Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 Indian Motorcycles Ship To Dealers

The Indian Motorcycle homepage reports that the long-anticipated introduction of the all-new 2009 Indian Chief motorcycle has arrived.

According to Indian Motorcycle, after almost five years of investment, product development, testing, and dealer development, the first shipment of limited production 2009 Indian Chiefs has been shipped to seven dealerships across the nation. Indian Motorcycle accessories, apparel and gifts are also available.

Founded in 1901, the legendary Indian brand remains America’s first motorcycle. Chairman Stephen Julius and President Steve Heese have orchestrated the re-launch of Indian. Under General Manager Chris Bernauer, the Indian Motorcycle team has delivered a line of powerful machines that are worthy of the Indian Motorcycle name.

Stephen Julius said the following in response to this remarkable achievement “We have reached an incredible milestone in the history of Indian Motorcycle. Indian Motorcycle is once again a premium motorcycle manufacturer dedicated to engineering and styling excellence. We have assembled a dynamic team, developed an outstanding product, and are selling motorcycles in beautifully branded Indian showrooms.”

At present, Indian Motorcycle dealers are open for business in Charlotte, N.C., Paducah, Ky., Omaha, Neb., Detroit, Mich., Phoenix, Ariz., Wichita, Kan., and Pittsburgh, Pa. Many more dealerships will be opening in top markets by July of 2009. Production of the 2009 Indian Chief is limited to 750 units. You can also see the Indian Motorcycle event truck, entire line up of motorcycles, accessories, and apparel at Daytona Bike Week this spring.

Source and Photo Credit: Indian Motorcycle

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Anonymous said...

For a motorcycle that cost between $32,000 and $40,000, what make's it "premiun" - other than the cost?
No cruise control, no heated seat, no heated grips, no radio, but, it has REAL NICE chrome?

I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

personally, I don't get why people think that motorcycles are about heated seats/grips/socks and cruise control .... Aren't they meant to be about getting in the wind? Sounds like "mr. anonymous" wants a car, not a bike..

Anonymous said...

I think anonymous needs to SEE and RIDE the new Indian...maybe then he'll understand what "premium" means. They are stunning from tip to tail and the performance out of the box is better than any American V-Twin on the market.

Chris said...

I like the design of the Indian brand motorcycle. First I am hearing about this brand but yet again I am a novice when it come to motorcycles. Where does it rank compares to Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Ninja brands?

Unknown said...

I love the design of Indian brand motorcycle too. great post!Asheville Used Motorcycles

Anonymous said...

I have driven by the Kings Mt Indian HQ store and have rarely seen a car parked in the parking lot. I have ridden bikes for 35 plus years and still do NOT see the value for the price Indian asks for it motorcycles.

I do not think this company is going to last.

Unknown said...

Wow! Great vintage bikes by Indian. Many people especially old bikers prefer these designs because of its simplicity and vintage looks.