
  • Different product lines that other dealers don't carry
Once you have come up with a few gems, log back into your CycleTrader.com Inventory Management Tool and look at your dealer gallery page. Include these advantages in your dealer description. Don't drop your price as a knee-jerk reaction. Get a foothold on your pricing. 

Trader Online Web Developer

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

An Overview of CycleTrader.com

CycleTrader.com is the nation's largest powersports marketplace connecting buyers and sellers to new and used motorcycles, ATVs, PWCs, and snowmobiles. With more than 150,000 vehicles available, CycleTrader offers the widest selection of powersports vehicles online. Click here to find your next bike.
In addition to an established web presence, CycleTrader.com also maintains a prominent place in the mobile space. With over 90,000 downloads to date, our iPhone & iPad applications place thousands of motorcycle listings in the palm of your hand. Visit the App Store today to test drive our mobile apps.

This past Spring a brand new product offering was introduced to consumers selling their motorcycles on CycleTrader.com. Private sellers are now able to create FREE classified listings, which include 4 photos and remain online for 2 weeks. Another major enhancement to the site involves the search process. When consumers visit the website one of the first things they will notice is a simplified search tool. "Providing a positive user experience is very important to us, and we feel that these recent improvements will help consumers find their next motorcycle, faster and easier," said Gerald Tungol, Vice President of CycleTrader.com.
With the ever increasing social aspect of our daily lives, CycleTrader.com has fully embraced social media. Join nearly 10,000 active motorcycle riders in CycleTrader's social community and become a Facebook fan. Feel free to post pictures of your current motorcycle, learn about upcoming rides and rallies, and meet fellow bikers from across the country. "Our presence on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter has allowed us to interact with and get to know our consumers on a regular basis, which ultimately helps us deliver the best product possible-- top of the line classified listing solutions," Tungol said.
Trader Online Web Developer