Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ducati Monster Breaks World Record

Ducati recently announced that the Ducati Monster broke the Guinness Book ‘Largest Parade of Motorcycles of the Same Brand and Type’ Record. This happened Sunday, September 21st.

According to Ducati, under the sunny skies of Belgium the small town of Hamme-Moerzeke shook on its grounds when 405 Monsteristi started their engines to ride around town. The parade, which was organised by the ‘Monster Owners Belgium’ Club, was almost 200 bikes larger than the record which was set in 2003 (with 207 Yamaha TDM’s). A crushing result, which was made possible by enthusiast riders who came from Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, France, Great-Britain, Germany, Romania and other countries to form one Ducati family.

The World Record attempt was part of the annual MOB Monster Day, which celebrated its 5th anniversary this year. The event attracted over 1500 visitors who saw Ducati setting another historical result, which can be added to its rich history.

Source: Ducati
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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Lone Star Rally In Galveston, Texas Is Still On

The Galveston,Texas area is still in the early stages of recovery from Hurricane Ike. But it will take more than a storm to stop Texas bikers from having a rally.

Promoter Ron Limbock recently sent Cycle Trader a message concerning the upcoming Lone Star Rally, being held in Galveston on October 30th to November 2nd.

Despite conflicting reports on television and in the newspapers (who don't check with the proper sources prior to airing or printing) the Lone Star Rally wil be presented as planned in Galveston on Oct 30th thru Nov. 2. Every planned activity will happen except the deep sea fishing trip. This very difficult decision was made after many meetings with Galveston Officials and representative citizens.

I am proud to report that while in Galveston we have seen many amazing teams of local, State and Federal Governments actually working together. There is an army of workers from all over America in Galveston cleaning up and they are making remarkable progress. These Officials had a plan for a storm like this and it is in effect. We will see even more progress in the coming weeks. Now that the locals are back we will begin seeing remarkable progress as the business community comes back up.

The Lone Star Rally will now be the "Rally to Rebuild"! Our goal is and help serve our community. We call on the entire biker community to come to Galveston and participate in the programs now listed on our web-site www.lonestarrally.com. It has never been more important! It is our opportunity to help give back to the citizens who have happily welcomed us for seven years. They need us! Let's jumpstart their economy!

Well, nobody said it was going to easy being a biker! Stay with friends, double up in rooms, rent a condo, stay in Houston and ride down for the day. Heck, its not that far! Keep checking our web-site. We are adding lodging opportunities daily. Ride down for the day if necessary but please come! Because of gas prices and lower than usual attendance at other rallies, our vendors have had a tough year and no community has had it tougher than Galveston. Help us show the world that Galveston is just down, not out!

Please be patient with your lodging. Many are just getting utilities back and they are all trying hard to be ready to serve you. Just give them a week and you'll be able to reach most of them. Many of you will experience unwanted changes in your lodging and might be further away then you wanted. Some might not find lodging at all! Heck, its not that far! Keep checking our web-site. We are adding lodging opportunities daily.

Source: The Lone Star Rally
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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Yamaha 2009 WR250X

The Yamaha homepage features information on the new WR250X for 2009

According Yamaha, the WR250X is not exactly an enduro, a supermoto or a sportbike, the WR250X is for riders who ride mostly paved surfaces. Its sibling, the off-road inspired WR250R, is for riders who spend more time in the dirt.

Directly descended from YZ motocrossers and WR off-road machines—even the original Yamaha YA-1 of 1955— Yamaha says the WR250X is here to make Yamaha’s off-road prowess street accessible.

The WR250X achieves fuel economy up to an estimated 71 mpg with a fuel tank that holds 2 gallons of gas.

The is WR250X is powered by a 250cc liquid-cooled, DOHC engine with two titanium intake valves and two steel exhausts, forged piston and plated cylinder for outstanding durability.

The WR250X also features the first use of fuel injection on a 250 Yamaha on/off-road bike. The system relies on input from a crank sensor, intake air pressure sensor and throttle position sensor feeding a compact ECU to provide optimum combustion.

Source: Yamaha
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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Swiss-Made Quantya Electric Bikes Get Tested By California Riders

Reading about cutting-edge motorcycle technology on the internet or in magazines can't match the thrill of actually taking it out for a ride. The Redwood Times in Garberville, California, reports on how some lucky California residents took a pair of electric motorcycles for a tryout.

The bikes were manufactured by Quantya motorcycles, a Swiss-based company that launched operations in the United States in 2007.

According to the story only 35 of the bikes have arrived in the United States so far, with two of them in Southern Humboldt, California for the test rides.

The Quantya bikes are street-legal and dual-sport, designed for both dirt and road use, and feature a top speed of 40 mph with a 20 mile range after a full charge.

According to a press-release from last year, when Quantya lauched US operatons, Quantya was the first electric competition ready electric motocross bike.

Quantya FMX Motorcycles use advanced Lithium Polymer Batter technology with proprietary electronics to power its 14KW motor with a 47V or 74V battery.

“We are seeing many new exciting technologies emerging and we will continue to utilize only the latest such technologies to deliver the absolute best quality and efficiency to our customers”, says Dario Trentini CEO Quantya USA.  Quantya SA is already a huge success in Europe where riders can go to local “Quantya Parks” and enjoy the thrill of these electric motorcycles on a rental basis.

Source: Quantya and The Redwood Times
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