Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Big Dog Motorcycles Announces Debut of Lower Cost Model

Big Dog Motorcycles has announced today the upcoming introduction of a lower price model based on its popular chopper-style platform.

Photo Credit: Big Dog Motorcycles

With production planned for May, 2010, the new model, simply called the Big Dog Chopper, will provide a high-style, high-quality Big Dog motorcycle experience with an MSRP in the $21,000 range.

Sheldon Coleman, founder and CEO of Big Dog Motorcycles, made the announcement to a select group of dealers at the Big Dog display at the annual Indianapolis-based trade show. “We are excited to participate in this price range with an uncompromised motorcycle of this caliber”, Coleman stated. “The new Big Dog Chopper is loaded with high-quality components and performance specifications, and will appeal to a wide range of riders. Our dealers are very enthusiastic about this strategy”, he continued.

Specifications of the motorcycle include a wide range of upscale components, starting with a 111 cubic inch S&S engine and a six speed transmission. In addition, components include chrome handlebar controls, a new handlebar array, chrome forward controls, the new BDM multifunction speedometer, machined aluminum wheels, a new rear suspension, a 42 degree rake, a beefy 250 mm rear tire and a full line of passenger-friendly accessories.

Source: Big Dog Motorcycles
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Unknown said...

When we deal with choppers, we always have to look at the aesthetics, after all we're wanting to make a beautiful machine.

One of the parts about some choppers that I don't like at all is the strange open space between the top of the engine and the tank and frame. I like the form following the function, and there really isn't a function for that gap. This model and some others have that gap that needs filled with something.

More engine maybe? Booyeah!

- Mike -

Anonymous said...

so what happened to the 2010 new chopper?

Unknown said...

It looks marvellous. I always loved to look at choppers especially those customized ones that really look beautiful. It is not a ride for me though because it is just too big. :)
- TheCycleExchange.com

Unknown said...

Good that they decided to maintain its main features including its slickness because these are the things that define the chopper motorcycles. The price is still quite high though despite it being lowered down.
- TheCycleExchange.com