Friday, February 13, 2009

Scooter and Dual-Purpose Bike Sales Up In 2008

While 2008 was a tough year for the motorcycle business, MediaPost Marketing Daily reports scooters and lighter two-wheeled vehicles enjoyed brisk sales.

According to the story, data from The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) indicates that scooters and dual-purpose bikes were hot sellers.

Gas prices were a major factor in the sales increase, as consumers chose smaller vehicles for communiting, not just recreational riding. Sales of four brands of scooter were up 41.5% compared to 2007. Dual-purpose bike sales rose 22.8%.

Source: MediaPost Marketing Daily
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Anonymous said...

Talking about Yamaha its price of FJR 1300AE has been increased to $600 as compared to last yers price.In the same ways prices of others leading bike have incresed too.According to me it made sale of Scooter to be high in 2008.

LaurieD said...

Not a surprise, at all! The times are changing, and scooters are definitely more pragmatic...especially in this economy. Scooters are efficient, inexpensive, and environmentally friendlier. Thanks for the post!


Unknown said...

Pretty soon, we'll be have a 100% electric powered scooter available for the public. An fully capable one, too. Preferably sooner than later!