Thursday, September 04, 2008

Swiss-Made Quantya Electric Bikes Get Tested By California Riders

Reading about cutting-edge motorcycle technology on the internet or in magazines can't match the thrill of actually taking it out for a ride. The Redwood Times in Garberville, California, reports on how some lucky California residents took a pair of electric motorcycles for a tryout.

The bikes were manufactured by Quantya motorcycles, a Swiss-based company that launched operations in the United States in 2007.

According to the story only 35 of the bikes have arrived in the United States so far, with two of them in Southern Humboldt, California for the test rides.

The Quantya bikes are street-legal and dual-sport, designed for both dirt and road use, and feature a top speed of 40 mph with a 20 mile range after a full charge.

According to a press-release from last year, when Quantya lauched US operatons, Quantya was the first electric competition ready electric motocross bike.

Quantya FMX Motorcycles use advanced Lithium Polymer Batter technology with proprietary electronics to power its 14KW motor with a 47V or 74V battery.

“We are seeing many new exciting technologies emerging and we will continue to utilize only the latest such technologies to deliver the absolute best quality and efficiency to our customers”, says Dario Trentini CEO Quantya USA.  Quantya SA is already a huge success in Europe where riders can go to local “Quantya Parks” and enjoy the thrill of these electric motorcycles on a rental basis.

Source: Quantya and The Redwood Times
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Anonymous said...

Gas prices at this time in Lexington, KY are around $2.00 a gal. However, the oil companies hook us and then have us pay more for gas inn cycles. I don't trust them and I will continue to ride my electric bike as much as possible.

By the way, these are the most incredible bikes I have ever seen. Thanks for an incredible blog!

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