Monday, November 15, 2010

Why I Ride

By Chad Sydnor, Sales Representative

It was a brisk Friday afternoon a couple of weeks ago, and I had just gotten off of work. I drove my car home, changed clothes, and hopped on my bike. I had to find something, something very important - it was a tailgating spot for my alma mater’s homecoming game.

As I was riding through the streets of Norfolk, VA on the way to Old Dominion University, I was thinking about all the good times I had in college and the old friends that I would run into because it was homecoming weekend. Just as I parked my Honda RC51 and pulled out my phone to text my friends that I had found the perfect spot, I heard a voice call my name, “Chad, is that you?” I turned around and saw Brandy, one of my good college friends. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who thought finding a tailgate spot a day early was a good idea. We talked for a while and caught up on what we had been up to the last five years and how work was going until she asked me a pretty good question, “Is that your bike? Why do you ride a motorcycle?”

Without even thinking I shot out an answer that I think summed it up pretty well, “Because I love it. It’s the most freeing feeling you can have legally!” She laughed, and we talked for a few more minutes before going our own separate ways. On the way home I was thinking about my answer and how many people felt the same way. So tell me, what’s your reason to ride? Is it for the freedom, because you think it’s cool, or is it something else?
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Anonymous said...

Good answer Chad, very good answer.

Anonymous said...

Dude u r right on freedom is really what it is all about . I have been riding 4 50 yrs . I have a 1970 750 i rebuilt to 836 cc. Druin Blower Fuel injected with electric fuel pump makes around 120 h.p. not bad 4 a 40 yr old machine .. Ride on Bro Honda John..

Dual carb said...

I ride whenever I can and prefer older Harleys and other classic American iron.
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Anonymous said...

I like riding because it's just u and the bike with the road under you making sweet music. I'm so glad I found this hobby because it keeps you grounded and your mind clear, at least when I'm riding. Also, its not a bad way to spend some time with the one you love.

Richard Majece said...

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I ride because I love freedom and it really helps me to clean my head. I am a student and sometimes I feel like a squirrel in a wheel. Sometimes I use special services for student like for example here. But I need an informational detox anyway. My bike is the best option.

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Collam McDuck said...

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