Monday, June 22, 2009

The Honda DN-01 Combines The Best Elements Of Sport Bikes and Cruisers

Photo Credit: Honda
The Honda Powersports homepage features details on the DN-01, a motorcycle described by Honda as combining elements of sport bike performance, relaxed cruiser comfort and the operating ease of a twist-and-go automatic transmission.

Photo Credit: Honda

According to Honda, the DN-01 is organically styled and features aerodynamic bodywork draws inspiration from Honda sport bikes and sport tourers.

Photo Credit: Honda

The DN-01's long wheelbase allows for a low seat height and the sense of comfort and stability. The 700-class V-twin providespower through a hydromechanical automatic transmission.

Photo Credit: Honda

The advanced hydromechanical automatic transmission, called the HFT, is the first of its kind employed on a modern motorcycle. This transmission automatically and seamlessly changes drive ratios to produce smooth acceleration.

Source: Honda
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Anonymous said...

I think the title in this piece is deceptive. This vehicle does NOT combine the best elements of the 2 catgories. Instead it focuse on the WORST ones. First, it's dead slow, housing a Transalp engine. Secondly, it has no storage space. Third, it grounds the floorboards so easily, it's insance. So, it's not nearly as practical as a scooter, and not at all sporty. Plus, it puts the rider on a bad stance, killing his back after a while.

Kostas Gazis
Athens - Greece