Thursday, August 13, 2009

Orange County Choppers Goes Green With Custom Electric Bike

Siemens has teamed up with Orange County Choppers to build the first custom electric motorcycle.

Photo Credit: Marc Bauer

According to Siemens, the "Siemens Smart Chopper "will be featured on the hit TV show American Chopper and was unveiled yesterday in an event at the Time Warner Center.

"If energy or energy efficiency is involved--Siemens is involved," said Randy Zwirn, CEO of Siemens Energy, Inc. "Our technologies are helping to more efficiently and cleanly produce, deliver, consume and conserve energy. And these technologies are here today. This bike represents the spirit of innovation and passion we have for seeking sustainable solutions for our planet."

Photo Credit: Marc Bauer
Orange County Choppers built the Siemens Smart Chopper over the course of a month. Siemens also developed a compatible Smart Grid-ready charger which communicates with the utility to enable charging when the electricity is most affordable.

Fox News Channel has uploaded video to YouTube of the bike.

Source: Siemens, Marc Bauer, and Fox News
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steffen said...

yeah , great Chopper , thanks for article

Green Al said...

It's great that OCC has created a green chopper it brings to light all the other electric bikes, mopeds, or scooters already available on the market to day.

windycityguy said...

The Orange County Choppers Gladiator Garage Works bike will be on display at the upcoming Chicago Auto show. I heard the bike will be displayed by a local Gladiator garage company. So if any one else is interested head to the Auto show Feb 12th - 21st. And check out the newest bike.

Anonymous said...

I heard this bike stopped working a day after they showed it. There's a new company making an electric Harley Davidson that will ACTUALLY WORK. Imagine that. It'll be interesting to see how Electric Thrust stacks up to OCC as it fades out of the light.

J. Melendez said...

Is it me or does all of the OCC bikes look alike?

boat rentals orange county said...

Such an awesome looking bike, it looks like something from a sci-fi movie. We are moving closer to "the future" everyday. I'm glad to see yet another group start working with green technology.

Unknown said...

Whoa! This is taking big bikes to a different level. Good that they have these kinds of motorcycles that are eco-friendly. Someday, you can buy big bikes that are powerful at the same time safe for the planet.

Unknown said...

Awesome-looking bike. It is one of a kind that is so unique and advanced. I wonder how fast it can go though since its machinations are different from the usual bikes in the market.

Unknown said...

WAO ! What a design. Such a super bike. I waana ride with this super bike with a super helmet

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing. All their bikes look alike. The rage now is huge front tires with huge saddlebags thatalmost touch the ground. Pitiful that when someone see's a bike they have got to HAVE ONE JUST LIKE IT. Nothing about "one's own taste". Then again if you want a cookie cutter bike there are plenty out there.