Friday, October 08, 2010

It's Not Summer Anymore

This past weekend, after a few days of rain, I was finally able to get back in the saddle and take my motorcycle out for a ride. “Heather,” my 2004 Honda RC51, had been trapped inside the garage and begging to be taken out. I was more than happy to oblige.

As I rode towards the city of Virginia Beach my gas light came on. “Time to take an exit and fill her up,” I thought. As I pulled into the BP gas station, I noticed two fellow riders gassing up and talking. I coasted to a pump beside them and said hello. The response I got kind of took me by surprise.

“Cold out here today, huh?,” one of the two asked me.

I responded with, “Yeah, a little bit, but look at what you’re wearing!”

He was dressed in a thin long-sleeved Virginia Tech shirt, shorts, sneakers, and no gloves.

“You know how it is. I just wanted to get a ride in before the weather changed on us,” was his comeback.

After that little exchange we chatted for a bit and soon they were on their way. After paying for my four gallons of petrol, so was I. As I continued on my way, and during the ride back home, I couldn’t stop thinking about what this guy was wearing. The thought that kept creeping back in my head was, “Come on dude, it’s not summer anymore!”

Most of you know to dress for safety as well as the weather, but this guy was dressed for neither. Shorts and a thin t-shirt are not going to protect you from a fall or the elements. In this type of weather, riding without properly dressing for the occasion is a bad idea for one good reason - IT’S DANGEROUS!

Dressing for a day on the beach while on your bike, with a little chill in the air, is a major distraction that puts you, and the rest of us at risk. You will spend more time concerned about how cold and uncomfortable you are, than about safe riding. It only takes a split second for something horrible to happen.

As my brother told me when I first started riding, “Chad, wear your helmet, jeans, boots, gloves, and jacket or just drive your car!” Sound advice that I think we should all take.

Ride safe.

- Chad Sydnor, Sales Consultant, Biker since 2008

Chad's 2004 Honda RC51
Trader Online Web Developer


cbbiker said...

Summer is over-yes. But hopefully we will have a long fall. With the appropriate riding gear on we can enjoy riding our motorcycles longer. Love the name of your bike. I call mine Ben!

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