Monday, September 20, 2010

Electric Motorcycle Manufacturer Brammo Announces Strategic Partnership

Electric Motorcycle Manufacturer Brammo is ramping up production of their line of electric bikes.

Photo Credit: Brammo

Brammo recently announced a strategic partnership to rapidly scale its manufacturing production in order to meet growing international demand, selecting Flextronics as its global manufacturing partner for the production of plug-in electric motorcycles and components.

“As Brammo pursues its international growth strategy it is critical to our success that we continue to build our strong reputation for quality, reliability and serviceability,” stated Craig Bramscher, CEO and founder of Brammo, Inc. “Flextronics is focused on providing a high quality end-to-end solutions approach to leading global companies, including automotive, and this is why we have selected them as our strategic manufacturing partner. We can now scale globally with the demand and the rapid evolution of this growth industry.”

Source: Brammo
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