Friday, January 23, 2009

CORE Concept Motorcycle by Victory Explores the Future of the Performance Cruiser

Victory Motorcycles has shared some insights into the making of the CORE concept motorcycle that was recently unveiled at the 28th annual Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows in New York City.

CORE is a concept motorcycle designed and built by the Victory Motorcycles Industrial Design team to show what a performance cruiser of the future could look like. It consists of only the essentials: engine, frame, wheels and front suspension - no rear suspension. Its unique cast aluminum frame was made by pouring molten aluminum into a sand core, which was removed when the casting was complete.

According to Victory, when the Victory Motorcycles design team decides to build a concept motorcycle, they go all-out and push every aspect of their own performance.

Leveraging decades of design and fabrication experience and the considerable knowledge that comes only from designing full-on production motorcycles, Polaris Industrial Design Director Greg Brew, Lead Industrial Designer Michael Song and the Polaris ID staff decided to build one of Song’s concept sketches into a full-scale machine.

The motorcycle came by its name for several reasons. The design team felt the name CORE perfectly reflects the essence of this concept motorcycle. It is, in fact, the raw “core” or center of a motorcycle. There is no traditional bodywork; the motorcycle is effectively turned inside-out with its architecture completely exposed. It also accentuates the innovative frame design and the process that is used to make the cast aluminum frame: the molten aluminum is poured into a sand core, which is removed when the casting process is complete.

The Victory CORE concept motorcycle incorporates technologies and construction methods that only a major manufacturer could engage. Song, known for his design input on the Victory Vision luxury-touring models that debuted in 2007, chose to go a completely different direction with his latest design project.

“CORE is pure motorcycle,” Song said. “We wanted to strip everything not critical and build a motorcycle that uses some of the production technologies we have incorporated into the Victory Vision. The frame and engine architecture of the Victory Vision was our inspiration – but we wanted to make a statement beyond ‘custom’ and create something completely unique.”

One notable difference between the Victory Vision Street and Tour production motorcycles and the CORE Concept Motorcycle is the absolute absence of bodywork on the CORE. In fact, the concept bike’s frame is the body, incorporating fuel, airbox, battery box and the entire electrical system. Maintaining the minimalist theme, the motorcycle is a rigid frame without rear suspension and features a contoured mahogany seat. The overall impression is a thin, low, sharp and purposeful motorcycle that is elemental and fierce at the same time.

Built around a Victory Freedom 106/6 Stage 2 power plant (1731cc), producing 97 horsepower / 113 ft/lb, the CORE introduces a completely modern take on an American motorcycle using both personal design values and industrial production techniques.

Brew is excited about the opportunity to showcase his team’s skills in real metal and rubber. “CORE represents the heart of Victory Motorcycles,” he said. “We want to create a new design language, but never in a way that interrupts the function of the motorcycle. The fact is a project like CORE is as important to the design team as winning Daytona would be to an engineering team. ‘Pushing the boundaries’ is just another cliché – CORE exists to show the world how dedicated Victory is to the art and science of motorcycle design.”

CORE is as important to the Victory Motorcycle brand as it is to the design staff. According to Victory Vice President & General Manager Mark Blackwell, the Victory CORE Concept Motorcycle perfectly reflects the brand position of Victory. He also feels it comes at a great time, during Victory’s 10th Anniversary and just when the company is moving to further sharpen its brand position.

“Now that we are in our 10th year and have a fairly complete line of premium cruiser and touring motorcycles, it is clear what we stand for, and who we appeal to most. Victory stands for class-leading quality, innovation and style. Victory is American and new – always looking forward. We are all about the future of American motorcycles. I believe that CORE clearly represents that philosophy and attitude. Victory appeals most to motorcycle enthusiasts who love motorcycles and appreciate performance and innovation. To them, it’s all about the bike and riding. I believe motorcycle enthusiasts will be as excited about this new concept as we are.”

Source: Victory Motorcycles

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