Monday, August 30, 2010

Are Women Motorcycle Riders Getting Respect From the Motorcycle Industry?

Women riders are a fast growing segment of the motorcycle audience, but how are they being served by the motorcycle industry? Are motorcycle manufacturers and equipment makers reaching out to women with an equal level of respect that they do to male riders?

A recent post on Clutch and Chrome asked about the needs of women riders when buying bikes and helmets. Some bikes and helmets are designed with women in mind, but do they have to be “feminized” as well? For example, are pink or black the only color choices for women’s helmets?

According to comScore web site statistics reveal that about nearly a third of daily visitors to are women.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

What do you Bring on an Eight Month Long Motorcycle Trip? Motorcycle Blogger Bill Dwyer Shares his Packing List

Ready for a few months on the road with your motorcycle? You'll need more than just your toothbrush.

Motorcycle blogger Bill Dwyer shares on YouTube the items he is taking on an eight month long motorcycle trip to Argentina.

Cycle Trader talked to Bill a few weeks ago about his upcoming trip. This video shows item by item what he's planning to bring. His gear includes clothes for the range of weather in South America to zip ties for quick bike repairs.

You can visit Bill’s blog at or follow him on Twitter at

Source: Bill Dwyer
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Cycle Trader's Parts and Accessories Page Offers Arai Helmets and More

Photo Credit: Arai Helmets

Cycle Trader offers more than just new and used motorcycles.

The Cycle Trader Parts and Accessories page offers a wide selection of cycle parts and riding accessories, including Arai’s VX-Pro3 off-road helmets featuring the "Akira" design, named for motocrosser Akira Narita.

According to Arai, the VX-Pro3 was introduced to unprecedented rave reviews from the entire off-road publishing world, some even calling it "the best helmet ever tested."

The Pro3’s design also features a unique rounded chinbar shape with less forward protrusion. The shape's design intent is to make the chinbar less likely to catch and snag a crashing rider than longer, more pointed chinbars.

What sort helmets do you like? Do you like simple designs or a helmet with wild colors? Let us know and leave a comment.

Source: Arai Helmets
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Smart Cycle Shopper Reviews the 2011 Ducati Monster 796

Photo Credit: Ducati has a link to a review of the 2011 Ducati Monster 796 provided by

According to Ducati, the Monster 796 was the first of the 2011 Ducati’s to land in North America and represents an upgrade from the Monster 696.

SmartCycleShopper is one of the first motorcycle web sites to take the new 2011 Ducati Monster 796 for a ride.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Q and A With Motorcycle Blogger Bill Dwyer of and his Upcoming Ride To Argentina

Photo Credit: Bill Dwyer

Motorcycle Blogger Bill Dwyer is about to embark on a an eight month Latin America solo motorcycle journey. Cycle Trader contacted him to find out how he'll manage to keep blogging on his trip and some of his motorcycle riding history.

Cycle Trader: What was the first motorcycle you ever owned?

Bill Dwyer : 2006 Kawasaki Ninja 650r

CT: Why did you start blogging?

BD: To preserve my experiences for myself and to also share with others.

CT: Where do you sleep on the road?

BD: I dislike hotels, so I prefer camping. I'll find a campground, otherwise I'll "stealth camp" and find a secluded place to pitch my tent or hang my hammock.

Why did you pick Argentina as your destination?

BD: Because Argentina was the farthest contiguous path I could take. I wanted the journey to last as long as I could, so I pick a far away destination. There's nothing special to me about Argentina that swayed my decision.

CT: How will you find an Internet connection on the road to give us updates?

BD: In major cities there are wifi-cafes all over the place. The world is online, and there are plenty of ways to get online if you need to.

CT: Any plans of what you will do next when you get back?

BD: Save up for my next trip :) I'm thinking about south east Asia. That's years away, so we'll see.

You can follow Bill Dwyer on his blog Atlas Rider or on Twitter at
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Friday, August 06, 2010

Motorcycle Blogger Bill Dwyer Riding From America to Argentina

Photo Credit: Bill Dwyer is the blog of Bill Dwyer, an avid adventure motorcyclist and blogger for 3 years. He has built up an audience from all walks of life and continues to entertain, educate and inspire them to take the plunge and seek out adventures of their own.

On August 15th Bill Dwyer sets off for an eight month trip that takes him from America to Argentina, spanning over 20 countries and 25,000 miles. Without a cellphone, and infrequent internet access he will no longer always be "connected" or "on the grid." He travels alone, but brings along a virtual audience for the ride through documenting his journey on YouTube.

Photo Credit: Bill Dwyer

As a software developer, Bill grew weary of his corporate job. He sold most of his belongings and headed for the open road. Food, gas and shelter will be his only concerns.

We wish Bill as safe trip and we will be keeping track of his journey and giving you updates here on Cycle Trader Insider. You can also visit Bill’s blog or follow him on Twitter at

Photo Credit: Bill Dwyer

Source: Atlas Dywer
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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Harley-Davidson Brings New 2011 Bikes to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Harley Davidson will be along for the ride with the thousands of attendees of the 70th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this August, bringing their new bikes for 2011 to show off and for demo rides.

Photo Credit: Harley-Davidson

Highlights of the 2011 Harley-Davidson line include:

Photo Credit: Harley-Davidson

The new SuperLow, featuring a new solo seat with a deep, bucket shape and soft filler for support and a 25.5-inch height make it possible for many riders to put feet securely on the ground when the bike is at rest.

Photo Credit: Harley-Davidson

The new XR1200X is Harley-Davidson Sportster offers adjustable front and rear suspension, floating front brake rotors and the surging power of a high-compression 1200cc Evolution V-Twin engine.

Photo Credit: Harley-Davidson

The new CVO Road Glide Ultra features a Road Tech zumo 660 GPS navigation system, upgraded Harman/Kardon Advanced Audio system with BOOM! Bigger speakers and an 8GB iPod nano and dock, and a two-up suspended touring seat with dual heat controls.

Source: Harley-Davidson
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