Thursday, February 05, 2009

Métisse Motorcycles Offers a Replica of Steve McQueen's Desert Racer

Legendary movie actor Steve McQueen always had a passion for motorcycles and cars, even getting behind the wheel to perform his own stunts. He was such skilled motorcycle rider that he supported himself during his early acting years with money from wining races.

Métisse Motorcycles pays tribute to Steve McQueen with a replica of his own bike. According to Métisse Motorcycles, the ‘Métisse Desert Racer’ as originally built by Steve McQueen for serious competition use and is authentically hand built by Métisse Motorcycles in England, fully endorsed by Steve McQueen’s estate, and features his signature on each one of these exact replicas.

A limited number of 300 will be built, complete with official certificate of authenticity from the company.

Source and Photo Credit: Métisse Motorcycles and Wikipedia
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Anonymous said...

How much would one of these limited edition bikes cost? I'm guessing its gonna be far too expensive!