Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Motorcycle Theft Decreases 13 Percent For 2009

2009 was a rough year for motorcycle sales, but there is some good news. If you bought a motorcycle last year, there was a less of a chance of it being stolen.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau(NICB), motorcycle thefts in 2009 were 13 percent lower, following a downward trend.

According to the NICB, A total of 56,093 motorcycles were reported stolen to law enforcement in 2009, down from 64,492 reported in 2008.

Source: NICB and Insurance Journal
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Anonymous said...

Thats if the motorcycles are insured, which like myself did not do(kick myself). Who's to say the crimes didn't increase but on uninsured motorcycles.
honda CBR 1000RR stolen