Thursday, April 02, 2009

Motorcycle Riders And Industry Members Protest CPSIA Ban On Youth Bikes

One of the most controversial topics in the motorcycle world today is the impact of CPSIA on the sale of youth-model motorcycles. Here are links related to the CPSIA debate.

Photo Source: Motorcycle Industry Council
According to the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) was intended to curtail the sale of toys containing lead to children 12-years-old and under. Because youth-model motorcycles and ATVs have certain parts, such as batteries and valve stems that may contain lead, CPSIA has effectively banned their sale.

Photo Source: AMA
The AMA members and other motorcycle groups have been supporting an industry petition for exclusion from the CPSIA and recently rallied in Washington DC to appeal to lawmakers. You can read more on the AMA site.

The New York Times Wheels Blog reported on the CPSIA controversy back in February.

Motorcycle reports on a recent event organized by motorcycle legend Malcolm Smith to call attention to the CPSIA issue. Smith has also set up the site with photos and info about CPSIA and motorcycles. reports on efforts by the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), along with the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America (SVIA) to support two new bills to overturn the ban.

The Motorcycle Industry Council has set up the Stop The Ban site with links and letter-generators to appeal for changes.

Source: American Motorcyclist Association,, Motorcycle, The Motorcycle Industry Council, and
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Anonymous said...

This law is crazy - I don't understand how they can include the youth dirt bikes and ATVs. When was the last time you saw an 8 year old lick their fender, drink from the battery or eat the valve stem? Cars and trucks also contain lead but the new law does not pertain to them. With an "economic crisis" you would think the government would do everything in their power to make sure every business is selling their products and they wouldn't prevent people from spending money.

Royal Foust said...

How in the world did we, as a country ever allow the Federal Government to get such power over us. One step at a time we are being crushed. Like a frog in hot water that didn't know he was being killed until the temp got too high for him to jump out.
Does any one feel like I do? That we are being controlled by communisum with a small "c"?
I fear that one day someone in the government will decide that common sense people are anarcist so they can declare Marshall Law and then we will be Just like Venezuela.

Royal Foust
AMA 973527

Nick said...

The ban is still in place, more support for common sense is needed before it will be overturned. The Ban suggests ATVs are dangerous for children but their logic would mean placing your child in a car is dangerous because the car contains lead too... It wasn't thought through and the pressure can't be let off until this is made right.

ATVCamper said...

It's sad that laws like this even exist. Instead of increasing education and safety awareness on ATVs a Ban is introduced because of Lead. Absolutely ridiculous!

Unknown said...

I think that it's okay to let these kids ride as long as their parents or guardians can make sure that the rides are lead-free. It will be for the safety of their children anyway. :)