Monday, August 30, 2010

Are Women Motorcycle Riders Getting Respect From the Motorcycle Industry?

Women riders are a fast growing segment of the motorcycle audience, but how are they being served by the motorcycle industry? Are motorcycle manufacturers and equipment makers reaching out to women with an equal level of respect that they do to male riders?

A recent post on Clutch and Chrome asked about the needs of women riders when buying bikes and helmets. Some bikes and helmets are designed with women in mind, but do they have to be “feminized” as well? For example, are pink or black the only color choices for women’s helmets?

According to comScore web site statistics reveal that about nearly a third of daily visitors to are women.

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BlueStrada said...

Seems to me that women are becoming more and more of the mainstream motorcycle market. You certainly see more road tests of various bikes today that include women riders for input. Forums and Events specifically for women also reflect that are interested in getting together with their peers without the pressure of having a significant other looking over their shoulder. Our Wheel Jockey tool, used for cleaning wheels and such and have seen many more orders this past year from women.

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