Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Top 5 Tips for Social Media Success

By Fred Rose, Marketing Coordinator for CycleTrader.com

Picture this scenario. You're a small business owner and just set up a Facebook fan page, you’ve uploaded tons of pictures, invited your friends but then all of a sudden, you hit a significant wall…what to do next? Why not break through the brick wall, and create a window of opportunity through social media?

1) Feature posts around holidays and special calendar events (i.e. Superbowl, New Years, Fourth of July)

2) Ask questions! Remember social media is a two-way street. Web content managers need to regularly monitor the online health and ‘pulse’ of their communities. If your customers want to receive information with no interaction, they can turn on the TV. By asking questions, it sparks a comment rather than just a status like.

3) Successful social media strategies usually post 80% engagement topics and 20% hard sell of products/services

4) Remember to throw in giveaways every now and then, it makes social media fun, and like the hokie pokie, fun is what it’s all about. For example, let your fans know that for the month of April they can receive 10% off certain products/accessories.

5) Take social media seriously, but remember to HAVE FUN!
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