Friday, October 24, 2008

Electric Motorsport's GPR-S Electric Motorcycle

Engadget features details on Electric Motorsport's GPR-S electric motorcycle. Engadget reports that the GPR-S is a mass market bike that can charge up in about 1.5 hours. The bike is modular, designed to swap out power systems when upgrades are available.

According to Electric Motorsport, the GPR-S is a zero emissions street legal Electric Motorcycle for light commuters and motorcycle enthusiast alike.

Equipped with a stock with a heavy duty PM motor called the Etek-RT, the GPR-S has a peak Power of 19 HP and a battery capacity of 3.3 kWh. The top speed is 60-70 mph (Gearing Adjustable) with a range of 35/60 miles (Power / Economy)

The 14.2 kilowatt electric drive system and Hi-Power Lithium batteries allow this light weight electric motorcycle to briskly accelerate to freeway speeds.

Source: Engadget and Electric Motorsport
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