Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The BMW C1-E: A Concept For a Single Track Vehicle For City Traffic

Photo Credit: BMW

BMW released images of the C1-E, described as what a "environment-friendly and highly practical single track vehicle for city traffic could look like in the future."

According to BMW Motorrad, the C1-E was developed as a study as a contribution to the European safety project eSUM. This study unit is based on the concept of the BMW C1. It is characterized by a very high level of active and passive safety and is driven by an electric motor.

Photo Credit: BMW

Source: BMW
The BMW C1-E provides exemplary protection for its rider. This is ensured by the safety cell with the conspicuous roll-over bar which dynamically spans the rider seat in combination with the energy-absorbing impact element at the nose end. A further special point is that the C1-E rider wears a seat-belt. In the study this safety feature is highlighted by red belts and belt buckles.

Photo Credit: BMW

Visually the concept vehicle expresses brand typical sheer driving pleasure and clearly distinguishes itself from typical scooter looks. Its lines are dynamically stretched and flow horizontally with a low visual centre of gravity. The fairing with its windscreen, the luggage space behind the rider and the side stand for effortless parking ensure high suitability for everyday riding combined with a high degree of wind and weather protection.

Photo Credit: BMW

The electric motor employed in the study has been designed for city use and is based on components by the company Vectrix. The motor obtains its power from a lithium-ion battery and thus possesses sufficient power for mastering most inner-city traffic riding with ease. Alternatively the vehicle could also be equipped with an efficient, low-emissions internal combustion engine.

Photo Credit: BMW

Source: BMW
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Unknown said...

I like the concept, esp. the attempts to improve safety. I am skeptical that seatbelts, however, achieve that. I suppose the safety engineers know something that I don't, but being strapped to the bike sounds scary to me. I'd rather be ejected from the bike; I use an airbag jacket that inflates upon ejection. But what do I know?

joshghent said...

I wouldn't ride any kind of motorcycle or scooter with a seat belt on. If you are hit by someone and the bike goes down, you are dragged along with it and you don't have the option of jumping off. I once stopped at an uphill "Y" in the road, while I tried to figure out which fork to take. The 600 pound sport-touring bike started sliding backwards through the leaves, and was about to cross paths with a truck coming up behind me. If I hadn't jumped off, I could have been killed. A seat belt may have dragged me to my death.

dwightseabreez said...

The seatbelt is out,,bad,, also no helmet. The rest looks cool, keep it going.

Martin said...

That's a very good concept car. Cool design. I hope they will install a gps tracking device with it so that in can be more useful.

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