Monday, November 23, 2009

New Electric Motorcycle Racing Series Arrives Next Year

Photo Credit: Brammo

The Autopia blog reports that electric motorcycles are hitting the big time with the organizers of MotoGP launching a new electric racing series next year.

According to Autopia, the series will be organized by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme Road Racing Commission with the first race set for April 18 during the Le Mans 24 Hours.

The first zero emissions grand prix, the TTXGP (Time Trial Xtreme Grand Prix), was held this past June on the Isle of Man and featured 13 teams.

Source: Autopia
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Honda Announces Five Additional 2010 Motorcycle Models

American Honda Motor Company's Powersports Division recently announced its fourth release of 2010 models. The release of these five on-road machines follows the earlier announcements of Honda's 2010 powersports lineup.

Photo Credit: Honda

"These five street bikes add even more excitement to our lineup for 2010," said Powersports Press Manager Bill Savino. "Four of these bikes are new V-twins that dramatically expand our line of cruisers. The Sabre, Stateline, Interstate and Shadow RS V-twins unveil new styling and functional variations for Honda buyers, and we're excited about the new opportunities these machines present. The ST1300 continues to extend its reputation for long-haul performance with a sporting flair and it remains a popular choice among riders who live for the open road. This 2010 model year is shaping up very well, with lots of exciting options for Honda fans."

Photo Credit: Honda

One of the new Honda bikes for 2010 is the Sabre, equipped with a raked-out front end. Other features include a specially designed tank-mounted chrome housing featuring a speedometer, a 1312cc liquid-cooled 52-degree V-twin engine, and Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI).

Source: Honda
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Ducati Multistrada 1200 Offers Four Different Riding Modes

Ducati describes the Multistrada 1200 as four-bikes-in-one with four Riding Modes: Sport, Touring, Urban and Enduro. Power and torque delivery, suspension settings, and traction control can be changed – even while riding – to enable the motorcycle to adapt to the needs of the rider and not the other way around.

Photo Credit: Ducati

The Sport Riding Mode provides the rider with an adrenalin-fuelled ride, where 150hp and incredible torque delivery are combined with a sports-oriented suspension set-up. To impart precise and focussed handling like a sportbike, it also slightly reduces Ducati Traction Control intervention to level 3 for expert riders whose ‘comfort zone’ is closer to the limit.

The Touring Riding Mode is still programmed to produce 150hp; however, the power characteristic is designed in a touring configuration with much smoother torque delivery, but ready to respond when needed. Safety is enhanced with the most advanced ABS technology and with the Ducati Traction Control system set to level 5 (intermediate intervention), specifically intended for a stable and relaxing ride.

Photo Credit: Ducati

Selecting the Urban Riding Mode instantly changes the power to 100hp, and the suspension to the perfect setting for tackling the maze of city streets full of speed bumps and drain covers. The traction control level is set to 7, providing high system intervention so the rider can enjoy enhanced safety even in the most chaotic of stop-start traffic.

An Enduro Riding Mode which instantly transforms the bike with a smooth 100hp engine, higher suspension, and the option to disable the ABS. Traction control is reduced to the minimum of level 1 for almost no intervention.

The new Multistrada 1200 will be available in the two color schemes: red or arctic white for the standard version, while the ‘S’ version will be available in red, arctic white or diamond black.

Source: Ducati
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ducati Reveals The Hypermotard 1100EVO and Hypermotard 1100EVO SP

Ducati recently unveiled the Hypermotard 1100EVO in Milan, along with its higher-spec counterpart the Hypermotard 1100EVO SP.

Photo Credit: Ducati

According to Ducati, both are significantly updated versions of the original Hypermotard; producing more power and reducing weight from the previous generation thanks to significant engine and chassis development.

Improvements to the Hypermotard include a lighter Trellis frame, lighter, more powerful engines, and new controls and instrumentation.

Source: Ducati
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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

MV Agusta Prepares To Reveal the F4 Sportbike

Photo Credit: MV Agusta reports that Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta is set to reveal the F4 sportbike at the EICMA motorcycle show. The Luxist story also includes teaser images that have been released by MV Agusta.

Luxist also quotes OmniMoto in Italy that the F4 is capable of 186 horsepower at at 12,900 RPM.

Source:, OmniMoto, and Asphalt and Rubber
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