Thursday, December 09, 2010

2010 Seattle Motorcycle Show

In less than 24 hours (not that we're counting), we'll be at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Seattle. We hope to see you at booth 684 where we'll be joined by our friends at Renton Motorcycles. While we count down to the start of the show, here are a few things I'm excited to see:

1. Jason Britton and Eric Hoenshell - Jason and Eric will be putting on several heart-pounding shows. Check out one of his shows at Fox Studios here (Copyright: Burbank Pictures):

2. Meet MotoAdventureGal - Alisa Clickenger, aka MotoAdventureGal, returns from her trip to South America and will be speaking to other female riders. The Women Riders booth will be open all weekend to answer your questions, help you try on gear, and sit on bikes.
3. Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Contest - I'm ready to ogle what these custom bike builders are bringing to Seattle. There's no celebrity panel to judge these bikes - winners will be selected by the audience, so make sure you vote for your favorite.
4. The Marketplace - I'm wearing comfortable shoes because I will be stopping by every booth to see new motorcycles, parts and accessories. Who needs exercise when you can walk around the Qwest Center a few times?

Bundle up, bring your camera and get ready for this weekend's show. We'll see you there.
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Unknown said...

Great video. I really enjoyed watching it. Some people are just so good at doing motorcycle stunts. It is really amazing to look at.

Unknown said...

What I like most about motorshows are the stunts that some riders perform that are so cool and amazing. They are so good with handling their bikes that it seems so easy for them to maneuver at high speeds.

Unknown said...

Incredible event with so many promising things to look forward to. I'd like to see the motorcycle tricks they show people on the event. It is one of the most exciting parts of the whole activity.

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