Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Indian Motorcycles: In The 1950s And Today

A contributor to the photography blog posted a photo taken in the 1950s of her father posing on his Indian Motorcycle. You can get a closer look at the photo on the site.

We are not sure what year this bike was made. Can you identify it?

Indian Motorcycles were originally introduced in 1901 as first American motorcycle brand. Several attempts to revive the Indian name have been tried recently with mixed success.

Indian recently re-entered production, with the first 2009 Chief rolling off production line last July from Indian's plant in Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

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Anonymous said...

The Indian brand has made a good mark in motorcycling history and like Triumph, it's great to see them back with new bikes.

SWOOPER said...

I have always liked the Classic styling of the Indian, it is definitely a part of our American Motorcycle history and I hope this new company will keep the name going strong. The morning the former company shut it's doors my Dad and I were in the local Indian showroom, he wanted to buy a Chief just like the one he rode back in 46'. The only drawback that I can see is the price, is $35,000 corrrect? That will keep alot of people from buying one, especially in this economy.