Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Celebrates 70th anniversary August 9th through the 15th

Photo Credit: Chris Heald

The famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally celebrates its 70th anniversary this year and runs August 9th through the 15th. Officials estimate that 442,163 attended last years rally.

The web offers information and resources about Sturgis if you plan to drive out to this year’s rally, or just want to know more about its history.

A good first stop is the official site for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, featuring details on events, locations, and lodging information. The official site also features a calendar of events.

A timeline and history link has details the first Sturgis rally in 1938, called the Black Hills Classic back then, and featured a race with nine participants.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has been held every year since then, with a break during World War II because of gas rationing, and evolved into its present seven day event in 1975.

There is more about the history of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally at Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame. The museum is open year round to visitors and offers a collection of vintage motorcycles on display.

While Sturgis does have a reputation for rowdiness, all participants are expected to observe local motorcycle safety laws. has a list of laws motorcycle riders must obey, such as helmet and headlamp requirements. There’s even a list of penalties and fines if you wind up on the wrong side of the law.

For some Sturgis Motorcycle Rally attendees, the ultimate motorcycle event is also the perfect time for matrimony. There were 72 marriages performed at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally last year. If you want to get married at the rally, offers a list of requirements and resources.

Are you going to Sturgis this year, or did you attend a past rally? Tell us your story and leave a comment.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Brammo Empulse can go up to 100 Miles Per Charge and is Ready to Race in the e-Power Championship.

Photo Credit: Brammo features a story on Brammo’s new Empulse electric motorcycle. According to Brammo, the Empulse is the electric motorcycle to feature water cooling and can run 100 miles on a single charge. Brammo also says that their motorcycles are eligible for the recently passed 10% federal tax credit for plug-in vehicles.

How do electric motorcycles compare to four-wheeled electric vehicles for range? Electric motorcycles don’t have dual power from gas engines and batteries like the Toyota Prius, so there is no fossil fuel backup if you start running low on charge.

Photo Credit: Brammo

Hell For Leather reports that the Empulse can get up to around 100 miles on a single charge, but you can extend the range up to 130 miles if you lay off the speed.

Photo Credit: Brammo

The Empulse won’t be taking a casual ride anytime soon. reports the Empulse hit the track at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey, California for the e-Power Championship on July 25th.

Source: Brammo,, Hell For Leather, Asphalt and Rubber
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The 2010 Carlisle Bike Fest to be held July 23 - 25 at the Carlisle Pennsylvania Fairgrounds

Photo Credit: Carlisle Bike Fest

The 2010 Carlisle Bike Fest will be held July 23 - 25 at the Carlisle Pennsylvania Fairgrounds and will host more top names in the motorcycle industry than ever before. Kawasaki, Yamaha and Victory will be offering on-site demos of their latest models, and local dealers will also be in attendance with thousands of inventory and consignments. On top of the new models and apparel, Bike Fest will host companies offering installations, service work and product giveaways. The photos are from the 2009 Carlisle Bike Fest. had an special Q&A with Carlisle Bike Fest’s Chris Hann, Director of Creative Services & Technology, and Ed Scholly, Associate Director of Business and Event Development:

CT: How did this show get started?

Ed Scholly: Carlisle Bike Fest started in 2002 as part of the Summer Carlisle event held annually in July. We had and still have a number of riders on staff here at Carlisle. We invited regional Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Ducati, Honda, BMW, Suzuki and regional Custom V-Twin builders to Carlisle to explore their interest in starting a motorcycle event. They all jumped in and have been a part since.

Photo Credit: Carlisle Bike Fest

In its first year, the event was a success with over 38,000 attendees. Motorcycles quickly overran the car side of this event and established it as one of the region's premier motorcycle destinations.

CT: Are any motorcycle manufacturers planning to have exhibits or bike test rides?

Ed Scholly: The beginning to end action starts with industry participation. Despite uncertain economic times, Bike Fest will host more top names in the motorcycle industry than ever before. Kawasaki, Yamaha and Victory will be offering on-site demos of their latest models. Appalachian Harley-Davidson will also be at Bike Fest with over 15,000 square feet of Harley-Davidson goods and motorcycle consignments. On top of the new models and apparel, Bike Fest will host companies offering installations, service work and product giveaways.

Photo Credit: Carlisle Bike Fest

The Manufacturers Midway, the focal point of the Carlisle Bike Fest vending area, will once again host the “Largest Motorcycle Road Show on the Planet”, the Küryakyn traveling rig. Küryakyn is an innovator in the world of motorcycle customization and a regular at the largest motorcycle rallies in the U.S.

Bike Fest will be the home of three judged bike shows. Saturday’s “Ride-In” Bike Show will host over 25 classes for owners of V-Twin, Metric and Sport Bikes. Bike Fest will also bring back two judged shows that were introduced in past years with a sub-group of the motorcycle mainstream in mind. Carlisle Fighter Fest presented by Karns Performance is one of the first Street fighter events in the USA. A Street fighter is a customized sport bike that follows the design trends and functions of European riders with aggressive riding options: wide handle bars, short tails and stripped or mean looking fairings.

Photo Credit: Carlisle Bike Fest

The Carlisle Rat Rod Revival like Fighter Fest was also introduced in 2008 with a sub-group of the motorcycle mainstream in mind. Rat bikes and rat rods are machines that are built using just about anything the builder can find. By pushing the engineering and design limits, the builders of these awesome machines come up with an innately hard look that comes with building with scraps. Both rat bikes and rat rods are invited to take part in the Carlisle Rat Rod Revival, taking place on Sunday of Bike Fest.

In addition to the industry participation, test rides and judged competitions – Carlisle Bike Fest hosts two motorcycle giveaways along with an overwhelming amount of special guests, live music, stunt shows, charity rides and family activities taking place throughout the weekend.

CT: What percentage of your attendees comes from out of state?

Ed Scholly: Our strongest pull is within a day’s ride to Carlisle, PA and back. Motorcycles park free, and riders are charged an admission of $8 for the day with the ability to ride and see the beautiful scenery around the Carlisle, PA Fairgrounds.
Photo Credit: Carlisle Bike Fest

The ride to the Carlisle Bike Fest in Carlisle, Pennsylvania just south of the state’s capital in Harrisburg is ALMOST half the fun of the weekend. No matter which direction you come from, there is a tour ride that will be loaded with plenty to see in the way of scenic mountains, farms, orchards and battlefields.

Carlisle is located less than two hours away from Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC and under four hours from New York and Pittsburgh. Coming up from the Washington DC area you ride through the apple orchards and battlefields of Adams County. From Philadelphia, it is the Amish Country of Lancaster County that separates you and your bike from Carlisle. Coming from the north or east you will have to climb and zigzag through the Appalachians or Poconos.

The reason we say that the ride is ALMOST half the fun of the weekend is because the weekend itself and Carlisle Bike Fest is filled with so much activity that no matter how great the ride is, it is the destination in this case that you look forward to the most.

When you ride into Carlisle, you will be astonished by the number and variety of bikes (V-twins, choppers, sport bikes and metric bikes), the hundreds of vendors, the bands on stage all weekend, the stunt shows spread throughout the 102-acre fairgrounds facility and everything a major motorcycle event could possibly offer in one place. It’s like the slogan from this year’s show says, “Bikes, Bands, Shows and Giveaways;” what else could you ask for? The best part about the combination is that the bikes remain the number one priority and focus; in Carlisle everything else is just an added bonus.

Photo Credit: Carlisle Bike Fest

CT: As a rider, what are you most excited about seeing?

Ed Scholly: There are a lot of niche interests in the motorcycle market. Sport Bikes, V-Twins, Harley-Davidson, Metric Customs, Moto-Cross and more. We have been able to bring so many of those interests together at Carlisle allowing all of them to share their niche with all others. For anyone that has grown with motorcycles or has an interest in owning or riding, this show offers a wide variety of opportunities to learn and experience motorcycles. Entertainment, stunt shows and an accessible place to ride to make this a great event, day or weekend.

Source: Carlisle Bike Fest
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Sport Wins Award For Best Open Streetbike of 2010

The Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Sport has only been on the market for two months and it has already deemed itself worthy of a prestigious award. Ducati North America and Cycle World Magazine have announced the award for “Best Open Streetbike” of 2010 to the new Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Sport.

Photo Credit: Ducati

According to Ducati, as part of Cycle World’s “10 Best” awards, which have been given annually since 1976, the title of “Best Open Streetbike” is one of the most desirable accolades in the entire motorcycle industry. Ducati is especially proud of its Multistrada 1200 S Sport getting this year’s nod as Best Open Streetbike, as the Multistrada is a perfect fit. The title honors the Multistrada’s great versatility in all segments; not just limiting it to the Dual Sport, Sport Tourer, or Superbike classes. Cycle World states this in their review:

Photo Credit: Ducati

“Corner carving in many regions has degenerated into an endurance contest, wherein hardened enthusiasts suffer through hours of low bars, high pegs and thin seats in a quest for sportbikedom's Holy Grail, the apex. This is why the 2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Sport is a revelation. With its broad, high-leverage handlebar and bolt-upright ergonomics, a punchy, superbike-sourced 135-horsepower liquid-cooled V-Twin and 17-inch wheels, the newest Multi is comfortable and fun and fast everywhere—a true horizon-expander.”

Source: Ducati

BROWSE: Ducati Motorcycles On Cycle Trader 
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The National Motorcycle Museum Expands reports that The National Motorcycle Museum has expanded into a new and larger building.

According to the story, the museum needed more space to show off the extensive collection of motorcycles and exhibits. The expanded space will allow visitors to see items in the museum’s collection all the way around instead of just from one angle

The museum’s collection of motorcycles ranges from bikes made in United States, England, Germany, along with advertising art, paintings, and racing trophies.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Harley-Davidson Executives, Employees and Enthusiasts Will Ride From Milwaukee to Sturgis

Photo Credit: Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson reports they will share the road with its customers this summer when Motor Company executives and employees enjoy the ride from the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee to Sturgis, S.D. for the 70th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

The Harley-Davidson Ride to Sturgis starts in Milwaukee with Bike Night at the Harley-Davidson Museum on Thursday, August 5 then journeys through the heart of the Midwest and Black Hills stopping at eight Harley-Davidson dealerships and landing in Sturgis on Tuesday, August 10.

Harley-Davidson executives scheduled to ride from Milwaukee to Sturgis include CEO Keith Wandell, President and COO Matt Levatich, SVP and Chief Styling Officer Willie G. Davidson, Vice President of the Harley-Davidson Museum Bill Davidson and SVP and Chief Marketing Officer Mark-Hans Richer. Harley-Davidson riders and customers are welcome to join the ride and relax with the groups at various stops and dealer events.

"We've enjoyed riding many miles with our customers over the years," said Bill Davidson. "Riding from the Harley-Davidson Museum in our hometown of Milwaukee to Sturgis in the heart of the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota continues a tremendous tradition while giving us the chance to meet new friends along the way."

Source: Harley-Davidson
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