Monday, December 13, 2010

Choosing the Right Helmet to Fit Your Noggin

Last month the National Transportation Board urged states to require federally approved helmets. Only 21 jurisdictions mandate that all riders - adults and children - wear helmets, while 27 states only require passengers and children to wear protective head gear.

Wherever you ride, make sure you read up on your state's helmet laws. When you're ready to select a helmet for you or your riding companion, check out a few tips to help it fit just right:

1. Make sure the helmet isn't too big: When you shake your head or pull up on the helmet, does your head go with it or does it come loose? This is a sign of an ill-fitting helmet, which could cause an uncomfortable or even dangerous riding experience.
2. Make sure the helmet isn't too small: This fit-test should be somewhat obvious since you probably can't even squeeze your head into the helmet.
3. Select a federally approved helmet: Check for the DOT-compliant sticker marked on the back of the helmet with the label DOT FMVSS 218.

Make sure you find the one that fits right versus finding a flashy helmet that won't protect your cranium. Safe riding!
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