Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Stereo F4 Interphone Motorcycle Kit By BlueAnt Wireless

BlueAnt Wireless has announced the release of the new Interphone F4 hands-free communication system specifically designed for motorcycle riders to talk hands-free on their mobile phones.

Easily attached to either full-faced or open-faced helmets, the fully weatherproof, water-resistant Interphone F4 incorporates stereo capability and differentiating voice technology so bikers can enjoy wireless entertainment and mobile phone communication on the road.

With its voice-answer capability, bikers can take calls by simply saying “Hello”. To further increase usability and maximize safety, the F4 also offers automatic voice dialing and redial functionality when supported by the user’s mobile phone. Stereo music streaming is another key feature of the F4 allowing riders to listen to music from their A2DP Bluetooth phone and music players.

Source: CrunchGear, BlueAnt
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Unknown said...

The description of this new invention of "The Stereo F4 Interphone Motorcycle Kit By BlueAnt Wireless" sounds very good and excellent.I wish it plays a major role in preventing all those road accidents happening due to usage of mobile phone/mp3 players while driving.
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Unknown said...

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Raymond said...

The Interphone F4 is hopeless as a rider to pillion intercom. It is open line all the time causing excessive noise in the helmet and breathing sounds all the time. BlueAnt do not mention this in their sales pitch

Radio Ron said...

The F4 is like a leach on my helmet-don't even know it's there. Bought mine at RadioRider com and came usps priority fast. I rock while riding and make/take calls to get my buddies out of the house. It's awesome!!